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  1. To those who expressed interest in my progress I start this post as a journal and advice medium. Please feel free to jump in with advice or ideas. I hope that this post offers others with disabilities to attempt the hobby. Jumping into something with a challenge is difficult but the obsticles will be over come! Before you go ranting off this remember, I am painting with mild Cerebral Palsy and new to painting. Started painting the first of the zombies from the Bones pack. Let's call him Larry. Moe and Curly sit on the sidelines. Larry is my test subject. Here I am experimenting with sim
  2. I think black serves as a natural shadowing agent. Because of this it serves as a highlighting agent and adds demention to a model's features.
  3. I plan on trying my ox hair brushes from Hobby Lobby. http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/master-s-touch-12-piece-natural-ox-hair-brush-set-352609/
  4. Serenity I see what you are doing. Do you find it necessary to water down a wash or sealer/varnish?
  5. Argentee Do you moisten the palette first or add water as you need?
  6. Psyberwolf Nice article. More amazing is your painting. For your disability, you do a fantastic job.
  7. Heisler Thanks, I will look the products up. My guess is the chalk application would go on before the sealer. Based on my research and the postings here, I don't see chalk as viable highlighter for figures viable. ShadowRaven, I'll take a look, Thanks.
  8. Crimson The device looks intersesting. I am not sure if its foor me though. Hibou Thanks for the info. I will Youtube the video tonight. My motor control is better then Mr. Close's. His techinquec sounds interesting though. Psyberwolfe My motor control is very good. The right hand is prone to minor spasms. The left has 99% control but does have Carpal Tunnel on to of the CP. I hold writing implements left handed and my writing looks like crap. Hence, I write via the computer. In trems of drawing I don't, I never had the artisic drive to draw. I painted one canvas y
  9. Interesting comments. I sent her an email asking for more information. Has anyone tried chalk? Admitily I would like to see the difference. Please ppost and chalk pics to give us an idea what the process looks like
  10. I was thinking tany wash would distroy the chalk. You'd have to apply the chalk after the was then seal the fig. Is this right?
  11. A friend said she would dry brush/high light her figures with powered chalk. How effecctive is this techinquic with figs? Is there a difference between calk and paint dry brushing?
  12. Matbar Thanks. I have received this stuff before from some online purchase. I agree, it is expensive.
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