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  1. Yes in the Cthulhu Wars kickstarter, which these are rereleases of. :D
  2. Pathfinder already has Cthulhu as the absolute strongest a monster can be by normal rules so unlikely Azathoth will receive stats. Also you'll notice most of the GOOs have been renamed to be minions. The Ithaqua mini is now "greater wendigo" and cthulhu is "starspawn:. So I doubt we're going to get a GOO killing spree game.
  3. I think racism is far too strong a word. More active cultural research could result in a better product. Like the Russians are zombies given a large part of their national identity is about endurance and simply outlasting all comers "We will be there when they bury you" etc, which seems to show at least some consideration for "matching" as it were. It's a nifty product I just think there are a few missteps that could have been improved by more active matching.
  4. As an American of Polish and Mexican descent I'd say that the trogs are kinda worrying. If only because they aren't really playing off any bits of actual Polish identity. Dwarves being all grumpy and industrious as Germans, sure that's a part of German self-identity. So if that same sort of logic were being followed I'd assume Poles would be ogres or halflings or some other rural fat folk, but nope it's instead it's a race of rat people for some reason. The only remotely Polish things in that army are the bear brute and the grandma looking lady serving drinks. I don't know if I'd call it actively racist yet, but it's definitely worrying.
  5. There was a board game kickstarter a while ago about battling phobias/madness. It had some really neat minis that showed various doomed people consumed by what i think were supposed to be symbolic representations of madness, one that stood out to me was a guy falling into the mouth of a giant monster. Does anyone know what the name of this boardgame kickstarter was?
  6. Cthulhu is in Pathfinder but there are a number of monsters that cannot for copyright reasons or had to be one offs, used in a single adventure and never in a big book. Most of these monsters Petersen has free reign over. I also feel as though Petersen's interpretations of the monsters into Pathfinder will be more interesting than what Paizo has done. As for how they work in the world that's a bit more complicated. There are a fairly large number of mythos monsters that end up just being normal monsters such as deep ones and gugs only really significant due to their relationship with the more important mythos monsters. When you get to the big guys like shoggoths and star-spawn you are in a pool of monsters designed to be hardcore end game threats. For instance a shoggoth by itself would simply strangle and kill most dragons in a 1 on 1 fight, fighting a star-spawn requires significant preparation for even top level parties because it's thoughts alone are able to incapacitate you and it possesses a truly staggering number of grabs. Then you get to the Great Old Ones themselves of which only three have been statted, Bokrug, The King in Yellow, and Cthulhu himself. They are on a special level of power reserved for demon princes and demigods and are flat out impossible to kill unless your players are also demigods, and even then most of them can only be temporarily stayed. All of them possess some variant on the immortality rule which basically means there is no means to kill them besides GM plot device powers. Here is Cthulhu's. Immortality (Ex) If Cthulhu is killed, his body immediately fades away into a noxious cloud of otherworldly vapor that fills an area out to his reach. This cloud blocks vision as obscuring mist, but can't be dispersed by any amount of wind. Any creature in this area must succeed at a DC 45 Fortitude save or be nauseated for as long as it remains in the cloud and for an additional 1d10 rounds after it leaves the area. Cthulhu returns to life after 2d6 rounds, manifesting from the cloud and restored to life via true resurrection, but is staggered for 2d6 rounds (nothing can remove this staggered effect). If slain again while he is staggered from this effect, Cthulhu reverts to vapor form again and his essence fades away after 2d6 rounds, returning to his tomb in R'lyeh until he is released again. The save DC is Constitution-based. edit: one last note is Cthulhu has a CR (basically monster level) of 30 which puts him as tied for most powerful boss monsters in Pathfinder. He is tied with the demon lord Pazuzu yes that Pazuzu, the Mantis God a being invested with the power of all gods to stop threats from outside the pantheon, and the Oliphaunt of Jandelay a skyscraper sized "thing" from the heart of the universe.
  7. Oh okay. So I'm still slightly disappointed but not nearly as much.
  8. I'd argue against this if only because of the Lovecraft approved Conan crossovers. Your characters in Pathfinder aren't normal humans, they are Conan, King Arthur, Heracles, etc. So taking down the unknown is right in their ball park. Pathfinder's own mythos rules also top out explicitly at the end of "earthbound" mythos creatures for lack of a better term. So if Sandy stays within the parameters Paizo setup the various monsters native to earth like Cthulhu, Bokrug, and the like are the strongest entities which can be statted and thus fought. Anything of a cosmic scale still has stats that just read "you lose".
  9. I am really disappointed that the axe drunes won't be in metal.
  10. It's because it includes shamblers and a bokor who together make one of the most expensive metal PP model sets. Cannibalizing the shamblers sales before a proper plastic version comes out would be unwise, but they still want to release this board game.
  11. I really like the cockatrices but not really the archers they come with, but the metal host is only like 5 dollars more than getting them separately.
  12. Honestly I would appreciate if there were enough armored abdomen segments to kit out a full box with them. Either that or super buff he-man abs for them.
  13. I'm not really fan of mohawk females .. it doesn't really feel "viking" enough .. I think Shieldmaidens are supposed to be more general "barbarians" by the Roman definition of them. So mohawks would be more in line with the eastern european hordes that preceded the Vikings.
  14. I never said that. I said that it is not sexy, when it is clearly intending to be sexy. It's like criticizing the onslaught two cthulhu wars minis for not capturing a horror tone. In fact I don't think anyone has criticized these minis for being sexual. The closest we have are people saying they have no use for them due to their nature, bring up that victim #2 is really uncomfortable in content, or like me dismiss them as not achieving their conceptual goal.
  15. Sorry beagle but these minis appear to be simultaneously too cartoony to be sexy and too silly in concept to be used in a serious game. Not sure what they point is.
  16. Whelp given his responses in the reddit AMA it sounds like there will be some big reveal for 1 million, so I hope we make it there. Something more interesting than glow in the dark GOOs would be nice.
  17. Whelp I hopped on for gold and will likely swap out the pewter minis for a full circle set, another set of rounded walls, and a hovel set.
  18. I'm on board for the new kickstarter, but please dont abandon the behemoth entirely.
  19. I'm one of the horde backers and given Greyhaze's promise to make sure pledges get their money's worth I'll stick to it. Which I guess just means I'm getting a small army of behemoths.
  20. Not gonna lie the overall small number of pledges is really disappointing here. Glad we got over the base funding goal.
  21. I believe that they used to include both heads (mine did, at least) but GW got stroppy about it. Yep, they got a C&D. The Auld Grump, how dare they copy a critter that GW copied from 3,000 year old ruins.... Yeah that's the reason they changed the name from lamassu to shedu. It's the same head just different name.
  22. This is a PR move from FFG. They weren't legally liable except possibly with regards to conspiracy to falsely advertise. CSM is still however declaring bankruptcy rather than actually giving compensation.
  23. Whelp I jumped on board through the pledge manager, just getting King's Pledge and a dragon. I wish so much wasn't kickstarter exclusive. The black dragons in particular would make excellent minis for rpgs, but appear as though they'll be restricted.
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