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  1. My wife and I are attending out first ReaperCon this year, mostly so we can take classes, and we're excited! But my wife is on the night shift and I am busy at work the vast majority of the day. If we hear ahead of time when classes will open up, we can plan things so that we can check the schedule at the appointed time and register for classes--and we'd like to be in the same classes, if at all possible, raising the difficulty a little bit.


    I'm a little worried that with small class sizes and our busy schedules, if the classes go on sale at an arbitrary and unannounced time on a weekday, we'll be 5 or 6 hours late to register and we'll be stuck doing everything at the last minute at the con itself. Hoping we can show up early enough every morning to get the classes we wanted to take that day--and if we can't, then trying to find a game with open spots at the last minute--just doesn't seem like a lot of fun. Or worse, we'll get one seat beforehand and hope to grab another seat in the morning, and one of us will be left out.


    But that is just my two cents--I can only speak to what my wife and I were hoping to do, not to how things will actually work! We're noobs and don't know how long classes take to fill up. :)

  2. @Apes -- it looks like they fixed the issue. And no, it was not a case of hitting the wrong thing--it just didn't work, and reloading the page would result in the thank you add-on being zero-ed out. That said, logging in and logging out seems to have fixed it after they fixed things on their end.

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