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  1. Ha, good thinking. My wife's been playing around with 'ardcoat--I bet it'd take a great deal of effort to get through that stuff.
  2. My packing sheet (such as it exists) lists: DreadBall Clear Hex Bases - Pack of 24 (handwritten x4) DreadBall Clear Hex Bases - Sprue of 10 DreadBall Clear Hex Bases - Single (handwritten 9) It wouldn't have been more efficient to just hand out an extra sprue of 10?! (Oh well. I'm sure they have their reasons.)
  3. Side note: wife (FireElemental) shares this video on how to use them, where "use them" involves big brushes and 2D art. Still, helpful.
  4. I bought two W&N Sable watercolor brushes during The Great Kolinsky Shortage. One of them was generally fine, although it didn't like holding its tip for too long at a time. The other one exploded into an afro almost immediately. I hadn't used a Series 7 at that point, and I was utterly convinced I was going to ruin one if I got it! I've since had some good luck with Series 7s, a Rosemary and Co. brush that was great except for this one hair that kept bending at a 70 degree angle that I eventually cut off with an Xacto knife, some okay luck with Games & Gears (three great brushes a
  5. I'm referring generally to series 331 as well as some of the synthetics, 2230, 2240, and 2250. I guess these things are usually called rake brushes? Anyway, I've got some Deinonychus antirrhopuses I need to paint up and as a bit of an amateur paleontology observer nerd, I'd like to cover up the '70's era scales with something that looks like feathers. I'll probably try my hand at sculpting feathers someday, but not now! Has anyone tried using these rake or comber brushes to paint feathers? Any tips or tricks for avoiding abject failure? (I am okay with most failure, I just have to
  6. Just opened things up and now my world is filled with styrofoam packing peanuts. Also, freefloating clear hex bases mixed in with those packing peanuts. Be ye warned, so that you may avoid making my mistakes!
  7. If that's the worst you can do, that's pretty darn good! I really like the shading on the back of his (her?) shirt. Doesn't really look tabletop quality to me. As far as lining goes, I don't know if it will work for you, but--what I do with tabletop-quality bones is start with an undercoat of one of the Reaper liners, and then basecoat away most, but not all, of the liner undercoat. So it looks as though you've lined something, but really what you've done is just kept some of the undercoat exposed. Saves time but you still get most of the benefits! This gets more complicated if you wan
  8. Edit--sorry, misread! My bad. I got mine after I posted so I'm sure it's just cycling thru the interwebs right now. Depending on the email server, it can send thousands of emails a minute, or on a bad day, I've seen servers send one email per minute... there's probably some delay on the SMTP (outgoing email) side of things as well. I got my notification from my forum alert!
  9. Awesome. Thank you very much for the clarification! 48 hours is more than enough time for us to figure out an order of priority for our classes, so that's great to hear. I did not make a January one. If you got December and February, you got 100% of the one I finished. Note that this one was originally slated to go out January 15, and I failed in that regard. I have done a fair few email newsletters in my time and for most of it, sending the newsletter out within three weeks of the planned send date was as close to "on time" as it ever got...
  10. Are the silver and gold level miniatures going to be available (at pseudo-retail prices) in the Reaper store for those of us who were not a big fan of the boxed lunches and are more interested in eating off-site? (or perhaps we'll be eating the new concessions options!) If not, are lunches transferable, or just wasted? And on top of all that, because I apparently love pestering Bryan, do you know whether the class lists are going to be available ahead of time (before class registration happens)?
  11. I got roused from the shower this morning with a doorbell and FedEx telling me I had to sign for mine. I'm wave 2, Frenzy. I wouldn't be surprised if you had to wait an extra day or three depending on the vagaries of FedEx and the order in which boxes were shipped. (I haven't opened mine yet. I have no clue if I'm missing anything, and the Dreadball kickstarter was awful as far as trying to figure that sort of thing out. I probably won't know for sure for a few weeks...)
  12. Thanks! I am probably not going to go back and put any extra work into this one, no. But I agree, his (her?) stomach could use some work. (I can relate.)
  13. The staff looks great. I really like the modification.
  14. I threw up a Show Off post with my speedpainted melty version, to give you some idea of what I was thinking and where I ignored my own advice (!). Wappel is almost certainly a better person to learn from than I am, of course! I fully expect (and encourage!) you to blow me out of the water with your version. I'm really liking your take on the frill. It's looking great so far.
  15. A Pathfinder Red Dragon I "speedpainted" sometime in mid-to-late 2014. My wife and I took Wappel's Shaded Basecoating class at Reapercon last year and I've been trying to familiarize myself with the style since I am somewhat impatient and don't like spending 20 or 30 hours on a single mini. This was one of the pieces I applied the technique to. It took me about three and a half hours, two of which involved repeatedly trying to make his stomach not look like complete and utter crap. The premise is a pretty simple one--Wappel advises starting dark and working light, but the rationale is that
  16. The way you blended the lights with the darks on the trolls' stegasaurus plating is fantastic. Very nice work.
  17. The lining on the hands of that Rasputin figure makes the hands look absolutely excellent. Well done!
  18. Hallo! Trying to be more social here and my wife pointed me to this contest as a way to incentivize my participation. Whee! Please let me know if I screw up somewhere in the participating. 77151: Darkrasp, Evil Priest (Bones) http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59222-77151-darkrasp-evil-priest/ 77052: Aina, Female Valkyrie (Bones) http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/59219-77052-aina-female-valkyrie/ Paizo PZO2003-4: Totem of Angazhai. (Three of the suckers. They're sold individually but I like them as a package deal.) http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/
  19. I love the eyes on those things. I think they're adorable. I think they need Jim Henson voices.
  20. Something I started in mid-2014 as an experiment with shading, on the scroll. I got bored and finished it up in early January. The canister on a chain I've interpreted as something akin to D&D/PF's "Soul Jar", so it's got a bit of a bluish light to it. I tried to make it look like a faint point, and had a little bit of success I think. Everything on this guy is dark--a lot of it is more apparent on a darker background which I have very unhelpfully not provided--but I still kinda wonder if that soul jar should be a little brighter. Although the shading follows the contours of his robe,
  21. I speed paint a lot for tabletop, and this was one of those. I've been using tabletop paints as excuses to work on my NMM and I was pretty happy with the blending on the sword. I was okay with how the shield turned out, and I liked the scales on her scale-mail-dress (or whatever it was supposed to be). Less-so with the banding on the... suspenders, I guess? And I totally lost the bands on her upper arm--the texture for them kind of vanished on the lower side of her arm. Not sure if it was just bad luck with the casting of the mold, or if I used too thick paint. (If I have to ask, it's probably
  22. These guys were my first attempts at painting wood grain. Could have gone a little better, but practice makes perfect! (Also: I need a steadier hand.) The general effect I was aiming for was "carved wood painted in thin paint by primitive tribe" so I tried to keep the wood grain a tiny bit visible through the paint of the masks.
  23. Strangely, FireElemental sent me here to offer some advice on painting fire. What happened to "paint what you know"? My first thought is "Ugh!" The PF Red Dragon is a fun one to paint up as lava, but the belly scales you're working on were the worst part of it for me. They're flat and don't have a ton of texture. IMO, you've started off with hard mode! I'm no paintmeister, but my three thoughts: Lava tends to be irregular, yours is very regular-looking. Try varying things up instead of having a consistent gradient across the entire surface of every scale? There's a lot more dark in mo
  24. I'm looking forward to getting mine! Now if only USPS would actually bother to deliver my mail this week... :) Strange that they've blistered them up in random, unrelated bundles.
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