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  1. Thanks Mehman. ;) Always wanted to paint up some Manticores & Chimeras.
  2. Manny & Manfred the Manticore Brothers. They've teamed up with Goreflame the Chimera for a bit of Town baiting.
  3. Zyhoeis the Ancient, Zoat Wizard. Zyhoeis is a lvl 15 Wizard and leads a band of Zoat Warriors to defend their Forest homes.I sculpted a Zoat and had him cast in metal, I also included parts to convert the Wizard into a Warrior model. I sculpted a Zoat miniature on commision last month. I also sculpted the necessary additional parts to convert the castings into Warrior versions. Zoat Warrior
  4. Turned out great, nice color choices & shading.
  5. Nice work, I'm always repairing the grandsons toys too. Its our most important job. ;)
  6. Turned out nice, like the colors. vibrant on the inside, sneaky on the outside;)
  7. Thanks icarus231. ;)It was my very first Kickstarter project too. Worked out nicely. ;)
  8. Thanks, sorry my mistake. ;)
  9. Chaos Dwarf A ss Cannon & Crew added to my Kickstarter as an extra. Less than two days to go. Sculpted by myself as a tribute to the 80's original. My original greens shown on kickstarter page. Cast in Metal. https://www.kickstar...avy-war-chariot
  10. Hi Folks, my Orc Heavy Chariot Kickstarter went live today. It includes 3 crew members and is drawn by two Giant Wolves. There are two additional extra's available too. The Kickstarter Link is at the bottom of this posting. Thanks for the interest. ;) Andy T. Orc Heavy Chariot Crew. Wingnut' Orc Champion Giant Wolves based on an original casting by myself. Front of Chariot Mushrooms, toadstools and fungi set (add on) Chariot Crew Snots (Micro Goblins) Add on. https://www.kickstar
  11. Nice work, love that mini, I managed to blag two of them on EBay a few weeks ago. Like your skin tones and detailing.
  12. Good work, dig the Gold metal shading.
  13. Nice work, love the colour choices. ;)
  14. Nicely done, I like the colour choices. ;)
  15. Lovely work, really dig the skintones and furs. Its impressive you managed to get so much depth without going too dark with your shadows. I like it, makes a change from the usual darkened down with washes approach. ;)
  16. Thanks folks, it has indeed been a fun filled project. I've sold over 50 of them too.Should finance some new projects. I'm currently painting up a Chaos Dwarf Army for 3rd edition Warhammer. Paint that bad boy up Xherman1964. ;)
  17. Color me impressed. ;)
  18. I'm rather proud of this little set, spent 2 and a half months sculpting it in my spare time. Professionally cast in White Metal.
  19. True,, you can forget about fine, smooth detailed work with semi-cured green.Over the course of a year it starts to go off, the yellow starts greening up. Especially if its the Kneadtite that is joined together already along a seam. I freeze it myself now and it keeps perfectly.
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