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  1. My wife saw the expansion, TS, and the first thing she wanted was the portal. Morr accurately, the foo dogs. Very nice work!
  2. I don't think there are any circumstances short of more Kickstarter technical failures that would prevent us from beating Bones 3's total. That's awesome. Bones 2 is still far out ahead... not sure we can get there. But it's possible! Fingers crossed! We've got a ton of backers so far... that's a lot of potential.
  3. I like the new mossbeard! But... my pledge is dangerously high as-is. I think he might be a later pledge manager addition. I can hold out...
  4. Holy Overwhelmed, Batman! They're going to try and squeeze in another Expansion! I remember saying, back in the days of a week or so ago before we knew about the Lost Valley expansion, that they were probably saving an expansion for the final day or two because that $50 add-on for a bunch of stuff would be really awesome just when everyone's staring at the kickstarter. ...I thought I was talking about expansion four back then. Oops. Well played, Reaper! Well played!
  5. yeah, I did that, but it doesn't show on my pledge on Kickstarter. Is it normal? Sorry, I know it has been explained many times... english is not my first language and I suspect lots of info gets lost in translation.... Yes, it is. Reaper will know what you want through their PM. Right now they don't know how much you pledged, but KS will release that information right after the KS closes. Then you will be able to see your pledged amount as a kind of "gift card" to spend on stuff in the PM. You will also be able to add additional funds directly through the
  6. Interestingly enough some of the latest impressions show some tyrannosaurids with scales, although we know others had feathers. Most likely there was variation across climates and ecological niches. Raptors were almost certainly all fuzzy but the extent of the dinofuzz is also uncertain.
  7. Yeah. The price for Ma'al was absolutely absurd. And it's not Reaper's fault, that's just what it costs. Of course, there wasn't anything special about resin Ma'al other than it being resin. Resin Nethyrmaul sold out pretty quick, but that was special in other ways...
  8. They've only done a handful of big resin things but it's not completely impossible! ----------- I can't believe they're using Dance of Death as a bit of propellant on day D-1. Not even the last day and it comes out and it's not even a stretch goal! Hope they have some amazing stuff in the wings...
  9. In part, because people continue producing art with 40-year-old interpretations of archosaurian integument*. :) *Skins, shells, and the various things sticking out of them that cover an animal Anyway, I can be grumpy about it, or I can show you awesome new things. So: awesome art! I think these look much better than the old reptilian look, myself:
  10. I just want to register my terrific disappointment in the 80's-style therapod sculpts for the raptors and rex. We know, at this point, that the various raptors had feathers! I have so much disappointment, in fact, that I'm going to get one anyway, just to spite you. :)
  11. Holy crap guys... I run off to the first day of class and get back and this place has exploded. Yay! Also: that is one awesome astrolabe.
  12. I like it! I even have a motto for us: "Phoenix Wings: Better the Second Time Around!" Wait. Hmmm. Might want to rethink that a little bit.
  13. If you paint it up as a phoenix, first, it comes pre-cooked... Or you can skip the hot sauce, maybe.
  14. I'm really looking forward to seeing what Reaper has lined up for us. Although frankly, I'm already pretty thrilled as-is--we got a roc! Everything else is gravy.
  15. Gamble on bones, not the lottery! D: I do not--I can never get the darned thing to look right. If you can it looks awesome, though.
  16. Bones 3 started pulling away at the 6-days-to-go mark... so several days prior to the 48-hour email. Although yes, there was another big jump at 48-hours-to-go!
  17. I could run the stats myself, but someone else did for me, so I'm using theirs! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/162lqMlxiJLHxeP6-8LEWbGDTY8jFEK4xRi2m-MiyVcM/edit#gid=1065864878 It depends. It was on par with Bones 3 for a little while, but at this stage of the campaign, Bones 3 had started its surge already. (Looking at the bivariate fit, $/backers, extrapolated days.) But Bones IV was always well below Bones II and even Bones I.
  18. The interesting thing is that the number of backers is very, very high but the average pledge per backer is very, very low. That suggests that there's a lot more picking-and-choosing going on so far, and some things (like the Chronoscope expansion) may be more unpopular than usual. (I know, I find it really disappointing too. I need sci-fi and I can't use the sci fi expansion!) It also suggests that if Reaper is at the top of their game with cool reveals at the end, the number could increase significantly and we could se an almost Bones I-like surge. It'll be a fun ride
  19. Whoa. Villagers, triceratops, and the core set broken into bits? That's a big reveal! Awesome!
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