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  1. Is that a goblin 20 or a real 20? It's sometimes a little scary to think that I've been doing miniatures for over 40 years (having started when I was 10.) There aren't many fragments of that vintage to pass along in these boxes, though, which is probably just as well.
  2. SInce nobody else has answered this "LL" is highly likely to be "Labyrinth Lord", a B/X retroclone, for the old school approach... If I were coming, I'd volunteer to run some original D&D (doesn't get any more old school than that), but I'm not, so it's academic. :)
  3. Here are those Gallic archers based up, along with a trio of Druids to use as a magician stand for Hordes of the Things.
  4. I've got a dozen kobolds, plus the Bones kobold leaders, plus two other metal kobolds I picked up at a flea market, on the painting desk with a "high" priority. I'm also working on some 1/72 plastic figures for a fantasy mass battle campaign I'm supposed to be prepping with my sons. Painting them is an interesting exercise after not having done it in a while, since I'm trying to avoid the temptation to put on magnifiers and do more than you can see during a game. Here's the latest batch; I'm about to go start their basing. They are HaT Gauls (8089): http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=1171
  5. They get used to it. :) I'll not be in a hurry to order, since I was able to get one of each of things I wanted, but there are two games I have in mind that would take multiples, so I'll be ordering too, before the summer is out, I suspect. :P
  6. I was digging around yesterday for a package of kobolds I'd acquired at a flea last summer, when I ran across this giant snake that'd I'd last worked on in the pre-Bones I delivery timeframe. I'd attached it to a base, primed it, and put a tan layer on it, and then set it aside. I had intended to base it colors on the copperhead, which is local to my area. When I found it yesterday, I thought that I could finish it up pretty quickly, after staring at a copperhead photo for a while. I was a little disappointed to find that a very similar paint scheme is one of the Reaper web site painted examples...
  7. The guy with the spider on his helmet and shield, and the guy holding up the broken off mace with his cloak pulled up across his face are both definitely early Grenadier as you say. That white stuff on them looks like it could be lead rot...?
  8. I've got them set for current use rather than ancient treasure, so for the open pot, I was thinking of the rounded bits as some sort of food, cherry tomatoes, or cherries. Lentils would make sense in a merchant stall context, but would be just another shade of brown...
  9. The wench's face already looks better than mine looked for years... But, two fairly easy suggestions: At the stage you're at in this picture, the next step would be to trim the bottom of the eye to size by carefully painting a line of your skin shadow color across the bottom. Also, with her dark hair, her eyebrows could be more prominent, so two careful arcs above the eyes using the base hair color.
  10. That's what I did, the nine skeletons, Mr. Bones, one of the barrow wardens, the bone horror (or whatever that thing is called) from the Deadlands group, and the demi-lich....
  11. Here's a quick treatment of some of the dungeon decor. I've mounted them on 30mm washers, and expect that they will see service as objective markers.
  12. It has worked out that I've been painting undead all weekend, so I decided I'd round them out with a necromancer to lead them for Song of Blades and Heroes. I like the Reaper flesh tone triads for my quick tabletop painting style, but the "fair" set is almost too pallid.
  13. Well, I've certainly got enough stuff around here to pick one. Does everyone like to paint over white, or over black? I'd start a Bones figure, and I usually start with a layer of black gesso as a primer. I could do white instead if people have a strong preference.
  14. I like Really Useful Boxes (a brand name, available at Staples and elsewhere in the US, or direct in the US or UK). I get magnet sheet in rolls, then cut and glue pieces to cover the bottom of the box. All of my gaming miniatures end up on steel-bottomed bases, so they stick to the boxes to minimize bounce in travel. The Bones are so light that they don't have much problem with coming loose in ordinary transportation.
  15. I stopped by my FLGS yesterday, intending to pick up a Sir Forscale for the box. However, as one might expect, their Bones are pretty well picked over until the big restock hits. So, what was this part all about? I note this is optional this time, and therefore is alluded to rather briefly in the rules...
  16. Thanks! I clearly don't hang around in the right places. I'll see what I can find...
  17. And, in that category, I really want a clear/invisible adventuring party. And an air elemental...
  18. At this point, having just received Bones II, I'm having a hard time imagining what I would do with another Kickstarter's worth of miniatures. That isn't to say that I wouldn't back one, but it might be at the "choose your add-ons" level.
  19. Looks good...What's the leafy stuff in the basing treatment?
  20. One more huzzah for the camo scheme. I've got him on my desk primed; you've inspired me to move him forward...
  21. Count me in... North East, Maryland Domestic shipping Can start a box, oh my... (I reread that and found that it was ambiguous: I would love to start a box...Any idea what international shipping would run?)
  22. I recently saw the almost fully restored Metropolis, and was inspired to dig out Marie the She Bot (aka Maria) from my box of pending painting. There ought to be a Rotwang the mad scientist to go with her.
  23. It should. The legs are reasonable thick compared to the weight. I haven't had any trouble with Bonnie (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/bonnie/sku-down/80025) from KSI reverting after the boiling, and that's as tiny a support cross section as anything.
  24. If things go according to plan (which happens when...?), more frogs will be in the first order I put in after the Bones II figures are added to the retail line. I like your idea a lot; it would also be a good excuse to use any other random Chronoscope figures as gate travellers. My frogs are dedicated to a similar idea: they are the opponents of the descedents of Atlantis in a lost valley somehwere, and will also involve the various pulp figures. I'm still debating over the actual Atlanteans.
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