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  1. Dropbox isn't blocked by mine... I control it.
  2. I'm just curious why I can't see the pictures in this post and the one other by you. It has happened before but not regularly.
  3. I'm not opposed to purchasing painting videos, I own some, but there are too many free ones of decent quality online to justify that high of a price.
  4. Follow the instructions the first time. Then dip them in Simple Green to remove the paint and re-paint them using similar colors without using the instructions... that is what I did.
  5. What address should I ship them to Bonwirn?
  6. So, I have a metal Deathsleet and Kaladrax ... how much are they worth? :)
  7. I guess I'll throw mine away now.
  8. I've used Badger's Stynylrez recently on my Bones minis. Works great.
  9. I managed not to finish any of mine. Moving and general business... *sigh* I'll still post about them in the WIP forum.
  10. I received one of the Master kits that came with a compressor and three airbrushes. I've only used the bottom feed for priming Bones recently. I can find out what the specs are if you are curious.
  11. This is pretty spectacular. I actually like the 3E heads and these didn't veer too far from that for me.
  12. Primed several Bones with Badger's Stynylrez primer from an airbrush and it works great. Dries within minutes and maintains detail.
  13. Just test primed Mr. Bones using an airbrush and within minutes the Stynylrez was dry. So, then I primed the Bones Griffin and Owlbear... all are looking good. I'll post some results once I paint them.
  14. That is one wicked uni-brow. : )
  15. Posted some more in the WIP thread of the Ghost King: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/57874-77161-ghost-king-by-dethstruck/
  16. Here is 77161 - Ghost King. Base coats applied on armor, cloak, and weapon. Next I'll get to his face, gem on the sword, etc. Feel free to comment.
  17. Thanks, I should probably take some better pictures. I didn't even realize they were that bad until just now.
  18. Two follow up pictures. Not quite done but getting there. The left eye doesn't have much texture...
  19. I recently cleaned the Bones Minotaur and Mr. Bones after priming since they remained tacky. I used Simple Green and soaked them overnight. Some water and a toothbrush and all is well.
  20. I called Badger about their Stynylrez primer to see if it had been tested. The person I talked to didn't know if it had but assumed it would work. I'm going to purchase based on an assumption.
  21. I posted some pictures in the WIP thread if anyone wants to see: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/57782-77169-flesh-golem-by-dethstruck/
  22. Nice paint job and the book is really awesome.
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