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  1. And it actually comes with THREE minis!
  2. I have the Liquitex modeling paste. I haven't used it for any gap filling yet but I'll test it out the next time I do.
  3. I suppose I should assemble mine and paint it.
  4. I might pick up one of the Liquitex spray paints from Michael's for testing.
  5. I just sent a message to a Cthulhu Facebook page admin with a link to the Mythos Expansion. Hopefully they will post it to their group.
  6. Or the third Bones. ;)
  7. Pledged and I didn't even watch the video yet! :O
  8. Just go to Lowes or Home Depot they usually have the gallon containers.
  9. One of the sci-fi themed Kulathians could be used for Expedition to the Barrier Peaks.
  10. So what type of price tag are we talking? I was just Google-fu-ing and don't see any pricing info on it yet.
  11. For mold lines I've used a small, low-powered dremel.
  12. I used a small hobby dremel to take mold lines off and it worked great. I'll experiment some more.
  13. Mine has a very small gap but I'd think that is normal.
  14. I'd like to thank Shannon and the rest of the Reaper crew. *goes and plays with minis*
  15. *lets out battlecry* I just saw my city go by a bit ago, got my email, and I finalized on Jan. 14, 2014. My email also has truncated items that other people mentioned.
  16. I checked but treated my order list like Medusa and didn't make direct eye contact with it.
  17. Are there different detail levels with Hero Forge? If so, what level was this miniature?
  18. Just checked. I tried the direct link and it says there is a problem with the SSL cert to Dropbox. Hmm...
  19. Can somebody grab me the actual link that it uses so I can unblock that domain?
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