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  1. How log are the raptors in the Bones Black Raptor Hunting Pack? Comparison pics would be a plus :)
  2. Here are a few models I've converted/painted: If you remember the yellow/orange sport car, chance are your hair/beard are showing some white by now... :) More on my blog: https://gabbigames.wordpress.com/tag/gaslands/
  3. This is a Bones Crystal Golem I've painted (just a few inks and quick drybrush) to be used as a proxy for "Ice" character in Rumbleslam games.
  4. Thanks, but I'm looking for an alternative right because I don't like the twisted look of the original :)
  5. Thanks Bloodhowl, that definitely helps. Warpfire Dragon is Chaotic, I believe, so I think it can't be taken by Stormcasts...
  6. When the stars will be right, He will devour you first.
  7. Hi, I'm considering a Reaper dragon as stand-in for FW "Warpfire Dragon". Description says the kit is about 5" tall, so I first thought about 77328: Cinder or 77279: Narthrax. But the FW dragon is on a quite large scenic element, maybe they're too large, and something smaller would be more similar in size. For example, the Pathfinder Dragon (which is also a great model). My only concern, is that it could look a tad small next to the most recent GW miniatures... Advice, suggestions, and a pic of the Pathfinder Dragon next to a Stormcast would be greatly appreciated :)
  8. NIce. Are you familiar with Warmachine/Hordes line? I ask because what you've just painted could be a nice alt version of Kaya and Laris...
  9. Thanks everyone for kind words :) To add texture to the foam I've used a ball made of crumpled up aluminium foil, pressed and rolled on the various parts of the model
  10. Those are GREAT! There's someone who adapted Osprey's En Garde! rules to Barsoom. I can track them if you're interested... [Edit] Here they are (bottom of page): http://pijlieblog.blogspot.it/2016/07/save-princess-barsoomian-style-en-garde.html Also, rules for sky ships: http://pijlieblog.blogspot.it/2015/03/the-barsoom-project-sky-ship-rules.html
  11. Love your color choice on the ghostly ones: those purple and green look great together.
  12. Just finished a small terrain element for my Frostgrave campaign (plus I'll can use it in Broken Legions games that hopefully I'll be ready to play soon). It's scratch-built, made out of insulation foam. As simple and quick construction as is, I'm pretty pleased with the result :) More pics on my blog: gabbigames.wordpress.com
  13. Very quick paintjob, good just for tabletop. I've used some gs to 'blend' the integral base into the round base I'v put it onto. WiP here: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69574-stone-giants-base/
  14. Love both the sculpt and the paintjob.
  15. Thanks everyone :) Actually, I didn't :) Often I don't even paint eyes or lips in a different shade, left alone irises and pupils. I paint faces almost quickly as the rest of the models, just paying attention that shadows and lights are "right" so to help giving the correct "perception of volumes" from some distance (i.e. on the tabletop). But thanks for having faith in me ;)
  16. I've just comp'leted another model for my Malifaux Neverborn crew: Very quick paintjob, as usual, I have aimed just to a nice tabletop quality. Unable to decide on painting what’s on her hands as skin or as a towel, I chose a color similar to the skin tone, but lighter. So it could be both… Once finished, I alternated matte and gloss coat, to give contrast between skin and skinless parts. I think it looks nice. More pics: https://gabbigames.wordpress.com/2016/08/12/neverborn-doppelganger/ Comments will be welcome :)
  17. Nice. Great job on the eye.
  18. Thanks for comments! :) Love this sculpt very much, so painted it for my Orcs & Goblins warband for SBH (and other generic rulesets), even if it's a metal miniature and I was trying to keep the warband plastic-only...
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