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  1. New material looks pretty great! Lots of good stuff. Haven't had time to open the core yet, let alone start an inventory, but it's all so fun to look at!


    The new Bonesium seems prone to shattering, though, and I'm seeing some problems where air got into the mold. Stone giant missing the middle of his arm, the chicken hut missing part of a doorframe (and some of the corners broke off and escaped). Big angry elephant from Lost Valley had his club snap. In a few years, when I'm done with the inventory, I'll shoot Reaper an email about it! ::P: We're missing a few other things besides (wraiths, giant snake statue so far). 


    I'm a little nervous about some of the pre-assembled stuff. The huge spider being glued to its base is the worst so far. 


    Argent is amazing but not as amazing as the roc. (Which is good news for me, since I got three!) Inventorying the barge without a parts list is both exciting and daunting. 


    The skeletons from, I think, Fan Favorites are really excellent. 


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  2. 3 minutes ago, Flit said:

    Am I correct in thinking that all the pledges that have the delayed models will be fulfilled at the very end?

    My understanding is that as soon as the backordered minis are in the warehouse, Reaper will begin fulfilling orders that were delayed. Probably by wave but I don't think that was specifically confirmed. 


    That means other orders in whatever the current wave is at that time will be delayed while they catch back up. So no, if you have a delayed wave 1, you won't need to wait for wave 14 to finish up to get your stuff shipped. 


    Edit: wow, I don't think I've ever been ninja'd four times before! A new personal record. 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:

    I’m thinking there’s a good chance I might scrap the whole base, drill a hole under the ring, and plunk it down on top of a battery tea-light for a base ; then paint it. 


    Since the whole thing is translucent I'd be lying if I said I hadn't considered finding a way to insert some LED illumination around the ring, myself.


    But I also know I'm lazy and I have approximately 20 minis to paint (not counting the 20 more I'm getting from Bones 4 in a couple days) and I'm pretty sure it's not going to happen...


    I bid thee: be not lazy! Not like me! Do something awesome! 

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  4. I'd heard about Baba Yaga ages ago but I didn't really learn anything about Russian folklore until a GM I was playing for asked all of his players to create characters based on Russian fairy tales. Turned out to be harder than I expected. I mean, everyone's basically named Ivan... The way that Russian folk tales in particular use the same characters (Ivan, Vasilisa, Baba Yaga, Koschei) in different stories like they were actors was really interesting.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Thes Hunter said:


    Oh yeah, I forgot there were $1 waves and $100 waves, so approximately 3300 North American KS backers, which is a more believable ~5 orders per backer. AND there are 1500 backers in wave one, NOT 500.


    So about 360 wave one backers or about 1/4 of the way through.


    Ultimately the answer is the same. I need to stop reading the internet and GO DO SOMETHING.



    If you start getting really suspicious, try checking (or making) your UPS.com account. I'm not sure how many backers ended up like me, but I haven't gotten an email from Reaper, my account in the pledge manager doesn't list any shipping information, but UPS.com is telling me I've got something on the way anyway.

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  6. 1 minute ago, TGP said:

    I have no idea how to find my Lock-In date?


    (I did a minimist pledge in Wave 1 (it says wave 1 :huh: ) but then I added two significant orders in the Pledge Manager thing much later.)

    You can find lock-in date in the pledge manager. Go to "completed orders" and look at the bottom right of each order to see your lock-in date for that particular order.


    For lock-in time, you need to check your email and see about when you got your confirmation email. It won't be exact, but it's the best we've got.

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  7. 3 hours ago, terminalmancer said:

    Looks like they had 16,045 orders remaining as of this morning. With 16,884 being the "original" total that means they got 839 orders out yesterday and the day before.


    7 minutes ago, Thes Hunter said:

    Do we know if the totl for orders shipped if that includes the day that the tracker wasn't working? 


    Wrong quote order, but here you go! 

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  8. Our bones are moving! UPS is updating. Looks like those of you who thought the truck hadn't arrived were right.


    Still haven't gotten any notification from Reaper though. Nothing in email, nothing on the pledge manager. Man! You'd think once Bryan left his code would be safe but no, I keep finding new ways to break it even after he's gone...

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  9. 1 minute ago, Lidless Eye said:
    26 minutes ago, Bane Of Humanity said:

    I just wish he had more weapon options.

    EDIT:  Just wanted to add.  its also nice that they are comparable sizes to the D&D counterparts.  I wish Reapers Giants were like that. 


    To be fair, Reaper Giants are larger than the D&D Giants of that era.  Even early 5E Giants were about the same height as Reaper Giants, it was the "Storm Kings Thunder" prepaint set that supersized D&D Giants again (though all mentioned renditions were easily Huges in 5E terms)


    I seem to remember the latest batch of Reaper giants being more tailored to D&D 3 / Pathfinder sizes since the original sculpts were too small.

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