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  1. I know this is a bit late but I do have an explanation as to why the products had to be licensed from FGG. The open gaming license doesn't entirely apply to miniatures. The OGL needs to be reproduced in full in any product utilizing it, thus you can see the problem for minis. This is why the pathfinder demons, demodands, devils, and daemons all use generic names in their miniatures incarnation. Vrocks are instead wrath demons, balors are flame demons, etc. Necromancer Games which later became Frog God Games published the Tome of Horrors under the much less restrictive initial version of the license and as such are technically considered to fully own their takes on various old school monsters. Paizo conversel only got in after the revised OGL which was in response to such titles as the Book of Erotic Fantasy. As such FGG can just straight up license their monsters so long as those monsters first appeared in a product under the initial OGL or if those monsters are completely original creations. All of this however wouldn't have precluded Matt from just changing the names and making the minis without the license. He could have simply called flumphs jellyfish men and the wood drake a splinter dragon. He didn't though, and this entitled him to use the actual names and specific likenesses. I believe Froghemoth is not a trademarked concept though and should be able to be used without issue. Though if it is trademarked all Vulture needs to do is call it a Frog Abomination or Amphibian Behemoth and he'd still be in the clear. Heck he could even check if Paizo needs a new case incentive for their prepainted line.
  2. I found an interesting metal minis kickstarter today. What do the rest of you guys think, any big red flags?
  3. The behemoth looks really excellent but I do have a quick question. Is there any way to make the teeth look a bit more irregular? Right now the the teeth look out of place with the more natural looking head.
  4. I understand the principle. It just makes me more sad that I missed the first kickstarter. Will the elemental skeletons be exclusive to the 2nd Kickstarter?
  5. Greyhaze if you're reading this will it be possible to get the ks alt colors of minis from the first kickstarter in the second kickstarter?
  6. The various mounted mini previews have looked awesome.
  7. The pledge manager is open again
  8. USPS has actually been fairly consistant in my experience. Between 3-5 days for cross country. FedEx or UPS though, they're taking whatever time they want and will never ever work the weekend even if they require you to sign for something.
  9. The reason for Diablo's new look it due to Diablo possessing a woman in Diablo 3 rather than a man like in the past two games (the prince and the wanderer respectively).
  10. Does anyone know where that image was originally from. All i can find are news stations stealing it for the stabbing case.
  11. Yes Virgina we're finally getting male pinups. Needs more bondage but good start.
  12. Hey has the pledge manager for this gone up yet? I'm one of those folks who has to use it directly rather than through kickstarter, and it sure is taking a long time.
  13. Oh dear, I should try to read more carefully then.
  14. There are actually two female goblins as far as I can tell. In addition to the witch the far right villager goblin is also a ladyfolk. Goblins just seem to not have much facial or hair-based sexual dimorphism.
  15. Wow those do look much better with a different background. You might want to change up the frontpage image. The different in precieved quality is enough to make me a backer most likely (gonna have to look at end of the month finances).
  16. No offense, but I think part of the problem is that the minis just generally don't look good. I know the "old school" sculpts can invoke some nostalgia for people, but those are ugly minis.
  17. Well if I get a bunch of three dollar minis then great, if not I get to watch and report on the backer only updates as it crashes and burns. That drama might be worth the cost of admission.
  18. That does look correct. Thank you for the help.
  19. Having backed Bones 2 I am aware of the burrowing horror. It is good but a bit to sharp around the corners for a bulette to me. I'd prefer a more rounded look overall more directly reminiscent of a shark.
  20. Is there some board on these forums that has a minimum post count threshold or some sort of approval process? I only ask because I've seen threads moved and when I try to got to them I'm told that I don't have permission to access them. I just assumed it was moved to a mods only forum, but I kept getting alerted that people were still favoriting my posts from those threads. Were those favorites that just took a while to process, friendly mods, or is there a sub-forum still hidden from me?
  21. Eh I'll go in for 30 and possibly up if they unlock a lot of stuff later on. Otherwise that's a pretty good deal on minis. Though if it doesn't fulfill not great loss.
  22. I kind of want to put back in for the terror birds.
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