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  1. Is there any detailed info on the paint sets in the swag bags? Are they going to be a retail release like the Dungeon Dwellers paint sets, and are they all unique colors?
  2. Reaper's PM system has rolled over from KS to KS, so you would've created an account for whatever was your first Reaper KS, and then just logged in for the rest of them. Edit: basically, I think this is just added language to make sure newbies don't think that they're done once they hit the "pledge" button on KS.
  3. Hoping they add another $1 pledge level for the US soon, since they seem to have run out. (I also can't get a pledge to go through at any pledge level).
  4. Anybody know whether the "Reapercon Iconic" metal figures are standard retail releases vs limited-edition? (I'm also curious whether there's any chance they and/or the dungeon dwellers will be turned into Bones (black?), but I presume that is not known at this point?)
  5. I ordered a whole bunch of Clever Paper/Umbum buildings (and a ship or two) directly from a seller in Russia. Unfortunately for me, I also found out Battle Systems (makers of modular cardstock terrain) would be doing a fantasy terrain Kickstarter, a few weeks AFTER I'd placed the Clever Paper order . So I set the Clever Paper stuff aside when it arrived, to be revisited once I'd seen what Battle Systems was going to offer. Now that the KS is over, I should go ahead and go through the Clever Paper stuff, decide what I want to keep still, and share some photos of anything I assemble.
  6. Wizkids may have learned from this mini, because the more recent minis that are rising up out of translucent water/dust (the shark and the bulette) both insert into their transparent portions so you can actually paint the body inside the water/dust. I really like the way you painted the water, and great blending on his face-tentacles.
  7. Yeah, I plan to do all my pledging in the pledge manager, probably as late as possible. I want less of a chance of getting blindsided by more unannounced changes to sculpts and such.
  8. Ooooh, that is a really great painjob! I love what you've done with the eye---ALL GLORY TO THE BONES BLACK FROGS.
  9. They are "large" (2in/50mm base). I don't have a pic, but mine are based on Reaper's 2in round bases. I attached them to the bases with cut-off flight stands stuck up their spider abdomens. I didn't glue their legs down, so they slightly overhang the base. (But the legs would fit fully on the base if you wanted to glue them down)
  10. The frost giant raider wearing a caribou-dik-dik hybrid would like a word.
  11. Oh, sweet, I hadn't seen these before. I will definitely be printing these out! And thanks also for posting the CSV. The labels will work better with my paint storage rack once I reformat them to put the name on top.
  12. OH MY GLOB. I have never loved a mini as much as I love these adorable otterfolk. THEY ARE SO CUUUUTE! Thanks for the pics! That elder brain looks so rad. And the new dragons are CHONKY! I like the style. Between these and the Nolzur's dragons I'll probably end up selling off my still-unpainted bones (Sandra Garrity) chromatics. Too many dragons on the shelf of shame!
  13. I very much doubt they'd ever sell a second line of unprimed minis. They already have soooo many SKUs for retailers to stock, it would be a nightmare if they started doubling up. For the most part I've stopped trying to strip the primer off these. I continue to buy them, but the level of detail that's underneath the primer is rarely worth all the effort. (Unless the mini is so overprimed it just will not accept paint.)
  14. Arghh, I took some photos of some of this latest wave, but I'm on mobile and I can't figure out how to upload the images inline with my text/spoiler tags. They just append to the end of the post, and now I can't figure out how to delete my broken spoiler tag. Or how to delete this post, lol. Also, does the forum resize images to an appropriate file size automatically?
  15. No big pieces in wave 10. I think we only get big unpainted pieces when there's a lull in the prepainted sets release schedule. Ooh thanks will have to try this. I've had the same difficulties getting the primer out of the recesses with all the mentioned substances. 5e dragon size is age-based. So an "adult" dragon of any color will be huge. (Note, naming the Nolzur's dragons "young" but making them huge was incorrect). Re PF huges: The Pathfinder Battles prepainted line only used huges as case incentives, etc., so there aren't very many existing huge sculpts for Wizkids to convert to unpainted. (We already got two of the likeliest candidates with the clockwork dragon and cthulu.) That said, the upcoming Legendary Adventures prepainted set for PF2e is finally going to have huges as uncommons/rares in booster boxes, so I expect some will make it over to Deep Cuts. A list of all PF huges including the upcoming previewed ones: https://www.miniscollector.com/minis/gallery?title=&field_mini_size_value=H&field_mini_rarity_value=All&shs_term_node_tid_depth=2225&tid=
  16. The shark is amazing, y'all. I just got mine and the details are great, the sculpt is dynamic, it comes with a clear 2" base, and its body extends down into the water, which is a separate clear piece, so you can even paint the part that's inside the water splash. And of course don't forget that it comes with the separate "shark fin in water" on a medium base. I never would have guessed that some of my favorite minis acquisitions of 2019 would be a giant shark, a zombie shark, and a giant catfish.
  17. These movies all sound so wholesome, and I'd watch them all in a heartbeat.
  18. Thanks, much appreciated! These forums are such a great place to be on one's special day.
  19. They said it had the wrong bases "for stability", but I'd argue they really just inexplicably gave those dragons the wrong names. Their overall body size is way more in line with the adult/huge dragons from their prepainted sets than with young/large dragons of prepainted sets.
  20. Ooh, I love when my professional and hobby worlds collide! Just searched for both marks in the US and UK. *takes deep breath, adjusts nerd glasses* TSR owned two US trademark registrations for BATTLESYSTEM (US 1900335 for miniature figurines made of common metal and US 1777993 for fantasy role-playing games for playing tabletop battles with miniature figurines, and game accessories; namely, booklets containing role-playing game scenarios.) Both marks were transferred to Wizards of the Coast in the early aughts, and both were cancelled soon after because they didn't file the required maintenance documents that are due within 6 years of the registration date. The US requires trademark owners to show they're using a trademark in order to maintain it. I'd guess either WotC wasn't selling that line in 2001ish and therefore couldn't maintain the registrations, or they just wanted to save money. (They probably inherited dozens/hundreds of trademarks from TSR). It doesn't look like TSR filed a trademark for BATTLESYSTEM in the UK. Battle Systems (the terrain guys) have a UK trademark registration for BATTLE SYSTEMS (UK00003020613 for Board games; games scenery; games miniature figures; miniature games accessories; war-games miniature figures; war-games miniature scenery and terrain; toy soldiers; table top games; toy playthings.)
  21. If it was an afternoon project, that sounds like it may have been the initial setup? I don't have their sets but I'm sure it takes a while to punch the sheets and glue together the items that are generally recommended to be permanently assembled. Plus, the sewer/dungeon sets relied on the older system with multi-part angled walls, which I'm guessing take longer to assemble than the newer sets with flat walls.
  22. Brilliant, thanks! I'm always scouring craft stores for fake plants with tiny leaves, but clearly I wasn't thinking big enough to consider something like the individual fronds.
  23. I imagine part of the difficulty in getting the eyes to look right comes from the sculpt itself. My sole criticism of this amazing sculpt is that IMHO the eyes were sculpted in not quite the right place (depending on how you want to describe it I'd say they're slightly too far back, or the horn starts too far forward, or there's not enough "brow" behind the eye, all of which are accentuated by the fact that the eyes are enlarged to make it more expressive). I already love everything you've done with this diorama. Everything feels so real and natural, from the dinos' patterning, to the diorama layout, to the basing. May I ask how you did the base? What is the material used for the scatter, and did you DIY the plants or can I buy them somewhere? They look amazing!
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