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  1. DGS Games: Thrakansor, Dragon of Fire


    This project creates a resin dragon model for use in the Freeblades Fantasy Miniatures Game in 32mm scale. This model will be sculpted by the amazingly talented Julie Guthrie. You can easily find examples of her work by searching online, particularly her work for Reaper Miniatures. We are extremely fortunate to be collaborating with her on this project.


    For more information about the Freeblades game, see our website at www.dgsgames.com Your pledge will take this new creature from concept art, to masterful sculpture and then into production to be delivered to our backers. 


    Dragons are denizens of the hidden world of Karelon, an alternate reality separated from the World of Faelon by The Between. There are nine dragons, one for each of the nine energies: fire, water, air, earth, ice, illusion, celestial, void and an energy not yet revealed in our world. Thrakansor is the Dragon of Fire, and devastates Faelon in the opening stages of the BrightSword War.


    To get a sense of scale of the model, here is the concept art with a human silhouette for reference. That silhouette represents a human-sized Freeblades model 32mm in height.




    The model will come with a 120mm round resin base.  


    Sometime after all rewards have been delivered, Thrakansor will enter the Freeblades game system with complete rules and be available for use in scenarios that feature a large beast such as Beast Hunt and The Lair. We intend to publish additional scenarios that specifically make use of this model. Interested backers can be part of the playtesting of this model's rules and scenarios.


    This is a very simple project. We are only making one thing - this beautiful dragon model. There will not be any stretch goals, so the incentive to get us over the funding level rests in your hands. Tell all your friends who might be interested that they can have a large resin dragon model sculpted by Julie Guthrie for the simple pledge of $60.  


    We here at DGS Games would like to take this opportunity to thank our long time friend and Freeblades player Bryan Bledsoe for being the driving force behind this project. Bryan generated sufficient interest in this project for us to take a look at doing it far earlier than intended and it has led us to this point where we are collaborating with one of the world's most renown miniature sculptors to bring a very important new creature into our pantheon. A million thanks Bryan, we would not be here without you.


    One of the main reasons why this project was not originally on the plate for this year is that we already have a major kickstarter project planned for launch on 1 January 2019 in which we will create two entirely new factions for the Freeblades game. Please follow us and watch for more information coming soon.



    A kickstarter to fund a Julie Guthrie dragon seems like something that would have been posted everywhere, but I hadn't really heard anything about it until just before it launched. Is there any other news out there? WIP maybe? The concept art isn't making me particularly excited, but... a new Guthrie dragon!

  2. 1 minute ago, Talae said:

    I have two from May 2013. You have me beat.


    May 2013? Not by that much. That is also a really long time ago.


    Terrain Crate has been funded since May 14th, 2017... huh, that's even newer than Deep Madness. (I might be getting those two at about the same time! Ugh that might actually be a storage disaster.)

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  3. Hmmm. My oldest outstanding was funded September 13, 2012. Got a message about that one a year or so ago, but I think it's dead.


    On the other hand, I still have an active kickstarter that was funded October 28th 2012. They had to go back to the trough for a second run and I expect the market has passed them by, but they're still going.

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  4. We backed the project and are somewhat early on the backer list (although less early on finishing the pledge manager). Haven't received anything yet, although we're expecting to from both waves 1 and 2


    If it meant our resin had fully cured by the time it got here, I'd happily take it... it's not like the problems with a Ninja Division kickstarter were a surprise. We were already expecting to get everything late late late.

  5. I've ordered miniatures from Brother Vinni in Russia before and it does take forever for the package to ship and clear customs.  A month sounds about right.


    I haven't had any more trouble with them than I've had with any other small miniature company. Sometimes things go wrong, the wrong parts are put in the bag, or a mini is forgotten. They've sent new miniatures out when that's happened, which has been infrequent.

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  6. I've always kept up with the forum by email, but as of the past few months, I'm just not getting any of the notification emails. It started, really, with the launch of the latest version of the forum software but it's been getting worse since then. Is there anything I can do to get the emails running again? I haven't really been visiting as much since I don't have something hitting my email telling me to. =/

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  7. Yeah, I have a much more difficult time using 1/4-inch scales myself. I eyeballed 03761 as being about 6 "Ms" high at the tip of the sword, or 1 1/2 inch. Then I stacked the Ms up next to it and got 8, or about 2 inches.


    Maybe it just takes practice.


    I am definitely looking forward to telling the difference between metal and bones in the pictures, though! And standardizing on a scale reference like this one is great.

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  8. Haha!


    Looking good, Disciple.


    We had some friends over to cannibalize my Rising Sun games. The turtles were especially popular, I have to say. If I'm good (and if I finish up a Roll20 character sheet for a pregen by tonight) I might start painting mine, too. 

  9. We just got ours. They're... not exactly what I was anticipating, although Fire Elemental (the lucky spouse whose birthday present from years ago finally arrived!) seems to have known more than me.


    The magnets seem okay, but the tiles are still easy to pull apart. Maybe too easy to pull apart?


    The templates aren't actually visible on the parchment tiles, unfortunately.

    55 minutes ago, SamuraiJack said:

    I dont think I got a shipping notice.. if it weren't for UPS telling me about every package i had coming to my house i wouldnt have known

    Yeah, same here. They just sort of... arrived.

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  10. 12 hours ago, ced1106 said:
    23 hours ago, Mushu_Green said:

    So you mean everyone who got the KS paid more than people will get at retail?


    No and yes. Expect a 20%+ discount at the OLGS (less than KS discount) and higher discounts at holiday and clearance sales (greater than KS discount), if they occur, but for the base product, not the SG's. I've noticed that with KS, if you don't mind waiting a few years for a sale for the base game (and don't mind if it's never on sale), you can get it *much* cheaper than KS backers did. Of course, they'll get their games before you will. I just picked up Vast and Near and Far at half off, but Vast was released two years ago, and Near and Far last year (okay, maybe not years...!).


    To supplement the price discussion: from the kickstarter page, for whatever it's worth, they're claiming each of the themed sets (not a crate, which includes 4+ sets) will go for $29.99. That means each crate, retail, would be $120 of retail value plus a few more bucks for the kickstarter "bonus." The kickstarter had a crate at $75, two crates for $70 each, and three crates for $60. So in theory, backers are getting a discount. Will it match a black Friday discount when they're trying to clear terrain out of their warehouse, now? That I don't know. Probably want to trust Ced on that stuff. I don't usually buy Mantic stuff retail myself.

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