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  1. DGS Games: Thrakansor, Dragon of Fire About This project creates a resin dragon model for use in the Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures Game in 32mm scale. This model will be sculpted by the amazingly talented Julie Guthrie. You can easily find examples of her work by searching online, particularly her work for Reaper Miniatures. We are extremely fortunate to be collaborating with her on this project. For more information about the Freeblades game, see our website at www.dgsgames.com Your pledge will take this new creature from concept art, to masterful sculpture and then into
  2. I'm totally in for this one. And yeah, I'm basically in just for the miniatures. But I'm okay with that!
  3. I also would love to see some more non-mini-related Reaper treasures. Since we missed this Reapercon, I'm probably in for the BoGW too.
  4. Finally got a shipping confirmation! Delivery expected while we're on vacation. (Hmm.) 13 pound shipment, though.
  5. Battlefield crate Dungeon Crate $60 Set Bundle Sci-fi Doors Set x2 Sci-fi Scenery Set x2 Backer #491 in BackerKit, but #3,685 on Kickstarter. Stuff hasn't shipped yet.
  6. May 2013? Not by that much. That is also a really long time ago. Terrain Crate has been funded since May 14th, 2017... huh, that's even newer than Deep Madness. (I might be getting those two at about the same time! Ugh that might actually be a storage disaster.)
  7. Hmmm. My oldest outstanding was funded September 13, 2012. Got a message about that one a year or so ago, but I think it's dead. On the other hand, I still have an active kickstarter that was funded October 28th 2012. They had to go back to the trough for a second run and I expect the market has passed them by, but they're still going.
  8. We backed the project and are somewhat early on the backer list (although less early on finishing the pledge manager). Haven't received anything yet, although we're expecting to from both waves 1 and 2 If it meant our resin had fully cured by the time it got here, I'd happily take it... it's not like the problems with a Ninja Division kickstarter were a surprise. We were already expecting to get everything late late late.
  9. Likewise! Hope the kid is okay! And I'm sorry to hear about the miscarriage. :(
  10. I've ordered miniatures from Brother Vinni in Russia before and it does take forever for the package to ship and clear customs. A month sounds about right. I haven't had any more trouble with them than I've had with any other small miniature company. Sometimes things go wrong, the wrong parts are put in the bag, or a mini is forgotten. They've sent new miniatures out when that's happened, which has been infrequent.
  11. FYI, ZeeMaps is transitioning away from free maps and into a paid map only strategy.
  12. It sounds more like an interaction between the forum software and the email server, or (given the similar email problems the "Notify" feature on the website has) even just the configuration of your email server by itself. Thanks for looking into it, though.
  13. I've got dozens and dozens of websites I need to keep track of on varying schedules, so aggregating them really helps. I usually try to combine things into either RSS or email and the forum doesn't really do RSS, so.....
  14. So it's not just me, then? Well, that's both reassuring and disappointing.
  15. That was the first thing I checked. For example, I got an email when Malefactus responded, but I did not get one when you did, Ladystorm, even though I should have--and if history is any guide that email will never arrive.
  16. I've always kept up with the forum by email, but as of the past few months, I'm just not getting any of the notification emails. It started, really, with the launch of the latest version of the forum software but it's been getting worse since then. Is there anything I can do to get the emails running again? I haven't really been visiting as much since I don't have something hitting my email telling me to. =/
  17. Yeah, I have a much more difficult time using 1/4-inch scales myself. I eyeballed 03761 as being about 6 "Ms" high at the tip of the sword, or 1 1/2 inch. Then I stacked the Ms up next to it and got 8, or about 2 inches. Maybe it just takes practice. I am definitely looking forward to telling the difference between metal and bones in the pictures, though! And standardizing on a scale reference like this one is great.
  18. Haha! Looking good, Disciple. We had some friends over to cannibalize my Rising Sun games. The turtles were especially popular, I have to say. If I'm good (and if I finish up a Roll20 character sheet for a pregen by tonight) I might start painting mine, too.
  19. We just got ours. They're... not exactly what I was anticipating, although Fire Elemental (the lucky spouse whose birthday present from years ago finally arrived!) seems to have known more than me. The magnets seem okay, but the tiles are still easy to pull apart. Maybe too easy to pull apart? The templates aren't actually visible on the parchment tiles, unfortunately. Yeah, same here. They just sort of... arrived.
  20. I'm so sorry to hear it. You have my condolences.
  21. Well, I'm in for a pair of ice elementals. They were pretty cool. Okay, pun intended.
  22. I think that's true for most of Mantic's product. I'm not sure if that's because I've seen most of it appear on Kickstarter for cheaper, or not.
  23. No and yes. Expect a 20%+ discount at the OLGS (less than KS discount) and higher discounts at holiday and clearance sales (greater than KS discount), if they occur, but for the base product, not the SG's. I've noticed that with KS, if you don't mind waiting a few years for a sale for the base game (and don't mind if it's never on sale), you can get it *much* cheaper than KS backers did. Of course, they'll get their games before you will. I just picked up Vast and Near and Far at half off, but Vast was released two years ago, and Near and Far last year (okay, maybe not years...!).
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