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  1. 3 minutes ago, moose_shepard said:
    6 minutes ago, terminalmancer said:


    You may also want to make a free UPS account. My pledge manager hasn't updated to show that my packages have been shipped. I haven't received an email yet. (Not even in spam!) Even so, UPS is telling me it's got two packages on their way, estimated delivery on Tuesday.


    I just created a UPS account. No deliveries scheduled for my address...


    I've got my fingers crossed for you--there's still a lot that could be going on with your order, things like UPS not providing accounts with shipping information that was entered before they were created--but that's definitely sad. I hope you get news soon!

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  2. 1 minute ago, emmagine said:
    2 minutes ago, moose_shepard said:

    Nobody has received tracking numbers since they returned from lunch, right? Are they done for the day?


    I'm Wave 1, locked in 9/10 and mine hasn't shipped yet, so I'm starting to get worried there was a problem with my order, since I know they made it to 9/11 lock-ins before they went to lunch.

    Have you checked the pledge manager?  Lots of people aren't getting emails.


    You may also want to make a free UPS account. My pledge manager hasn't updated to show that my packages have been shipped. I haven't received an email yet. (Not even in spam!) Even so, UPS is telling me it's got two packages on their way, estimated delivery on Tuesday.

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  3. Huh. Poor Reaper. Out of curiosity, I logged into the UPS site and looked at my expected deliveries. We have two Reaper packages coming. The first is 11.6 pounds. The second is 42.0 pounds.


    (don't have any info in the tracker or anything like that, yet. It's only living on UPS.com.)


    What have we done?!


    Filled a box with rocs, apparently...

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  4. Backer 39 here. :B): Mostly luck I imagine, but since KS lets you stalk creators nowadays, it wouldn't be a bad idea to follow Reaper so you get an email whenever they launch the next KS. If you happen to be watching email, it might give you a fighting chance of getting a Wave 1 pledge.


    (although I still haven't gotten mine shipped yet, so it's only gonna help you so much...)

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  5. 1 minute ago, TaleSpinner said:


    That would be my guess.  I would assume that getting the orders out at this point would take precedence over trying to fix a web service connectivity issue that does not affect actual shipping.  IIRC, Bryan programmed that tracker.  Kit lives in the UK now. I don't know if they have anyone on site who both knows how to alter the tracker app and has the time/resources to do so.


    I'd volunteer, but I don't think Bryan would give me a good reference. I kept breaking all his work!


    (That whole "lives nowhere close to any part of Texas" thing notwithstanding)

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  6. We started our order in the early afternoon on 9/10/17 but apparently didn't finish submitting it until 11:57 PM. (eastern time, GMT -5 at that point I think)


    If they sort by timestamp (and not just date) or if they sort by date and last name, either way we're gonna be toward the back. I'm sure in our excitement we'll say something when we get our email...

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  7. I just got an email the other day from a kickstarter I backed in 2015. They half-delivered and a "new" group is jumping in to pick up where the old group left off...


    Compared to that, and to most Kickstarters, Reaper's been fine. They've been good, even very good! I think it's worth remembering just how amazing Bryan is at keeping people up-to-date and how spoiled we were for the early Bones campaigns, but at the same time he never really enjoyed Kickstarters so much as he survived them. His method didn't seem very sustainable. He was going to break sometime. And a lot of things we're still benefiting from, like the tracker, are at least partially based on his work that Reaper is continuing to repurpose. I don't know if the Bones shipping tracker would exist now if Bryan hadn't have built the earlier versions.


    So yeah... time to adjust our expectations a little!

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  8. My wife and I are on other sides of the argument. I want to get my bones as soon as possible! She wants to get them as soon as possible provided it's after she finishes her projects for class, so sometime next week. I tell her, your half can wait for you to have time to play with them... she says she'll play with them regardless so it'd be better if they didn't make her procrastinate her work.


    I don't think I'm being very compelling.

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  9. Just now, Cyradis said:
    20 minutes ago, terminalmancer said:

    I doubt ReaperBryan would have popped in to give us news right now, since he would either be A. setting up, B. packing, or C. trying to figure out why neither of the first two options was being taken care of right now.



