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  1. Well, if you didn't have a character, you would normally have two options: You can register for a Pathfinder Society ID if you don't already have one, and create a new character ahead of time. You can play a pregen, which the GMs running your scenarios will probably have handy--they are pregenerated characters that would let you join a game without having a character handy. Note that some scenarios--primarily the We Be Goblins! series--require that you play a pregen. Since you did, you have a third option, which is to attempt to get what you need to play your character from 2009! Do you still
  2. Will it be a wizard? Will he have a hat with ram's horns? you know, I could make one of those too I think you should. You can't go wrong!
  3. If I give them a little bit of tough love in public, I should be willing to give them credit when they do a good job. As opposed to my Dreadball (1) missing bits request, which took forever to get sorted out, I've already heard back from Mantic and they are shipping me replacement bits as of yesterday, which is nice. Although I've made them aware of the extra MVPs, they haven't asked for them back.
  4. Wow, those R&C folks ship fast. We got our brushes today. Since they were pretty cheap and it's not like I know what I'm doing, I got a wide variety of sizes and styles of these things. I figured that maybe I'd find a use for a couple of the brushes. Most of them are synthetic, although my wife picked up one of their sable comber (rake) brushes. My original goal with these was to find something easy to give the impression of feathers with. The early results don't look good. Actually, they look terrible. The spiky combers make clear lines but they're too far apart for 28mm scale, just l
  5. The web squirrel is a strange one. If it's doubling my meals, it should double my reaperbucks as well! /no, it really shouldn't.
  6. I put in my registration. FireElemental did the math again and it looks like it might work out better for us to do Gold, so we did Gold. I was good and didn't remove the meals we won't be eating!
  7. Bryan's working on the site. Reports are inconsistent as to whether it's working for people or not.
  8. Oh, that's interesting. If I get a Gold Pass, and remove the meals, I keep the Gold Pass Discount. Now I'm really not sure if I should be taking advantage of that particular functionality. There doesn't seem to be a check in there to prevent it--I can get back to Stripe no problem.
  9. It looks like the cart's working for me. I got to the Stripe interface. Would it break anything if I registered?
  10. Well, fingers crossed, I guess! I have also had similar things happen with web applications. They're so much fun.
  11. Just to emphasize Harrek's point, a good project manager understands that things will go wrong. You never know quite what will, but something will. As a result, depending on the industry and the project, you can estimate that the project will probably take an additional X% of the ideal time. (The average number of days lost and the variance of those numbers can vary widely depending on what kind of work you're doing.) So you build that time into the schedule, even if you're not sure how it's going to be used. Even if you think you can get 1000 out per day, you never want to assume that--people
  12. Every time Bryan posts an update asking us to check our status in the pledge manager, FireElemental asks me if I've double-checked our information and we're good to go. Bryan asks us to double-check our information a lot. (I locked in our order the day the pledge manager was available, I think. Pretty close to it at least.)
  13. One option, since you're playing around with this thing a bunch anyway, would be to try some lighting effects on the eyes--very bright eyes with reflection effects off of the scales around the eyes would certainly pull the eye towards them, tiny though they may be. My own strategies for determining colors are: Spin the figure around, try to get an image in my head for what I want the composition of colors to be (overall dark? overall light? overall red?) and then try to mentally determine what I need to do to get the given effect, and what colors each bit probably needs to be. OR, more co
  14. I'm a noob painter compared to a lot of you, but the strangest part of the whole experience to me is when you pick up a limited-edition mini and you're not sure you're ever going to be good enough to paint it. We got a full-sized Nethyrmaul last Reapercon and it's still sitting in a box, waiting for skills and confidence to improve in the meantime. I haven't even painted my regular size Nethyrmaul yet. I've found the Vampire box to be a very good excuse to experiment with different techniques that I am totally not good with at all.
  15. Sounds like something I'd totally try with an old brush if I had an ultrasonic cleaner that might work. Has anyone ever seen any that could reasonably hold a brush? Everything I've seen is like... small and rectangular prism-shaped. Not really brush-friendly.
  16. ^^^This^^^As much as I like Ronnie and the Mantic gang, and what they're doing for the miniatures hobby, I honestly don't think I want to go through another kickstarter of theirs unless they go for smaller and more focused ones. ... I do not understand what it is so difficult! With windows paint application you can easily mark everything you got already. There are only 4 pages of updates, you need to check and save the pictures on you pc. And counting minis should not be sooo hard. If something is not in your last 2 waves, it is missing or coming in wave 3. Sounds like your experi
  17. Very nicely done! I second (third? fourth?) the complements on your skin tones. I also like the metal blade on the axe. It looks very, very good.
  18. Hrm. It appears that I did receive two copies of the MVPs, and as if to make up for it, they did not actually send me the season 4 stuff. I'm not sure I can handle any more Mantic kickstarters, this "not having any bloody clue what's missing or who these bits of plastic are" thing is kind of stressful!
  19. If you live nearby or have rented a vehicle, it's incredibly easy to sneak out for a bite to eat. FireElemental and I took more than a few such trips last year and it didn't disrupt our experience much at all. We're also introverts, so like Fanguad, a 30 or 45-minute break from PEOPLE EVERYWHERE wasn't too bad.
  20. Kindasorta. What they actually provide is a customs declaration which isn't really for us and so it's not terribly useful. I imagine you've got the same junk but in case it's helpful to someone else, here's everything I've got that might indicate contents: Customs Declaration: 1: Dreadball Season 4 book 1: Dreadball Xtreme Roster Pad 1: Dreadball Xtreme Rampage Bundle (so we've got to deconstruct what the rampage bundle should be for this shipment...) 1: Dreadball Xtreme Frenzy Bundle (same deal...) 1: Dreadball Xtreme Xtra Game Pack (with Xtra Xs) 1: Dreadbal lXtreme Fans (metal) 2: Drea
  21. Thanks, guys. I guess I'll let you know how it goes! I'm also skeptical of their utility for minis, but R&C has some that are Very Small, so I thought I'd give it a try.
  22. To be honest, and to echo LittleBluberry, the classic implementation of wooden trays with doors is a card catalog. It sounds like that's exactly what you're looking for. You could also go for something with drawers, like a nice wooden dresser, maybe? You could get more of those Alex units if the look and storage work, and I'd imagine a flat file could be great, but true flat files are absurdly expensive, way more so than even card catalogs. If you got any old insert-brand-of-assembled-furniture bookshelf with wooden doors, you could also just pull the shelving out, and put some of those tr
  23. Just some off-the-wall suggestions here in case these other fine suggestions aren't quite what you're looking for... I know I use a lot of tackle-box-like-things myself. At the recommendation of someone on these forums, the significant other and I have been using something from Harbor Freight called "Toolbox Organizer with 4 Drawers". It's this hideous yellow block that holds four smallish pull-out trays. For us, it works well because you can get several of them, and organize your minis by tray, and then hot-swap trays to get whatever loadout you need for whatever game you happen to be pla
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