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  1. It has been relatively tame so far. Hoping they have a couple of big reveals to... as Ron put it, blow this thing wide open!
  2. I'm jonesing for a bonesin'... or something. Really hoping for some big stuff! Reaper's teasing us. :(
  3. They'll probably just livestream on FB again. Not sure if they'll have a formal announcement or something.
  4. They had a brief livestream on their Facebook page. I apparently caught the last 15 seconds of it, I can confirm it was live!
  5. I am considering attaching it to a drone for my "ghost airship" project...
  6. Bryan hit the button early! ...Persephone and the four adventurers? That's... ridiculously anticlimactic.
  7. Almost theeeeeere.... ...and then someone moves a thousand bucks out of the pledge. Aw.
  8. I think Bones 1 spoiled me with capstone after capstone.
  9. I'm pretty surprised they aren't showing more. It seems... slow? =/ Not that it's actually slow! But it seems like it.
  10. holy crap that tree guy is more massive than I thought. I knew he was tall, but Mossbeard is pretty stout, too...
  11. We're almost there... Not sensing the craziness of past Bones KS's. Yet. But there's still time.... oh so much time... It's okay, I have to figure out how to build a high-level Pathfinder transmuter today. Proving surprisingly tricky.
  12. Yeah. I really want to like the Chronoscope expansion, but I have a bunch of the models in metal and the new stuff is too pulpy for what I'd use it for. Darkreach and Dreadmere, the lost valley expansion, and the fan favorite expansion are all worth it for me so far though. So it's way more fantasy-heavy than I was hoping, but I'm still in for a bunch.
  13. Now I'm sad for the poor bunny. Hah. I've got a bunch of adventures, Pathfinder Society-related and not, to prepare for this weekend. If I'm good I'll get done preparing tomorrow and I'll have the U.S. holiday on Monday to paint. I haven't painted in two months! I don't know what's wrong with me... It always does happen in the end; they don't live that long... but you hate to see 'em go. Poor little guys.
  14. Well, that's why I said buddy, not pet. My wife lived on a farm growing up, and they had lots of cats that lived outdoors. When a cat died, you wouldn't typically realize it until you stopped seeing the cat come around anymore.
  15. I believe it may be the exact same sculpt but produced larger, so it fits on a large-sized base. For a certain type of thing you might encounter in a tabletop game that has an enlarge self ability, maybe..?
  16. Does he play PFS, too? I don't think we have schedules yet, but that should be a good distraction too.
  17. Ugh, I can't pick a favorite expansion. They all have things I want and things I don't...
  18. I plan on getting one of the barges and converting it into a ghost airship. We'll see when that actually happens...
  19. Always sad to lose a buddy. Especially like that. :(
  20. We're approaching our max here for the kickstarter... holding off on the fan expansion until we see whether we want more out of it. Skeletal dragon is nice, but not really our thing. Treant more so, but... money is not infinite! Neither is space in the house at this point...
  21. Bryan is going to bed--the $150k target is probably an attempt to buy him enough time to sleep for a full night and be at full energy for tomorrow. If you're reading this Bryan, sleep well and go to bed! When he gets up they're probably going to start announcing other goals... we've had three goals per stretch so far, one stretch goal shown immediately, one announced midway through, and one other add-on that's just made available somewhere in the middle. An add-on when they get up would be a nice boost, they'd be able to drop another on us as they got closer, and it'd really ramp u
  22. Someone maybe asked for it at some point in the past three years and either Reaper or a sculptor said "I wanna make one!"
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