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  1. Mine did something like that. It apparently teleported from Mesquite, TX to Roanoke, VA because there was neither exit scan from Mesquite or receipt scan at Roanoke. I did get my package within a few days of it getting to Mesquite, though. It just occurred to me that this kind of stuff is why they named it Quantum View. It's tunneling in action on a macro scale. No wonder shipping is getting so expensive. Your suggestion--that UPS leaves packages in a warehouse until random chance takes over and they tunnel to another location--would explain a lot about international shipping. Li
  2. For all we know, Logrim could be a halfling or a gnome underneath all that armor! I'm happy Durin made it into Bones.
  3. 60148 Sandru Vhiski is my goto for male academic types. I've actually painted two up so far. There's a new figure I spotted in Bones II that may give him a run for his money, but I haven't used it yet. As an honorable mention I am in love with the 02835 Jolie, Female Scribe sculpt, although I haven't used my copy for a character yet after a basecoating experiment returned a negative result.. If we're allowed three, Herryk's fun.
  4. May and December for me. May because everything's warm and generally pleasant--doesn't hurt that my birthday lands in there, and part of Reapercon this year! December because it hasn't gotten cold for real yet and (for those of us culturally Western, at least) you get to spend a bunch of time with family.
  5. I really like the blending on the mantle. It looks awesome.
  6. I think the golem is my favorite. Great work! Much better than I did my first time around. And also my second, and third, and...
  7. I'm looking forward to getting more of those, and more of the translucent tentacles....
  8. Not me, thanks. Bothans are a little too kinky... But so many died to bring you this information! At the very least you ought to respect their sacrifices. How grim--a box of Bothan Bones. That must have been some incredibly valuable information! (note: that information is probably our tracking numbers)
  9. FireElemental ran into that issue before. UPS's HTTPS Everywhere support is... poor. You can create an account anyway; the value proposition appears to be that they will give you a rough delivery window on the day of delivery. I didn't see my delivery window until the time of delivery, nearly, and it was a four-hour window, for whatever that's worth. Probably not a lot.
  10. Just took Khanjira out of the box, assembled him, disassembled him, and put him back in the box. He is... impressive. I think I need to work on my "camouflaging seams" skill though before I do anything with him. It's okay, the Kingmaker players are still low level. There's time...
  11. Re: nuts I like a bunch of them, but I've found I tend to prefer the humanoids to the vegetable matter. I'm not a big fan of the texture for some reason. I like peanuts okay, but they aren't technically a nut, so I guess I'm in the clear there. Sort of.
  12. Databases done well are pretty resilient things. You can throw all sorts of ridiculous things into a text field if you parameterize your queries. It's even sometimes dangerous to your other systems if you're not careful. The standard email tools available in your run-of-the-mill linux or unix systems, though, are awful. Completely, utterly, ineffably deranged. Some of our environments at work just never send email because nobody has figured out what broke. The more frustrating ones come and go--sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, and nobody has any bloody clue why the heck the searc
  13. Pittsburgh has weirdly pleasant weather--it's like the Florida of the north. Not too much snow and lots of retirees. It's actually gotten cold this winter, which is unusual, but we only had a dusting of snow this morning--better than DC or Boston! In sort-of-related news, we did a quick inventory of our paints. Three of them had caps that were so loose as to almost fall off, and in those, the paint in the tips had dried solid. Took a bit of doing to clean those out but the paint's flowing again. We did not have, as far as I can tell, any problems with freezing with the possible exception o
  14. Sounds like acrylic paint survives low temperatures okay as long as they aren't exposed for too long. Granted, it's been hovering around 2 degrees F here and it's been pretty cold a lot of places, but most of us have a pretty good shot at getting perfectly functional paint.
  15. Reaper has a good track record of replacing frozen paints. Give them a shout. Or email. LS probably would prefer an email. :) I'm worried about our paints--it's 0° outside here. I guess we'll see how screwed up they are when we open it up. Does Reaper have the throughput to easily replace half of the paints supplied in a kickstarter? O.o I've done the tour and seen the vats, but I have no idea how many of us went in for the option. (And what the heck would be a safe shipping option in this weather? Just waiting until April?)
  16. UPS has never provided a delivery window for anything I've had delivered. Out for delivery has always just meant sometime today. We actually got a delivery window estimate out of them, but not until we had already entered it. At 11:20 ET we had a predicted delivery window of 11:15 - 3:15. So... it wasn't a complete waste of time after all.
  17. Our bones boxes are also out for delivery today! We're playing Pathfinder tonight so it'd be useful to know ahead of time when they're going to get here. I created a My UPS account to see what our delivery window was, only to find that we don't have one. Hrm.
  18. Yes, but only because you've ran out of house to store them in. The answer is obviously to get a bigger house. I like how the "elephant in the room" has gone from being "Will there be another Reaper Bones kickstarter?" to the amount of minis we all have after having backed various Reaper Bones kickstarters. And it's still appropriate, at least based on weight...
  19. There are SEVERAL big dragons not available in Bones: Diabolus Viridius Marthrangul T'Raukzul Gauth ...point taken. But I think they'll need to do more than just those to support another Kickstarter. Although I'd love to see all of them in Bones, sure. But then, I'm happy to see Dragons Don't Share back on the market... There are a lot of larger minis that could in theory be fodder for Bones III that would not be good targets for a Bonesium conversion by themselves. I've got a fair few on my own wishlist. I know Bryan is reluctant to go through this whole horrible thing a
  20. That's what you think! You clearly don't have enough to have filled up half a Billy bookcase yet... for shame. :o)
  21. Some of Paizo/WizKids' prepainted stuff is pretty good and Reaper, despite their huge inventory, doesn't have a mini for everything yet. (Maybe Bones III will fix that. Wait, don't shoot me, Bryan!) I picked up the Pathfinder Battles Rune Giant at a sale the other month and it looks pretty fantastic, as far as prepaints go. The paint jobs on the commons, though... ugh. There's a lot of drybrushing of things that just shouldn't be drybrushed. FireElemental's had some decent luck repainting the prepaints.
  22. My mini collection can so far be stored in an almost reasonable fashion, but I am a compulsive collector of books, and I have found that having a hard limit as far as how many books will fit on a bookshelf has been good way of limiting my intake and maximizing my outtake. That said, I still need to practice some mindfulness when a new book I am interested in becomes available. Am I really going to sit down and read it right now? Do I need to spend the money? I am not always successful. Being mindful of the likelihood of being binned is probably the best advice I have for controlling mini i
  23. Nope. My favorite pen is a Pilot Precise V5 RT. I buy a new pack every few months in the expectation that they will get replaced by a model I don't like as much someday.
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