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  1. I'm not the person to ask, but I've heard the same thing. It makes sense.
  2. I think I mentioned in the forum, somewhere, just how amazingly cheap Argent was given the size as described. I mean, that's a big freakin' dragon! So I agree, the lack of scale, the lack of a finished sculpt, and the price probably all conspired to make it not obviously a capstone. In hindsight, the "This isn't everything! We've got more!" style communication might have echoed the "We've got bigger stuff coming!" sales pitch we were getting earlier a little too much for those of us who managed to overlook Argent's size. I'm still hoping we can get the rest of the barge unlocked. I
  3. Great to see that you got to spend some time with him and he got to get out and about. Beyond that, I can only echo Thes's offer. If we can help, let us know and we will.
  4. Izzy "Talin" Collier is Reaper's long-time, and fan-favorite, concept artist.
  5. When you make a pledge in Kickstarter, it is charged once to your card and the funds (minus fees) are transferred to Reaper. Reaper then assigns you credit equal to the amount you pledged. If you come back to the pledge manager later and add selections that bring your total above what you pledged in Kickstarter, you'll have to provide more funds. This is done via the pledge manager application; Kickstarter's not involved. If you gave Kickstarter $300 and then locked in $400 worth of stuff in the pledge manager, you'd give Reaper an extra $100 and you'd see an additional charge on w
  6. Until Rafael can officially get back to you, I can tell you how it's worked in the past: he hasn't used Warhorn for this, because I believe Reaper mandates that we use the Reapercon event system for scheduling games. I like Warhorn much better myself, but I just sent him my window of availability and let him know what I'm entitled to run. And I guess we get to see what I end up with!
  7. We've got a few things to look forward to for Bones V, that's for sure. And if we're lucky we'll be able to get to the rest of the barge components and a few other things in the pledge manager. $3m is an amazing number. First time a Bones has surpassed a previous bones, as someone else pointed out! And it had a huge number of backers. Both of which can only be good for Reaper and, by extension, for those of us who like being able to buy Reaper's stuff.
  8. Easiest way to find it is to go to the main campaign page and hit the "View Pledge" button. It'll be at the bottom of the popup that appears.
  9. Just got the dreaded, "Hey, is this charge correct?" "Yes!" "Okay. If this charge has been declined, make your purchase again, and it should go through." Argh.
  10. I'm a little disappointed we didn't get a crazy capstone. But it's been fun and Reaper has managed things well, as per the usual! And hopefully they'll let us unlock Barge the Third at some point in the PM.
  11. FireElemental decided she wanted a core set, so... we're in over a thousand now. I do not believe in a deity, but... oh god. Oh god. Not again.
  12. Bryan's not posting in the KS comments, so he could be working on something
  13. They've got 9(ish) minutes to reveal something, or maybe Argent is it? Argent is pretty darn big. Agree, the teasing with an hour or so left to go is making me nervous for what we're missing.
  14. They weren't planning on it initially, I guess? But it's sure here now.
  15. Wasn't that Argent? Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. But, I'd be happy to be proven wrong! There's just... not much time left!
  16. Yeah, I'm thinking if there's a capstone, it's not-Bahamut.
  17. Not... hugely? Except the freakin' bird is huge. Halfway through so far.
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