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  1. I saw your message about YInMn blue back in a now closed topic.  The bluetifiul crayon is just colored to look like YInMn blue.   It doesn't contain any.   It is still hard to get, though somewhat  more available now.   I got tired of waiting and started making it a while back.  Turns out it isn't very hard especially for anyone with any kind of chemistry or other wet lab bench science background, which I do.   I've made fluid acrylics for painting minis from it as well as some green and purple pigments that are made by swapping out some of the indium and manganese for other metals. It is nice rich, matte blue, but how dark the blue is can be tuned by varying manganese content.  My profile currently has a header image of a batch of freshly made pigment and a reaper 14672 figurine I painted with it.


    If you ever want to try some of the paint out, let me know I can send a little to play around with.


  2. Looks like The Great Pumpkin has arrived in Nashville, NC.
  3. Hey now, I was in 11th grade when that game came out; it's not THAT old. Though that was stil technically in the 90's (1999). There is also the Dune series, where the navigators use their spice high to fold space and then the ship just has to move its own length to go across the universe.
  4. @PaganMegan it is also possible to do "lost PLA" casting. IE, print something you want made in metal in (relatively) cheap PLA and pack it in green sand with a spout to pour metal into and pour away. Metal has to be pretty hot for this and it usually requires quite a bit of cleanup, but you can cast anything that will fit into your mold box.
  5. figures that less than a week after I complain about IKEA not shipping to my location I check again and find out that they have started again. Especially figures that this would happen when I'm broke. But tomorrow is payday: with six hours of overtime!!!
  6. Quite the opposite, I've been trying to buy two of their "Lack" side tables (The large square ones) for about two months but they aren't shipping and the two closest stores to me are in Virginia Beach and Charlotte. Both are about four hours away and requiring you to order online and schedule a time to pickup as far as I have been able to ascertain. I can't waste a full day to spend $20-30, much less the money I'd have to spend on gas to drive that far in a vehicle that gets about 20 mpg.
  7. I work three 12's each weekend right now. Will be going to five 8's sometime relatively SOONtm as I am being given the job of being the only person cutting filters for our commercial customers.
  8. Several YouTube channels started out using their cell phone camera as their only source of video. DaVinci Resolve is a free video editing suite that is very close to Adobe's offering in work flow.
  9. This video goes i to a lot of the issues with dual hotend setups, it is for a specific printer but the tuning aspect is the same for most of them. https://youtu.be/iXtuS8pXz94
  10. Unfortunately the same goes for the usb drive/stick that comes with the Prusa mini. Some people have had issues with them failing in less than a month, I haven't had any issues with mine yet, but i also have a Sandisk cruiser 16 GB for this that i use more than half the time.
  11. I use Prusa Slic3r, but i have a Prusa mini so... It does support other printer manufacturers as well, though there is not yet a CR-6 profile. I'd start with the Ender 3 profile and make adjustments to the bed size, feed rate, etc. to more closely match the profile in Creality slicer.
  12. He's got his arms stuck through the protective glass surrounding the nuclear reactor. The scientists tickle his armpits to get him to move his arms and manipulate the fuel rods. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remote_manipulator
  13. Superglue works wonderfully for me with PLA, I haven't painted anything I've printed yet but have heard that you want to use several coats of a filler primer and sanding between if you don't want the layer lines visible. You can also use "bondo"/automotive body filler for large pieces like costume parts, helmets, and the like. I think i will use my can of Tamya primer when i print terrain pieces.
  14. I had to replace the bowden tube on my Prusa Mini last night. Was trying to print a fairly large, flat piece and the hotend end of the tube pulled out of the coupler so that the extruder was just making coils of filament around the x-axis. Thankfully i ordered a meter of Capricorn PTFE (teflon) tubing before receiving the shipping notice and could just cut a length of that and use the new pressure fittings that were in the "spares" bag shipped with the printer to fix it. Will be ordering two replacement tubes and a few sets of couplers when i place my filament order this weekend.
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