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  1. I have four tabletop jobs in various stages of glosscoat. And since my bones aren't here this weekend I'm working on Dreadball instead...
  2. I have played the AP and am in the middle of running it IRL, so I probably shouldn't play it since spoilers! But I can't oversell just how good this particular campaign can be. Seriously, it's awesome! You should play it.
  3. Its just one more excuse to own all the minis. That way you always have what you need! Not everyone could afford to participate in the Bones kickstarters! :o) (also Bones II won't be fully distributed until March...) We actually ran into this problem for the Valentine's challenge--FireElemental wanted something that was only available in metal and our local stores barely stock Reaper metals anymore. And Reaper was into Bones II fulfillment at that point, so it's not like she would have gotten it in time had we ordered it. She's got a backup plan in place, I believe, but not ever
  4. Acquiring minis on two weeks' notice will be more challenging for some people than for others. A month's lead time would give more people the opportunity to acquire the minis and materials they want for the challenge, if they don't happen to already own what they want to paint.
  5. I'm going to need closeups of that rider. SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE NUMENERA FIGURES!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't get the Numenera figures because they were extra money and Numenera is supposed to be mini-less. I am not into the "regret" phase yet, but the significant other is slowly trying to get me there. They look fantastic. Very impressive sculpts and casting!
  6. Oh dear. Mantic, I don't know what to say. Part of my entry in the "missing parts" form read: I received my missing parts shipment today. Hooray! It included: 1x Frenzy Team Bag 1x MVP Bag Oops. Weirdly enough, the customs declaration is incorrect--it seems the frenzy team bag contains all of the team bits you are supposed to receive and I was never supposed to get a rampage bag.
  7. Ours are due Monday. Kind of a pain because Monday we don't get home until late, and we have this weekend mostly free--but it's not like we can paint 40 pounds of plastic in two days! We'll live. (Somehow.) Our boxes seem to have taken a 17-minute layover in Vinita, Oklahoma.... hope they're enjoying the warm weather while they can. It's a little chilly here in Pittsburgh.
  8. I like the idea of dragon riders. But I also like the idea of very large dragons, of which I do not have enough. If those larger sculpts were affordable, I could do that, but that might rule out the dragon riders. On the other hand... dragon-riding giants? Hrm. Decisions...
  9. We got our email from Reaper at 1:00 today. (Woo!) The UPS notification came at 8 tonight. We ended up with two packages, total of 22.9 pounds. Of course, that's for two of us--I have no idea what you guys do with that much with only one painter! ed: darnit, ninja'd by my significant other. Must learn to compose faster so I can return the favor.
  10. @[email protected] Christmas and birthday are too far to beg the Mr for one. Plus, its no longer available in purple. Money's a thing, sure, but color? You've got paint and sealer! :o) If I'm spending 90$ +shipping, I should at least get the color I want. :P blue is a second favorite, but they're out of that too. :'( You'd want to glosscoat it to heck and back, I imagine, and you may want to rough the surface up beforehand--but after a good coat of primer I bet you could use whatever paints you feel like on that thing. The way you've been blending lately, a purple NMM paint job would be pretty awesome.
  11. @[email protected] Christmas and birthday are too far to beg the Mr for one. Plus, its no longer available in purple. Money's a thing, sure, but color? You've got paint and sealer! :o)
  12. I've got a couple of things I'd like to have for a Kingmaker campaign I'm running that weren't available until this Kickstarter. So before I do the fun ones I'll probably be painting up some of those. I don't have the full list handy but I do believe a Bulette/Landshark was on that list somewhere.
  13. FireElemental and I are tentatively in on this. It looks like the sculpts are fantastic, albeit expensive. I can't quite get over $75 for mammoth (Mammooth?!) carrier, even if the WIP sculpt is awesome. I think my allotted space for "way too big" miniatures will be taken up by Khanjira. The riders are very nice, though. We'll see how it goes.
  14. I've got a box that I painted to look like starry night with the tardis that keeps my minis. It fits all my contest entries (Except dioramas) perfectly with plenty of room for the Mr's and spare bits if needed. I'm wondering if I should order an extra set of Angel of Darkness wings just in case..... http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/54675-missmelons-farming-for-xp/page-7?hl=%2Bstarry+%2Bnight#entry880916 Double-boxing is usually a good option for minis and other things with similar breakage patterns. Mini wrapped in bubble wrap inside box inside bubble wrap inside box.
  15. I've been using bones for Pathfinder pretty consistently. For a PC I often go with metal--not because I prefer the material but because there are so many more minis in pewter that I can find a closer match to the intended character that way--but for monsters? Redshirts? Boring NPCs? Totally bones, all the way.
  16. I've stopped receiving notification emails from the forum, so... possibly yes.
  17. Although, it can only be applied once to a character each time. Ah, quite true. I should be quite so cavalier. I think it's the goblin influence. Is there a general rule for when we should know what we'd like to run?
  18. FireElemental and I are in Wave 2. I have no idea where inside wave 2 we might be, but we're somewhere in there. It seems like we've been waiting forever, so a few more days one way or the other isn't going to bug us too much! (plus oh god oh god I have like five kickstarters worth of minis I haven't even touched yet)
  19. They are absolutely fantastic. And you can replay (and rerun) the first one as much as you want!
  20. We had some barrister bookcase built-ins in a house I used to rent. I don't miss the house (toilet falling through the floor, gutters falling onto the power lines--which had been wrapped around a tree...) but I do miss those bookshelves. Pingo, sorry to hear that, it sounds... at least mildly traumatic?
  21. Looking pretty good. I agree on the hole in the statue head--if you're not careful it's just not going to look right. You got the statue eyes done very well, though! I've never tried glitter for this sort of thing, so I can't help you there...
  22. Don't feel like you need to! But if you have fun doing that, by all means, go for it.
  23. It usually happens pretty organically. You get enough PFS players around a table and people ask what everyone else is playing. "You've got a wizard? I won't play my sorcerer then, but I have a barbarian I can use." Many of the low-level scenarios are pretty easy so balance isn't critical.
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