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  1. The wings and scorpion tail weren't added in D&D. They were flourishes added for medieval heraldry. Due to a lack written material there was significantly less uniformity in description, but family coats of arms could persist in the absence of written word. As far as I can tell though the spiked porcupine tail is a D&D only addition.
  2. I personally like the spikes. They make the forces of Hel distinctive along with their generally taller smoother armor shapes compared to the vikings.
  3. I do not judge you. Additionally we should have more long haired well groomed male vikings in mini form. Vikings were known for their magnificent manes and regular baths in real life. The grundgy gross medieval societies were all to the south.
  4. It works for me as a KD dragon. All monsters in KD are to one degree or another made of human parts. The only exceptions seem to be very limited body part from other natural creatures such as lions and deer. So it's not so much a dragon as it is a human grown and stretched and deformed to fit a draconic shape. I like the KD kickstarter stuff if only to have Berserk style monsters at a somewhat reasonable price (oh god the Art of War stuff hurts my wallet to look at) but lordy are the delays getting to me. edit: The limited releases on non-kickstarter stuff is REALLY dumb.
  5. Honestly for heavily armored people I find fully face concealing helmets preferable. They give a sense of menace and authority that is missing from a human face. Their masks made Darth Vader, King Baldwin, Batman, etc the character they are. So I'd say discarding all face concealing helmets is a mistake, though I agree that the ones that are sort of halfway aren't terribly enjoyable. Either full on helmet menace or open face is my preference.
  6. I have to say the Pegasus dragon is very good and even has a prepainted version for only about 80 dollars but is frequently on sale for down to 50. The painted version looks really good and comes with the decorative base and somewhat less impressive dragon slayer.
  7. I personally like the fullhelm. Bald works well so I can cover it in scar tattoos.
  8. Also to be fair in troll hunter that thing merely moving a few miles totally destroyed the ecosystem and caused a mass exodus of other smaller trolls. The perspective may also be weird because it looks skyscraper tall there when it was stated to be around 200 feet in the movie(well it was given in meters but it's been a while and i mentally convert).
  9. I went in for one rank until the other goals are revealed.
  10. My bad about posting a link to a storefront. This is an image of the mini I was previously suggesting. It is the dark platypus eyetaker.
  11. How is one supposed to get a bones backer emblem attached to their profile? I backed bones 2 but haven't found a way to link this up to my kickstarter account.
  12. They may have said that but such wording has no real legal weight unless they were a non-profit. You can't just "donate" thousands of dollars to a company without tripping major anti-money laundering laws. You have to be paying for a service, buying a product, or investing in a company or else they start eyeing you for drug money.
  13. Except it's not. Given the Kickstarter terms of use and the business type Kickstarter is filed under you are purchasing a product. My previous statement was a rather flippant response to the claim that it isn't fraud but a failure. According to US law you can't actually make a donation in return for a gift unless the person you are donating to is a non-profit. Very very few of these organizations are non-profits and thus you either must be a customer or an investor, both of which are completely and totally legally able to sue the pants off someone for failing to deliver product.
  14. Such a failure still entitles the investors (backers) to liquidation through bankruptcy.
  15. This makes me glad my only terrible kickstarter mistake was ice age mammals.
  16. Is there anywhere easy to access that listed what is in each expansion. The sorcerers for the Khitai expansion look cool but iäd like to know what else is in the 50 dollar box.
  17. Did this fail to get funded last time? I seem to remember several of these sculpts from an earlier kickstarter.
  18. Where are you getting this from?
  19. Got my tracking number. Apparently I failed to update my address and it's going to my old house. Which is fine because that is one of my friend's place of residence. Still a bit of egg on my face.
  20. If you want prepainted the patherfinder cavalier is available in both mounted and unmounted
  21. I think tiamat looks plenty feminine given that she's a reptile or bird-like dinosaur depending on where you put dragons biology wise. The only real change I would make is probably making here a little bit bulkier in the back. Even so I find a lot of people tend to make feminine entities exclusively small, slim, or otherwise conventionally attractive to humans. I absolutely hate this and really enjoy that Tiamat is a girl who is allowed to just be plain monstrous. I want my monster ladies to be exactly as hideous or as appealing as their male counterparts. If your incubus has toned hairless chest then sure you can have the stripped succubus, but if a male orc's mouth is a mess of tusks and mucus with grotesque bulging muscles the lady orc shouldn't be a model in green body paint. Tiamat's feminine would be best expressed by defining what gender differences there were in dragons, because as of right now there really are none, and if someone decided that means we need dragon titties I will be very upset.
  22. 2e had numerous levels of vampire strength but all of them were in Ravenloft books.
  23. I personally love all the 3rd edition dragons save possibly the green. Unfortunately for my desire to buy the model the sculptor seems to have modified the heads in small but significant ways that make me dislike it. First the black dragon's horns are positioned at the top of the head like bull horns rather than being extended cheek barbs, additionally it no longer has the distinctive skull head from 3rd edition instead option for a more traditional muzzle, this is in my opinion the worst change. The white dragon head lacks any of the theropod features that gave the 3rd edition version its charm, as the most primitive dragon it was also the most dinosaur like, here it looks more like the Paizo frilled turtle white dragon which I dislike immensely. The blue dragon has an entirely wrong head as its chin is Jay Leno big and it lacks the distinctive steep slant of the original design for the forehead, thus it comes off looking like a dopey trollbloods dragon from a really bad Privateer Press idea. The red dragon as mentioned before has a case of snub nose, but additionally has changes that make its horns look unfortunately like ice cream cones. Last the green dragon head looks fine a bit too skinny. Overall I think most of these changes were made to avoid a C&D but ultimately ruin the product for me, and I'm pretty sure I (person who loves 3rd edition tiamat) was the intended audience. PS I like trollbloods but giving them a dragon would be a very back idea aesthetically.
  24. I have it too. This should be marked as fulfilling. Really it should have been marked as that as soon as the pdfs went out.
  25. Alright, thanks for the info Toasty; I wasn't quite aware of all that. I guess it does make sense. I try to make quality posts in between demanding submissive male pinup minis.
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