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  1. So my packed just shipped... With DPD. I dont know what DPD is like in your country but in mine its the ABSOLUTE worst. Has a one star rating and a reputation for stealing! For the love of Christ please do not use DPD to Denmark in the next kickstarter.
  2. Dudes, do we have any pics of the Marines? The chunky ones... Blackstar?
  3. Funded yay! Great job on sharing the project everyone :)
  4. So I got hit with 55$ worth of taxes. Dear Lord let my CAVs pass under the radar! I dont want to go back to working the pole...
  5. I fail to see the problem with this. Yeah, I mean just add world peace and you can slap a sticker on the world with the word 'done'.
  6. So far i am the smallest order at 2.5 pounds. Its official I got caught in customs... Its like Pirot says: Eventually the ball will land on red.
  7. Bensenvile, IL I dont know who you are Or what you are doing with my Bones But I will find you and I will take my Bones
  8. Aaaaaaargh my box is on the move!!! This is not a drill people! Ready the boiling water and ice cubes! Cancel all my appointments til january!!! Tell my wife I love her. Deeeeep breath... Im okay now. Really I am. Until it arrives.
  9. Wait have I won 'Biggest self restrainer on the Forum'? My box only weighs 2.5 pounds!
  10. You know who is an expert in storing bones? My ex-wife! Heeeey-ooooh! I will let myself out...
  11. OK. I've given you one. Yay my hero :3 Many thanks!
  12. In this day and age its only sensible to copyright your town. Otherwise there would be Mag'Α in China before you know it!
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