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  1. We flew on American, which was fine, although we paid more for legroom which at least for me was a lifesaver. We rented a car in Dallas, but not from the airport--my wife found that we saved over a hundred dollars by taking a taxi to the Avis at the Vista mall. (You can still return it to the airport afterwards.) The only real problem we had was when we drove to Oklahoma to see a friend, I hadn't found how to adjust the seat in our tiny rental car! So I hunched over for three hours driving and it wrecked my back the next day. That was unfortunately the day we were leaving for home, so my
  2. I don't think I got a chance to talk to you, but I did see your friendly hat around everywhere! It was nice to know that there was always one person whose forum name I would always know.
  3. Come to think of it, was the character creation station up and running at any point in the Con? I think I totally missed it... I have no idea... we made first level PF characters at home and brought binders with char sheets with us.
  4. I was hoping to prereg for a Pathfinder game, which didn't quite work out. But I did get to play and got into a great game, so I can't complain! It just tickles my danger senses. The lighting for the classes was crap, but I have no idea how to overcome that in a reasonable fashion. I'll probably just bring my visor to class next year.
  5. I just wanted to thank everyone, staff and otherwise, for helping my wife and I have a great reapercon experience. I started painting about a year ago and promptly got sucked into working 80 hours a week, so I spent almost zero time on the forums and we knew absolutely nobody here. Even so, we were unfailingly treated like a best friend by everyone, even when it was clear by the confused look in their eyes that they had no clue whatsoever who we were! (Interesting side note: ReaperBryan does not at all exhibit this confused look under any circumstances.) The classes were fantastic and the gami
  6. My wife and I failed consecutive Will saves on Nethy, too. I think he counts as a high-CR encounter, both the DC and the cost of failing are high... We also ended up spending far too much on other minis at the Reaper store. I don't even want to think about how much money we spent.
  7. Might still be a tiny bit blurry, but it'll have to do: (And, apologies if the image vanishes, I don't have access to my server passwords from this laptop! Went with hosting it on G+. Hopefully this does not come back to bite me.)
  8. Talked the significant other into letting me get one. Only condition was that we split cost and ownership... woohoo! I had an epic stability failure trying to take a picture, so I won't embarrass myself with posting it. I'll see if I can get a better one! He looks exactly like his little brother, though. You're not missing much without the smaller version next to it. They only made 14 of the suckers, apparently, and there are no plans to mass produce them. As of a few hours ago, there were 8 left, not counting the "floor model."
  9. I am so jealous of those of you who have $199 to spare! A full-size Nethyrmaul is available in the booth, in resin of course. They've got an assembled version hanging out at the checkout counter if you simply want to gawk.
  10. Just picked one up for the wife and I. It looks as though it contains: 77148, Mangu Timur (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/mangu%20timur/sku-down/77148) 77042, Orc Marauder (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/orc%20marauder/sku-down/77042) 77018, Skeletal Archer (you only get one, not all three) (http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/skeleton%20archer/sku-down/77018) The figures arrived, as you'd expect, in need of some heat-assisted straightening. and also 09030 Leather Brown 09037 Pure Black 09039 Pure White 09053 Honed Steel 09054 Polished Silver 09085 Shadow
  11. Dumb question, probably--I understand there's going to be paint there so we don't need to bring our own, but should we plan to bring thinning solution with us?
  12. Oh, that sucks. :( Well, thanks for letting me know!
  13. Oh man! I see there are some games in the schedule all of a sudden! But registration just closed...is there any way for gamers to try to reserve a spot now, or is it just gonna be first come, first served at the con?
  14. Woohoo! Awesome to know about the HNTS handout. I was worried I'd be missing out--my hearing ain't as good as it used to be, and my usual backup plan of recording everything doesn't seem to be an option at Reapercon.
  15. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I recently discovered that Reaper does not seem to make a mountain goat miniature, and feel like that is something that should be rectified! Well, I think it'd be cool, anyway. I'm also a big fan of the various Pathfinder adventure path sculpts, but I'm probably not the only one asking for more of those. Unlike the mountain goat.
  16. I agree with SloppyPainter, any time you have so much of a disparity between supply and demand, people are going to be unhappy. I was lucky to be one of the happy ones this time. While I'm looking forward to meeting peeps at the con, my wife and I were mostly interested in the classes. Only being able to preregister for one class ahead of time would significantly reduce our interest in attending--we can play games at home, but we don't have any good mini painting resources nearby. Limiting prereg to one class per person per day of the con probably wouldn't hurt us as much. Basically, w
  17. Thank you! Kit and I worked very hard on the site. It's my first webpage the public has ever gotten to see, and for me, a milestone as my first Web Design project that Reaper used! I know I talk about my contributions a lot, but Kit was invaluable, and frankly did 90% of the work. But I still had to crow! This is your first application? Awesome job!
  18. Registered for my wife and I. Adding classes to the cart seemed to decrement them properly on the site at first, although after a couple minutes I had to refresh the page to get updated totals. I didn't open developer tools up but I'm guessing something just overloaded and wasn't returning data when queried. Had a bit of a hiccup registering for a game, but that got sorted out. Stripe seemed to work fine. The only edge case is that since I'm buying for two people and only snagged one ticket for a class my wife wanted, seeing numbers next to each of the items on the itinerary screen wou
  19. I seem to be asking a lot of questions lately. Thanks for answering them all!
  20. Thanks Bryan! Had a bit of a near-miss figuring out that Stripe doesn't work in Opera 12, but after switching to Chromium, we're registered and rarin' to go with the class scheduling. Here's to hoping we get some of the things we were interested in...
  21. Looked at the schedule for gaming... I see a lot of Pathfinder Society. Awesome! I don't see any indication of how to figure out which slot to pick, though. Is there a list of which adventures are going to be run in which slot, or what level(s) each slot would be appropriate for? Or is it kind of a free-for-all, sign up for something and hope it kind of works out deal?
  22. Thanks, Dan! I'd noticed I could get two passes, but wasn't sure if that was intentional or not... guess we'll give it a go.
  23. Can anyone confirm that we're going to be able to register for two people at once? I think I'm in the same boat as ShadowRaven, I'd like to schedule classes for two at the same time under the same account if I can.
  24. Wait, we get paid ("paid"?) to wear clothing? All of a sudden, shirts make so much more sense now.
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