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  1. Hey, a problem I constantly deal with! Printing! So, in a perfect world you'd take it to a print shop and they'd just print it. The page sizes in the PDFs are generally correct! But almost nobody has 24" x 30" paper, and when you have page size mismatches, the default print behavior in most PDF readers is to scale to fit. You can kindly ask your print associate to not do that and print without resizing, and maybe it'll work. If you're printing at home, you can also try poster mode in Acrobat, which I hear works pretty well nowadays. It's not super configurab
  2. Hmmmm. They have a lot of ideas there! And I have... not enough time to read them all, not tonight. I can't find the post in question, so just to talk about adding damage in the way you've described: Pathfinder is... interesting in how the spellcasters and the martials compare. Spellcasters tend to be powerful not because they do bucketloads of damage (although they can, it tends to be one of the weaker approaches) but because they have answers, particularly at high levels, and martials don't get many answers--they just get increasingly more damage, without too much ability to affe
  3. Woo! Good luck with the plan! The ring looks great.
  4. Paizo is contractually obligated to hold its Free RPG Day offerings for thirty days before they release them. That includes the digital releases. It also means that those of us who are volunteer coordinators need to wait until 30 days after release to schedule sanctioned games (unless they're scheduled in the store that bought in.). It's not ideal, but Free RPG Day is meant to support the game stores who took part. (So yeah, the August 25th date should be roughly accurate!) The other offerings were pretty awesome too. The Roll20 coupon, when I redeemed it, went a little
  5. I seem to remember you running it in 2014... maybe 2015? At whatever point I learned of it, it was already an established pattern!
  6. Whelp, sounds like you're stuck with me! https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/92164-pathfinder-and-starfinder-society-at-reapercon-live/ Let me know if you've got any requests or suggestions!
  7. Hey all, It sounds as though I'll be organizing our PFS and SFS escapades this year! I'm Alex, an itinerant member of the Reaper community who has tried to attend every reapercon since 2015, but has not met with resounding success. I don't paint as much as I used to, but some of the regulars might recognize me. Anyway, I wanted to check in with you all to see what you wanted. You don't need to answer all of these, but answer what you can! Any information will help. How many 4- or 5-hour games do you think you'll play? Do you prefer Pathfinder 1, Pathf
  8. Nothing official to report--but I do want to mention that things are moving in the background. The investigation continues and I should learn more (and be able to talk about it) soon.
  9. Just wanted to let folks know that I'm currently investigating the status of Society play at Reapercon. It's been a few days since I started asking around and I haven't heard back from anyone yet, so the investigation might go more slowly than I was hoping.
  10. I'm sure they're working on it and I'm also sure it's going to be a lot of work to figure it all out...
  11. Wife and I got ours. Next up... swag bags!
  12. Sounds lovely to me! It's not incredibly easy to set up, but it takes a lot less time to figure out than a lot of the mini stuff. As long as it's on the list I won't worry about it.
  13. Thanks, everyone! Those summaries were really helpful. @ReaperAHawk, you get all your Reaper colleagues thinking about what to do about the gaming yet? :)
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