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  1. It was actually really common and almost necessary for long lasting merc companies. After all how are battle observers going to tell how awesome your merc company is if they can't identify your guys doing awesome stuff on the battlefield. Without that it's much harder to get future contracts. For fictional examples the Black Company's standard is a fairly important part of the plot.
  2. If you could that would be great.
  3. That's for that man. I might end up converting a bit but this looks to be a very good start.
  4. I might end up giving it a shot. Either that or learning a lot about green stuff.
  5. I was looking for dragon miniatures that have feathered wings but otherwise look like traditional western dragons. An exampled would be here. Does anyone know of a good company for obtaining such miniatures?
  6. I think better photos would do wonders.
  7. All of those kickstarter exclusives rub me the wrong way, even if I am backing.
  8. Wait people have a problem with Myriam? Like Mila and Zoey are kinda dumb looking, but I'm chaulking that up to mad design rather than sexism. Myriam though just looks to be wearing casual functional clothing without really considering how it looks. Yeah there's skin showing but nothing about her design is really purposely titillating.
  9. I'm okay with squat legs for creatures above a certain mass. In real life large creatures tend to have either massive column legs or legs that are short for their mass, to reduce or spread out weight stress. Having creatures that also went the elephant column route would be nice though.
  10. I like the size and the appearance of the Cockatrix a lot.
  11. The invader pack is very frustrating. It's like oh you know what everyone loves about Darksouls, the computer generated versions of multiplayer opponents.
  12. If it matters for the customs discussion I live in the United States.
  13. KD:M has good enough art, minis, and terrain that I'm keeping all that. I guess you can have my hunt tracks and such if you'd really want them by themselves. I'm just never going to use my KD stuff for its intended purpose. Instead it's gonna be used for RPG minis and a Kings of War army. As for Dark Souls it's a game whose whole story is in the atmosphere, and that lack of specific direction is to reinforce the core ideas. The world is dying; this cannot be changed only slowed. You aren't some destined hero just some random guy suffering from the undead plague who has the opportunity to forestall doomsday for another few years. It's not for everyone but for the people it's geared toward it's the best there is. There is a chance you would like Dark Souls 2 more as it is more focused on the player as a character but not nearly to the degree of most rpgs.
  14. Darksouls has a world on par with the Witcher 3 but it's all in the atmosphere, level design, and frustratingly the item descriptions. As for gameplay I found KD:M's instant death mechanics and randomness intolerable.
  15. Is it possible to buy the Trex outside of the kickstarter yet.
  16. I'm sorry if you don't like it, but Dark Souls is super popular and this game is trying to fill the demand for Dark Souls minis which has existed basically since the game came out. Smough and Ornstein are among the game's most iconic bosses and it would feel weird if they were absent. Here's a quick rundown of other popular bosses who will also almost certainly be in the game. Great grey Wolf Sif Gravelord Nito (could not find a render due to how dark his room is, so concept art will have to do) The Gaping Dragon Seath the Scaless
  17. I never referenced the Capra Demon once in my post.
  18. Dark Souls of all the games that have enormous impractical weapons does among the best job of showing how dumb they are in general principle, and in using them effectively to convey a narrative. Smough, the hammer's wielder, is a completely unrefined cannibal who wishes to become a knight. As such he is given a huge impractical and crude weapon that only one as enormous as himself could even hope to wield.
  19. Mantic is releasing plastic centaur units soon, if you want something that is already in regiment form.
  20. Does anyone know of a 28mm mounted Guan Yu miniature, or miniature which could easily substitute for the Three Kingdoms general? Specifically any that will ship to the United States.
  21. Nightgaunts in an adventure for 1st level characters, that is elfing brutal. I expect more deaths than that stupid imp in Runelords and the stupider air elemental in carrion crown.
  22. The birdmen are quite large, and casting them entirely in metal would add quite the weight to them I'd suspect, which would mean a high shipping cost. And for these figures I don't think it would make any sense in making them hollow, as pretty much only a small part of the torso would be possible to make hollow. But yeah, for gaming purposes, using resin figures can lead to some parts breaking at one point or another. Especially if you play a larger count of miniatures. Skirmish, with a handful of figures, shouldn't be as problematic. Eh shipping has never really been a problem to the land of the free, even from England with metal. My issue is always the per unit cost and the durability.
  23. If they could find a way to do bigger metal models that'd be pretty nifty
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