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  1. I love them and have read them all with my kids (ages 6 and 9 when we read them). We picked up the Scholastic editions which were nicely colored. There is a pre-quel story (Rose) that come out a few weeks ago. Written by Smith, but drawn by Vess. Still good stuff.
  2. I think I remember the old Metagaming rpg "The Fantasy Trip" (a pre-cursor of gurps), had gunpowder; it was made from Dragon dung so was expensive and rare.
  3. I like the Shockforce/Warengine rules. http://warengine.darktortoise.com/ very customizable and allows you build your own troops and weapons. We also use the Savage World Showdown rules for our Post-Apoc/Zombie skirmish games ( http://wlinenm.bofthebb.com/ ). The rules are available in the files section of the yahoo group http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/savageworldsshowdown/. Both rule sets are free.
  4. The figs are from various places (Void, Shadowrun, Gangs of Megacity). The cars are all die-cast toys (usually 1/43 - 1/50 scale). Technically they are mostly too large, but look good with the figs.
  5. Its hard to look tough driving a diesel VW beetle. I know this for a fact.
  6. Some friends and I have been gearing up to play some Dystopic Future Auto-Dueling/RPGing using the Savage Worlds rules. We've come up some modifications to the Vehicle rules and have run a few playtests. This Saturday we will have the first Race/Battle for the new campaign. You can check out what we are doing here: http://wlinenm.bofthebb.com/ We are converting up die-cast cars to use in the game. There are pictures of a few of the vehicles we have converted up in the Gallery section. I hope to post some more pictures after Saturday's game.
  7. We use The Warengine rules for SciFi skirmish around here. They were originally published as ShockForce. They are free online, and every adaptable with a fairly balanced troop builder that allows you create stats for what ever minis you want to use. http://warengine.darktortoise.com/index.php?title=Main_Page
  8. You can see some pictures of the table I did for the Warlord games I ran at Nuke Con here: http://bofthebb.com/minigallery.php?imagec...ory=NukeCon2007 Like kristof65, I build my buildings out of foamcore, though I have some Hirst Arts molds (http://www.hirstarts.com/) and have messed about with those a bit. My trees are mostly Woodland Scenics (model railroad).
  9. NukeCon was a lot of fun. You can see pictures of some of the Warlord, CAV, and painting events here: http://bofthebb.com/minigallery.php?imagec...ory=NukeCon2007
  10. If anyone is going to be in the Omaha NE area the last weekend of this month check out Nuke Con ( http://nuke-con.com/ ). There are several Warlord (and CAV) events scheduled including a Warlord tournament on Saturday.
  11. Not sure how you picture the Dol Amroth guys, but you might look of the Perry's Crusader figs. The 1st Crusade knights (very cool) or the soon to be released Knight's Hospitaler might work. And since they are by the Perrys they should fit in well with the other LotR figs. $14.00 is a lot for one model, but it is inline with most fantasy fig manufacturers (Reapers Warlord Lion Lancers are 13.50). The Perry crusader figs are nicely priced - you get 3 mounted guys for ~ $18.00.
  12. Am I just missing it or is there no entry for Razig's Revenge in the Faction Special Abilities list?
  13. He may be referring to the actual Dungeon Crawl game, as opposed to a simple dungeon crawl (lowercase). That Caver fellow over on the HirstArts forums created it. He's done a pretty good job of proliferating its use among the modellers there. I've never read the rules, myself, but many there give it a glowing review. Actually Lukash used a modified version of the WarEngine/Shockforce ruleset. They are fun fast playing skirmish ruleset available for free at http://warengine.darktortoise.com/ . They worked great and the game was a lot of fun.
  14. Agreed. They are awesome on the charge, have a high DV and a high enough Discipline they can easily break away from combat. I plan on picking up a few more.
  15. I agree with Lukash. I prefer to have an army sculpted by one sculptor - looks better on the table IMHO.
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