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    Become one, It is not that hard, you have most likely the figs already, and Reaper helpes you out a bit as well. I have only been in the system for about 4 months but things are going well. A few demos and a con, got me to Green, and then you can sign off on the BIg Game!. You would want to gather more players before the Big Game starts, I would think, so run the demos, get green and run the league, which will keep you green. Hope that helps Lee NM001
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    With some of the new changes with the BL, and the league events counting towards staying current, hopefully a club can have one person become the BL and run a few demos then run the big game. Just a thought. Lee
  3. Larac


    We called them User Head Sapce errors, from the time when printers had ribbons, the user would slide the bar the printhead would move bqack, the ribbon would be chachned for a new one, the case closed and it would not print anymore. The war site sounds good, are the league rules for stores being worked on as well? Lee
  4. Aye, the best game of 40k I have played were using the Epic figs, 2 Inf to a base, and the 40K rules and ranges. The range of the weapons seemed better, and you had to think about where to move, even had room for trying to be fancy and fient and such. But to each his/her/it's own. Lee
  5. Very nice!!!! I am going the cheap route, using the card stocked, buildings for most of my urban area. They are good looking but you can not place models in, thinking of drawing the inside, and printing on card stock, if some one enters the building, I replace it with the florrplan. For right now, when the fighting starts the drors are locked, barred, chained, and big heavy stuff pushed in front of. :) Email me if you would like info. Lee
  6. A quick note Thanks for making the file When I Add the Greater Armor it adds to the DV on the model, which is great, but it does not say (included) like the others that add to the stat line. I see some one getting +4 DV because of this. Thanks again Lee
  7. Many thanks for the work on the file, It will help alot. Lee
  8. Good Luck Reaper! You are in the Clerk Zone, it is a strange place and few exit quickly, but there is an exit... somewhere GL Lee
  9. What are the chances the books will be delivered by the 5th? Any at all? Thats my normal demo/paint day, I suspect the answer is 0, but just wanted to check. Was going to run it then, thought when I set it up to have 4-5 days after release I would be safe, but it looks like it still will be MIA. Lee NM001
  10. So, those I sent the start to, Do you think it is worth refining and setting up, or just an added burden to track? Lee
  11. you can also use Army Builder as a inventory as well. Just add in all the figures, I would do it by faction, then remove those you are not using for that game. I know some folks have asked for a true INV function in AB, so it might happen sometime as well. Lee
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