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  1. Oof. Yeah. My post office is open from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM... makes it real easy to get there while employed... we don't usually have a problem getting things delivered, but when we do, sorting things out is bad. I know many of the national postal services are cutting back hours, but you'd think they'd aim for some evening hours somewhere on the schedule...
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if they ran some orders through the process to see if they had everything set up the way they wanted it. I bet they start moving things through for real tomorrow, like they thought.
  3. Hmmm. It looks like we confirmed our first order in the pledge manager #62595 on Sunday, September 10th 2017 at 11:57 PM ET. Looks like that's a few minutes later than some of the other orders that were posted, but with an earlier order number. Interesting! We got the (un)holy trinity of delay, but we're wave 1. I'm not worried about when we're getting our Bones, either. I am happy that the EU stuff went first, though--there's no reason to make people pay twice if they don't have to.
  4. At the £18 per set price, that 4 crates for £200 looks like a really good price even if you don't want all of every crate. A problem arises if you want to pick and choose things that aren't in crates to begin with, though... I can only speak for myself, but they've done a great job at mixing things I want with things I don't want!
  5. I agree. How am I supposed to build an arcade with only one cabinet?? (I mean, unless in your garage and it's running MAME or something.)
  6. I'm in for an EB myself. I'm not sure what my final pledge is going to look like yet. I'm seeing a lot to like here, which is a little dangerous, but there's not one crate where I like all of the different sub-sets. I'm finding the outdoors sets in particular kind of meh. And the mausoleum would be cool if, y'know, I didn't already have one... The gothic manor set's maybe my favorite of the bunch, though. Fancy Victorian furnishings? Yes please!
  7. The only Starfinder ships I really wanted were the Bone Fleet. Those are really unique, and when the overpriced prepaints became available at the Warstore I took a deep breath and went in for them. They actually arrived, and they turned out pretty well! For the rest of the ships, I'm not so worried. They're all pretty sci-fi standard. I picked up a bunch of Jovian Wars resins for a reason! (Hmm, I really should paint those.) Rats, humans, and vesk aren't too terrible (although I usually end up wanting to mod them up). Kasatha and shirren are tough, though! And with the emphasis on
  8. The Wizkids tabaxi look a little like servals to me. Tiny little heads! I'm not going to begrudge anyone their catfolk, but the proportions look just off enough to me that I'm not really excited by them.
  9. @TheAuldGrump Oh, it's fine. I figured! The word, which I believe I'm remembering came from Paizo, is that neither Reaper nor Wizkids was interested in taking on the Starfinder miniatures license. I vaguely remember Reaper saying something to the effect of "No comment," themselves. As to the whys and wherefores, I don't think we've ever heard any of the details. With significantly more time behind Starfinder and a better idea of how popular it is, I wonder if concrete numbers would make negotiations easier (since the negotiations won't be based solely on projections, presumably) if
  10. It's very confusing. My guess is they wanted prepaints and ND were one of the only companies willing to do that. I've mentioned this before but we went in a tiny little bit. I've gotten three minis so far, which... for the $50 I went in for, means I spent $16.67 per mini. So I've got a lot less reason to complain than a lot of backers. At least it beats Warhammer prices...
  11. It's going to be interesting to see what happens after the bonfire of failure finishes consuming the project. If Archon claims they've made miniatures for the project, I think they'd own them but I don't think they can sell most of it without licenses (in this kickstarter's case, from Paizo). Paizo wants to make people happy but I don't know how much money they're willing to spend on this. And Ninja Division... I have no idea what they would want at this point. Money for creditors? A narrow window through which they can crawl back to solvency? To prevent other people from profiting from the fr
  12. Yeah, the Pathfinder giant eagle is large sized. There's actually a fair number of big bird minis in Pathfinder large, although Reaper doesn't seem to have many of them. Their own giant eagle is huge sized. (The phoenix would count, but it's a stereotypical phoenix pose, so maybe not as good a fit for an eagle.) The wizkids one looks nice, at least in previews! I like how they're making a lot of common animals. It can be hard to find those outside of metal and I've picked a bunch up already. Don't diss the reaper roc, though! I need a real, colossal sized roc for a campaign I'm ru
  13. So naturally it didn't do well at the box office, but became an all time classic within ten years of its release. It doesn't rank as particularly "influential" when people tried to measure that, either. I was more than a little surprised. It's practically everywhere.
  14. I ended up using the Vallejo fluorescents. It worked okay. I didn't take the time to make them work great, but they're very translucent.
  15. We polished ours up, but they're still lumpy. Wouldn't recommend using it, but I glued mine in and can't get it out. Such are the perils of finishing an unplanned speed paint at 1 AM. :)
  16. Managed to get my hands on a couple of the old potatoes! I mean, beholders. Gave one to FireElemental, and kept the other for myself. Following a well-placed (and probably accurate) taunt from my parents of "just how many of those miniatures do you think you'll paint before you die? And how many years before you paint THIS one?" I did end up speed-painting it up in a few hours the other night. The spell effects are pretty great, but the transparent dome that goes over the eye isn't clear enough to be put over a painted eye. You could just paint the dome as the eye, instead, or lea
  17. Grump covers the highlights, but they're also covered by Wizard of the Coast's intellectual property, so unlike some other creatures--owlbears, for example--it's difficult for miniature companies without a WotC license to make good beholders. There's not a lot of good competition.
  18. It's theoretically possible. Maybe someone's managed it? I haven't had much luck myself, though. It's immune to a whole swath of stuff.
  19. I had to do some copious trimming to make the tail fit, but I've got a T-Rex assembled and it looks pretty good! It fits onto a Huge-sized 3.x or Pathfinder base just fine. (Looks good if I turn off my paleontology brain, anyway. Lots of extraneous bone growths and horns. It's more like a "dire t-rex" really. I have a vague plan to greenstuff feathers or at least dinofuzz all over it.)
  20. Can you elaborate? Are the tiles different in this set? (I didn't back the previous one, and want to re-purpose the tiles for RPG's) The tiles are thick cardboard stock (not corrugated), and the print quality was pretty good. They aimed for atmosphere so yes, they're dark. The contrast is high, however, and I didn't have any trouble seeing the art in warm light. I haven't really dug into the rules (since, y'know, I recycled them...) but the tiles didn't come with much of a grid, just occasional lines suggesting zones. They also ran a little small. They're appropriately sized
  21. I didn't think so, and my eyes aren't great, but if you've lost more contrast than I have I guess I could see it? (ha ha ha. cough.) The tiles seemed all right. I mean, the art is pretty good, but I couldn't repurpose them for other games (which was really my whole goal with this one).
  22. I got mine last night. Magnificent. Some of the detail on the faces in particular is poor, but they're game pieces, so I was expecting some of that. What I wasn't quite expecting (having forgotten the details long ago) was how good some of the little things are for generic sci fi. I wish we'd have gotten several turrets, for example.
  23. I'm not a huge fan of the early Paizo iconics, but for all that they chose my least favorite iconic they're certainly doing it right.
  24. Yeah, that's trouble. On the other hand... nobody else is making Horizon Zero Dawn stuff. Hmmm. Well, my standard "I'm probably going to forget about this" approach might work if it does eventually get delivered. Hmmmmmmm. Decisions, decisions...
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