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  1. Going to spoiler this one: new Youtube video interview! Gene van Horne and Michael Proctor
  2. I love love love part 4 of the fan favorites expansion! It's a shame I am already in for one, I don't need two.
  3. Bryan says he's working on an update with the big final goals. What those are, heck if I know.
  4. After all these "Works well with DDS2 terrain!" pieces, I am also hoping they make the DDS2 terrain available separately!
  5. I just realized that the lady minotaur's axe has a heart cutout in the blade. That's... pretty funny.
  6. Pretty sure they're going to find a way to get us the last bit of the boat at some point. Somehow...
  7. I'm expecting them to start throwing more goals and surprises out, bit by bit, regardless of pledge level... They probably are aiming for 3.1ish million and are planning on releasing bits and bobs and things to keep excitement high until the big capstone? Unless the boat was the capstone? Seems a little late for a bigger dragon-like thing. Guess we'll see what they have up their incredibly voluminous sleeves!
  8. Let them BS for an hour while you watch the kickstarter! Tell them that whatever they offer to help you buy, they don't have to fight!
  9. Bryan is working on the 60 minute reveal but he's not ready yet.
  10. You know, one other thing I haven't figured out--how in the nine hells did Reaper get the price for Argent down to $20?! That's a gigantic mini!
  11. Oh, another interesting note: if we get $3.15m, that puts us just a smidgen below Bones 2's total.
  12. Reaper has consistently shown an ability to get between 550 and 600 thousand bucks on the last day. If we assume we're somewhere in there, we can add another 150k to 200k or so to today's total and to the overall total. Puts us on pace for $3.1m to $3.15m. Bryan et al are really cutting this pie thing close, aren't they?!
  13. Fire Elemental, dutiful spouse that she is, just had us review lists. There's a long list of stuff she wants in the house, painted, but doesn't care if it's mine or hers. "Are you getting a dragon turtle?" "Yeah." "Okay, I don't need one." "Are you getting a Fantasy Scenics set?" "Yep." "Okay, I won't get one." "Are you getting a skeletal dragon?" "Not right now, no." "WE NEED ONE. Put me down for one."
  14. There's the mid-stretch update I've been expecting! And there's the mammoth! Woot! Lord knows I have enough skeletons but frankly, I kinda... no, I really like those skeletons.
  15. I'm in for two, one for me, one for the loyal wife. For all that this feels like it's been going more slowly, our pledge is perilously close to Bones 2 and 3's totals. I'm still nervous about getting everything wrapped up, but if you'd told me two months ago that this was what we'd get, I'd be pretty darn excited.
  16. Okay, that's pretty awesome! ...but what about the other bits we know we still need to wrap up? Yargh.
  17. Doesn't help that the minute we get to within a thousand of the goal people start pulling hundreds of dollars out. Really?? Grumble.
  18. I've been wondering since last night if they're trying to buy themselves some room between the goals... by putting them farther apart earlier, they give themselves the financial wiggle room to clump them close together at the end. But I thought they'd start ramping stuff up earlier today. I know we'll jump in the last hour, but this is cutting it close!
  19. Bryan's warning us that this is not the last thing... (I mean, jeez--we've still got 2 parts of the Fan Favorite expansion plus Part 3 of the boat to go... dolin' em out one at a time a hundred thousand apart may not do the trick here...)
  20. I don't know that they left themselves enough time. The last couple of reveals have been pretty meh. I like Nyarlathotep all right, I like the barge enough, it's just been... weird? Like, give me excuses to give you money!
  21. If single-shot expenditures are the problem, there's always the pledge manager...
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