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  1. Here are a few models I've converted/painted: If you remember the yellow/orange sport car, chance are your hair/beard are showing some white by now... :) More on my blog: https://gabbigames.wordpress.com/tag/gaslands/
  2. Gabbi

    77309 Crystal Golem

    Thank you! :)
  3. Gabbi

    77309 Crystal Golem

    This is a Bones Crystal Golem I've painted (just a few inks and quick drybrush) to be used as a proxy for "Ice" character in Rumbleslam games.
  4. Gabbi

    Updates to figure finder

    It seems the figure finder is somewhat out of date. Looking for "plastic" + "sci-fi" none of the Bones Black appear, for example.
  5. Gabbi

    Size of dragons..?

    Thanks, but I'm looking for an alternative right because I don't like the twisted look of the original :)
  6. Gabbi

    Size of dragons..?

    Thanks Bloodhowl, that definitely helps. Warpfire Dragon is Chaotic, I believe, so I think it can't be taken by Stormcasts...
  7. Gabbi

    Need help!

    When the stars will be right, He will devour you first.
  8. Gabbi

    Size of dragons..?

    Hi, I'm considering a Reaper dragon as stand-in for FW "Warpfire Dragon". Description says the kit is about 5" tall, so I first thought about 77328: Cinder or 77279: Narthrax. But the FW dragon is on a quite large scenic element, maybe they're too large, and something smaller would be more similar in size. For example, the Pathfinder Dragon (which is also a great model). My only concern, is that it could look a tad small next to the most recent GW miniatures... Advice, suggestions, and a pic of the Pathfinder Dragon next to a Stormcast would be greatly appreciated :)
  9. Gabbi

    Nocturna from Nocturna Miniatures

    WOW! Very well shaded.
  10. Gabbi

    Druid and Warg (Bones and Mantic)

    NIce. Are you familiar with Warmachine/Hordes line? I ask because what you've just painted could be a nice alt version of Kaya and Laris...
  11. Thanks everyone for kind words :) To add texture to the foam I've used a ball made of crumpled up aluminium foil, pressed and rolled on the various parts of the model
  12. Gabbi

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: The Little Green Men from Mars

    Those are GREAT! There's someone who adapted Osprey's En Garde! rules to Barsoom. I can track them if you're interested... [Edit] Here they are (bottom of page): http://pijlieblog.blogspot.it/2016/07/save-princess-barsoomian-style-en-garde.html Also, rules for sky ships: http://pijlieblog.blogspot.it/2015/03/the-barsoom-project-sky-ship-rules.html
  13. Gabbi

    This is Halloween... 2016

    Love your color choice on the ghostly ones: those purple and green look great together.
  14. Gabbi

    Narthrax - 77279

    WOW, amazing job!
  15. Just finished a small terrain element for my Frostgrave campaign (plus I'll can use it in Broken Legions games that hopefully I'll be ready to play soon). It's scratch-built, made out of insulation foam. As simple and quick construction as is, I'm pretty pleased with the result :) More pics on my blog: gabbigames.wordpress.com