    No more ReaperBryan - he parted ways for other exciting things. And Ladystorm retired. I suspect that they're readjusting to not having some formerly prominent employees right now. Hopefully they'll get into the swing of things and be back on the easy-communication-train soon. I don't think Reaper is trying to bamboozle anyone. 


    Right. That's why I was saying they've got the void--between ReaperBryan leaving for Secret Weapon and Ladystorm retiring, that's two of their main community outreach folks. But even if Bryan were still hanging out in Dallas, I'm not sure he would have let us know as of this very moment what was going on.

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  10. I doubt ReaperBryan would have popped in to give us news right now, since he would either be A. setting up, B. packing, or C. trying to figure out why neither of the first two options was being taken care of right now.


    Random thought--things might be getting packed up but if the last step of the process isn't ready yet, we won't be seeing any movement. It could be that they're working but not everything is set up yet.


    But in general I agree--Reaper's lost a lot of great communicators and they haven't really begun to fill the void. I do think ReaperLive is their first attempt but it's not really interactive in the same way that the constant forum presence was.


    I hope they get someone soon. In the meantime...


    *pokes tracker* C'mon! We want our bones!

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Jasper_the_2nd said:

    Coming in Bones F5: Bones table extensions!  That's right, the shipping box itself will be made out of Bonesium and can be taken apart and reassembled as extensions for your gaming table!  The more you buy, the more room you have to play! And if we reach the stretch goal, new Bones Shelves!


    I'm going to be in trouble when I discover that I need to boil a table.

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  12. 9 minutes ago, Cyradis said:


    Yeah, my 2ft x 4ft table is having trouble with five people around it, DM screen, and gameplay stuff. We're considering switching to a rolled up grid sheet to use instead of the laminated one, so that I can move the grid as we go. Still limited table space but it would make maps a bunch easier.


    We've tried the rolled grid thing and it sort of works! 2x4 is awfully narrow but you might be able to make grid tiles work, too. Something that provides a solid surface and can then be picked up and moved has worked pretty well for us.



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  13. I remember thinking, "Eh, I think I can live without Mossbeard." Then they posted him with a scale model and, well, that was another thing added onto the pledge. Man, he's ginormous!


    13 minutes ago, Talae said:

    I pledged for nearly all of the things. I don't play sci fi so I didn't get most of the sci fi stuff. I actually am kind of regretting that...


    Me too. I've been playing a bit of Starfinder now and Chronoscope minis aren't such a great fit. But it's so cheap, why didn't we go in for it? Argh.

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  14. 5 minutes ago, haldir said:
    1 hour ago, kristof65 said:

    I was thinking something similar.  I wonder if part of the reason that the hut is on the List of Doom is because Reaper got the first batch, noticed the legs were glued on and went back to the factory and said "NO, they weren't supposed to be glued on!"


    Thou that'll bring out the "Why is my legs not glued on" anti-crowds!!:devil::lol:


    I can just see it now.


    "This is an outrage! The picture clearly shows the hut painted and assembled! Reaper doesn't have a leg to stand on!" 

    "I can't believe my chicken hut didn't come pre-assembled! Reaper needs to foot the bill for the glue I had to buy!"

    "How lazy are they? When I got my hut from China, it came with the legs already on! Those folks at Reaper who aren't assembling anything anymore need a good swift kick in the pants."

    "Attempted to eat the chicken feet so helpfully provided with the miniature hut. Not as tasty as they look."

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  15. 1 minute ago, Chris Palmer said:

    Ok, so you're both kind of right...  I think I found the video: https://youtu.be/a8-lU9NEMR8?t=160   They say the legs are removable, but don't really say that they will arrive at your door as  separate pieces.  Also, they definitely say the plan was to make it hollow and multipart.  I guess the plan got changed for reasons.  


    One possibility is that the Chinese factory packaging/assembly team decided to glue the legs in, but in the future, Reaper-cast huts (retail, non-KS stock) won't have the legs pre-glued. I know I've gotten a fair number of pre-glued Kickstarter bones that, when I found them at retail later, were no longer being preassembled. This might be one of those cases.

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  16. Oof. Yeah. My post office is open from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM... makes it real easy to get there while employed... we don't usually have a problem getting things delivered, but when we do, sorting things out is bad.


    I know many of the national postal services are cutting back hours, but you'd think they'd aim for some evening hours somewhere on the schedule...

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