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  1. I'm sure they're working on it and I'm also sure it's going to be a lot of work to figure it all out...
  2. Wife and I got ours. Next up... swag bags!
  3. Sounds lovely to me! It's not incredibly easy to set up, but it takes a lot less time to figure out than a lot of the mini stuff. As long as it's on the list I won't worry about it.
  4. Thanks, everyone! Those summaries were really helpful. @ReaperAHawk, you get all your Reaper colleagues thinking about what to do about the gaming yet? :)
  5. Would convert to 7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific... 11 PM / 2300 UTC I think?
  6. Any chance you can share the high points here afterward, for those of us who don't hear so well and don't really do Twitch as a result?
  7. Given the recent Reapercon announcement, if there's going to be an online gaming component, we'll try to make sure some Starfinder makes it on the list. We've been running Starfinder games online for a while now and we've got it down pretty well!
  8. Sad to see--we'd been looking forward to getting back to Reapercon!--but this is almost certainly a smart move. As someone who picked up (parts of) a (much smaller) IRL convention and moved it online I know you want to start the process sooner rather than later! Deciding this early should give everyone a much better chance to make "reaperconline" a success.
  9. My wife and I will probably be interested in running some combination of Paizo organized play this year, and I'm pretty sure Starfinder will be a big part of that. :) I'll be keeping a bit of an eye out for your recruitment thread, Rapheal!
  10. Boring monsters are a "problem" in certain systems. It happens! 5e is one of the systems with this problem, but it's not the only one. And 5e is simple enough that it's at least a little bit by design. As a GM (or DM, depending) you certainly have the ability to liven things up, but it might take some work if you don't want to change systems. Take some time ahead of the session to figure out what the defining characteristics of the creatures are, and write some cool new abilities that reflect them! Or, alternately, borrow some monsters from other, more exciting sources, like the Tome of Beasts. Don't forget the turn of phrase, "Good artists GMs borrow, great artists GMs steal." Check other systems for ideas, even if you're not going to change systems. It sounds like you're familiar with 4e, so that's a good place to start. One of the other recent systems that really focused on solving this problem was Pathfinder 2--it might be worth flipping through the PF2 bestiary for inspiration as well. Alternately, dig deep into the ruleset for other tactics and terrain you can use to liven up the encounters. Tripping, stealing weapons, setting traps... all of these can add flavor without fundamentally changing the stat blocks. This can let you vary the monsters' tactics from other monsters of this type quite significantly. Maybe this group really wants to trip the party and spends a lot of time doing that--while another tries to shove them off a cliff? You've got a lot of tools, even within the boundaries of a published adventure.
  11. Nothing for me, yet, but I'm sure they're working on it.
  12. Very nice! I did a bit of a double-take there. We've got a Rock Con in early November, but we're in a very different area. I've got a level 7 technomancer--now that she''s higher level, she's fun, but it's hard to do anything with a dedicated caster so far. I've also got a melee mystic at level 2 and an as-yet unbuilt pile of GM credit that's vaguely skittermander based. Soldiers and operatives seem pretty strong now but with the Operations Manual coming soon, I'm hoping to get some other strong options!
  13. That's still either two or three weeknights worth of gaming a week! I don't know how you handle two, honestly.
  14. I'm an Organized Play Foundation organizer and I have no idea how I'd handle two weeknights a week let alone three. We've been scheduling stuff on weekends instead, and rotating the locations. You could always talk to a local venture-agent and see if they've got any advice. Sometimes a once-a-month schedule or once-every-two-week game will be more palatable for a larger audience.
  15. Only 2 experience and you're already thinking of level 2? Sounds like a Society game! I hope you're having a good time with it! You play Skitter Shot yet?
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