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  1. I'm painting this for The Ghoul, The Bad and The Ugly. I primed with Brown Liner and then got to work on base coats. The skin is Pale Olive/Splintered Bone roughly 1:1. Pants stayed Brown Liner. I then made a wash of Pale Indigo and covered the flesh. After that I made a wash of Blood Red and painted all of the stitching. The pictures were taken just using light from the window so they are washed out. Hopefully I'll have some more pictures this weekend.
  2. I'm not too bummed. I just started painting my Bones Kickstarter I with more regularity.
  3. I just tried the Krylon Paint + Primer and it never cured. Mr. Bones is resting in Simple Green right now. Once I dig myself out of my financial hole I'll pick up some Stynylrez and test that.
  4. I had already primed and dusted the grave digger. Just pulled the other two out to prime. Now here is hoping I can finish them.
  5. I was just searching the forum to see if this had been asked before. I'll be experimenting soon so hopefully I can help update this at some point.
  6. I should probably get in on this too. I won't make it for this month but I'll try to knock out a November one.
  7. I've used Simple Green many times and it works great. The only thing I can't get it to strip is pre-painted plastics.
  8. Just a quick question: What did you prime it with? Just got to the part where you didn't prime it.
  9. I just noticed Sears was selling Reaper minis the other day and thought it was strange. I never looked further.
  10. And my friend actually dropped him... on tile. I have to repaint his hand. Then seal him.
  11. Emerald City in Pinellas Park, Florida actually has a good selection of Reaper minis and several other manufacturers. They have Bones and various metal lines. There is also a Vampire box from the first Kickstarter listed for $300.
  12. I painted Jack yesterday. I'll put some pictures up once I get him sealed.
  13. I noticed that some of us got a 5th paint. It has no number or name on it... anyone know what it is? Light blue-grey...
  14. I received my order last night: got the candy, paints, and a pack of pumpkins/jack-o-lanterns. I ordered Jack, Frogmen, Familiar Pack VII (aquatics), and Bones Fired Dragon. Hopefully I'll be painting these this weekend with some friends.
  15. If a piece has hollow parts inside it will displace volume and not contribute to mass. So volume is useless.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/user/WarbossTae : Mostly GW stuff but if you look back at his older videos he does a lot of step by step on video painting. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrWatchingpaintdry: Still... mostly GW stuff he shows the exact paints he uses and uses still photos to show what he is doing.
  17. Really nice. Especially for how small he is.
  18. Paint approximately one miniature per week. I'm three months in the hole now... I'd like to find this They Might Be Giants thingy. : ) Use my newly bought air brush... effectively. Keep track of what I actually do when I paint (colors, time, etc.) Re-paint my LTPK1 minis. I followed the directions step by step and they turned out decently. Now I have stripped them and will repaint them with the same color scheme but using what I've learned since.
  19. That would be the one... http://www.amazon.com/Pacific-Rim-Scale-Figure-Knifehead/dp/B00F83DEBQ/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1381877489&sr=8-5&keywords=kaiju+knifehead What comments are this prediction based on? Link? I found one, but it was $260. I hope Reaper can do better than that, too.
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