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  1. Could someone please tell me which CAVs have data cards listed in the original edition of CAV? Thank you very much.
  2. Here in Canada it seems like the best place to get Reaper online is from RAFM. Has anybody dealt with them before? Are they fast? Accurate? How easy is it to resolve a problem? My FLGS has a poor supply of Reaper. Thanks!
  3. Excellent stuff. Two hours is a rush job? For me thats a long hard slog, but then my results aren't as good as yours so there ya go. I had no idea warmachine figures were so *weird*.
  4. Great figure! But am I the only guy who gets annoyed when a newbies first couple of miniatures look better than mine, even though I've painted about a thousand? Seriously, great job.
  5. I just love your awesome freehand. Something I know I'll never be able to do, so instead I just admire everyone elses.
  6. I had some of those Muscle things, they were tons of fun to play with outside. Then my sister lost them, but I was old enough not to be too distraught. And congratulations on being one of the few miniatures people who can actually run out of miniatures! Most people have zillions they never touch. I hope the stuff I ordered at my FLGS gets in soon or I'll be looking for weird things to paint too.
  7. I have the same refresh problem in the gallery, I don't use the store. Sometimes all the graphics in the fantasy fig finder are blurred and impossible to make out. I'm using IE v6
  8. I'd prefer to use them in various miniatures games, but the lack of opponents means they get used a lot in solo games (warhammer, Armies of Arcana). And of course I love painting too...remember, you don't have to be a good painter to have a ton of fun! ;)
  9. Try sentrybox.com. They're Canadian and carry just about everything, including reaper... although they may not have exactly what you want it's worth checking out. They also have dones of old stuff, and dollars to donuts says they have some old Chainmail stuff.
  10. I hate to complain, but I just have to complain about getting reaper miniatures in the great white north. I've been talking to my FLGS and apparently he used to be able to order reaper stuff and get it in two weeks, any figure he wanted. Now it takes longer than that, apparently because a company called Silver Fox is doing the casting and distribution. Second, a lot of figures that are available in the states don't seem to be obtainable to my FLGS. I had tried to order 6 different figures and only one was obtainable. I'm wondering why this is and if it will get better. The FLGS is Mirror Universe in Nova Scotia if that helps. Thanks!
  11. My $0.02 - Single piece for almost every figure. Assembling is a total hassle, my least favourite part of the hobby. On the plus side, even Reapers multipart figures are usually pretty easy to glue...my shadow dragon almost held together without glue!
  12. I also vastly prefer CW to the online catalogue. I finally got my first one the other day. and it's so much more convenient to browse through a catalogue and right down the numbers you want. Catalogues are easier to browse than the internet I guess. Plus there's the articles of course.
  13. I agree with the above comment, there is a huge difference between friendly and non-friendly stores. That's why I don't go to some, and who cares about their selection. It also makes a big difference if the owner knows miniatures or if he's mostly into comics/rpgs and minis are just a sideline.
  14. It's normal for things to be bent, otherwise a lot of things wouldn't fit in the blister. None of my Reaper figs have broken. Just be a bit careful and it should be fine.
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