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  1. My wife and I are attending out first ReaperCon this year, mostly so we can take classes, and we're excited! But my wife is on the night shift and I am busy at work the vast majority of the day. If we hear ahead of time when classes will open up, we can plan things so that we can check the schedule at the appointed time and register for classes--and we'd like to be in the same classes, if at all possible, raising the difficulty a little bit. I'm a little worried that with small class sizes and our busy schedules, if the classes go on sale at an arbitrary and unannounced time on a weekday,
  2. I'm a new painter myself... here the only kind of drybrushing I knew about was the first kind, the drag! Never even thought about doing anything approaching a scrub. No wonder that ruins brushes! I will be eagerly awaiting new installments. Thanks a ton, Buglips! This is pretty awesome.
  3. Thank you Reaper! It was awesome. And now I have a forum account and no reason not to post, too. Hmmm. That's quite a trick, actually.
  4. @Apes -- it looks like they fixed the issue. And no, it was not a case of hitting the wrong thing--it just didn't work, and reloading the page would result in the thank you add-on being zero-ed out. That said, logging in and logging out seems to have fixed it after they fixed things on their end.
  5. I missed out on Bones I, so cleared out my afternoon to watch this. It feels kind of like a letdown not to have another stretch goal to work towards. BUT! If this is truly the last reveal, it's still an awesome kickstarter, and Reaper has been very, very good to us.
  6. Hey, the thank you set isn't increasing the total in the pledge calculator... that might result in some pledges being off.
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