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  1. I found book 4 to be very good (not book 3 good but as good as 1 and 2), but book 5 dragged in the Dany chapters something fierce. I have heard it recommended that you read book 4 and 5 together as one massive book to remove some of the pacing problems. I believe the preferred chapter order is called Ball of beasts or something like that.
  2. Gah! Gor. Second on that - no Gor, please! You can play a game with the Gor books - open to a random page and see if a woman is being abused. With the admittedly small sample I played this game with, the chance was about one in three... The odds change as the series moves on. If played as a drinking game the first few books you'll just be a bit tipsy, by the time it is full on GOR you will kill yourself with alcohol poisoning.
  3. As much as I don't really like what Campbell did I wouldnt call her a sociopath. She basically went off hardcore anti-depressants cold turkey not too long ago. Also there is a not too insignificant chance that they've been doing a LOT of DMT. So I would say that she isn't completely in control of her actions. Even so Campbell probably shouldnt have been in charge of their own business affairs and needs to have extreme psyciatric help.
  4. There is a new kickstarter for mech action figures and an attached wargame. The designs look pretty cool and the final models will be using more action figury plastic to the prototype's kind of blocky 3d printing. I thought it looked pretty cool and was cheap enough for the 25 dollar level to at least be worth it
  5. I already mentioned this in the bones you'd like to see thread but a lamia hungerer would be super nifty.
  6. I've scoured the internet for a Hekatonkheires (hundred handed one) mini but have been unable to find anything that comes close. One of those being made by Reaper would simply make my day. Or failing that a tree covered in faces whose branches are human arms.
  7. From the update: "This will be a tabletop miniatures skirmish game, a similar concept to Games Workshop's old game, Mordheim." Wow I am dumb. Carry on
  8. For the skirmish game might you consider making something more like Mordheim than like Warmachine. Specifially something focused almost entirely on a small collection of characters you build up rather than a small group of generic guys with a few characterized leaders.
  9. They've added the Froghemoth and 2 free add-ons to the 200 dollar pledge level now.
  10. A lamia hungerer would be cool to have in bones if Paizo is up for more of their monsters being added.
  11. 60055 Pathfinder Keketar Protean would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I don't seem that asking for a huge percentage anywhere in there. When they suspended the kickstarter all they asked for was the proof of permission from Hasbro a second time. The reasoning was pretty clear "Hasbro is huge and we don't want them to sue us for being involved in a breach of their IP". Also 3 days really isn't that long for a business especially one that has a grand total of three employees. They probably assumed that gamezone was getting them the proof they wanted rather than simply going ahead with the kickstarter.
  13. Hasbro would have sued them. Even if it turned out that Hasbro would lose the suit Moon Design is much smaller and would likely be far more damaged by court costs. Additionally it might make it more difficult for them to continue publishing the Heroquest RPG (as they and predecessor companies have been doing since the early 2000s) and make them more likely to be sued for an upcoming Glorantha boardgame centered around hero questing (a in universe concept wherein a character enters the realm of the gods and embodies a heroic concept). I really don't get why someone would be upset with Moon Design here. They are completely in the right according to the law and have only been able to recently get back the rights to a name (Heroquest) that Hasbro swindled them out of back in the 80s. Also Gamezone didn't even bother to ask Hasbro. It is entirely possible that Hasbro would have consulted with their lawyers and decided it wasn't something they'd pursue in law, giving Gamezone the go ahead. Gamezone never did this and as a result Moon Design decided it wasn't worth the risk to let someone else do something potentially illegal with their trademark.
  14. I fail to see how this is a moneygrab. Moon design were the original holders of the name for Heroquest as a continuation of the Runequest line, as heroquests are a concept within the game dating back to the 60s. After they obtained the copyright for the Heroquest name they published a spinoff RPG named Heroquest in 2000, after the Heroquest boardgame had ceased production. If they didn't defend the copyright as they are now then their copyright to a pre-existing product and gameconcept would be lost and Hasbro would likely take advantage of that by making their own Heroquest products.
  15. This is the bit that confuses me what makes this KS set in any particular world , Orcs , skeletons.......it all seems generic to me. I'm trying to remember if they ever mentioned that it was set in the same world as the original but even so with it being called HeroQuest 25th Anniversay edition and referring to two of the originals named characters there is at least a reasonable assumption they are using the Glorantha setting. That's not to say that they are in which case a C&D on that basis would be unfounded but that's something we'll have to wait and see. The original game was set in the warhammer setting, at least the board game they are specifically making a sequel to. You may be confusing Hero Quest the board game with Hero Quest the tabletop RPG, which are distinct entities with no real overlap. I believe that the Glorantha RPg changed its name to Runequest for a bit to avoid such confusion.
  16. I was wondering if anyone else had looked into this kickstarter. The art looks cool but the wierd writing, lack of an actual homepage, and no news about the authot makes me nervous. Is this just a hyper obvious scam, someone not knowing anything about running a kickstarter, or something else?
  17. Disappointing but thanks for telling me.
  18. Could someone help me on how to order minis from their first kickstarter? The last update claimed their first kickstarter was open until Monday but I can't find any way to access it on their website.
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