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  1. DethStruck

    MSP Bones HD paints..

    I've received the Tropical Blue already and used it for an ice base.
  2. DethStruck

    Paint and Take anyone?

    Wren, I've been planning on trying a P&T and/or classes at a local game store. I might steal some of your ideas here for my use.
  3. Just got a W&N size 1 for my birthday today.
  4. DethStruck

    My most recent contest entry:

  5. DethStruck

    Spookytoberfest, Part 5

    Thanks again, all.
  6. DethStruck

    My most recent contest entry:

    Thanks, all.
  7. DethStruck

    My most recent contest entry:

  8. DethStruck

    Spookytoberfest, Part 5

    Thanks very much, Pochi.
  9. I saw his videos a while back. Check out his Frost Giant paint job.
  10. DethStruck

    Spookytoberfest, Part 5

    My belated entry: http://wp.me/p6LU9R-2F
  11. DethStruck

    Getting to Know Each Other--Year 2 Kick-off (Nov)

    A. Jason B. Vito when I was 10/11... from The Godfather. Online: DethStruck and there are people in real life that call me Deth. Or Jay.
  12. DethStruck

    A quick priming question

    Don't add water to the liner for Bones. Nothing good could come from it. It works fine straight out of the bottle.
  13. DethStruck

    My first commission review

    It is a Facebook link so I can't change that. I'll see if I can get permission to quote it on my blog. Thanks.