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  1. Guess my copy's getting painted up in Kiwi colors now.
  2. I'm expecting mine tomorrow. Hooray! More minis I will imagine painting and almost certainly not... (It's funny. I've gotten better about painting minis again, but I don't think I can keep up with my old kickstarter habit.)
  3. Having the chance to tell him that means something. But he already knows. He may or may not be able to communicate it, but he knows.
  4. He's got two possible options right now and neither one of them are good. It's a terrible situation to be in. I hope you get to see him. It sounds like he would really appreciate it.
  5. You're doing just fine. And even if you weren't, you're stepping up and taking on responsibility in a way a lot of players never do, which is awesome by itself. Keep up the good work!
  6. Talk to the player. This sounds like a player problem, not a you problem. To provide a little outside perspective, I usually give a player one shot at these sorts of things. If I decide they deserve a second shot, it's usually at a penalty. And a 25% discount is, relatively speaking, huge. I wouldn't give out a discount that good in most circumstances. You had already been very incredibly nice to the PC before this second attempt to barter came around.
  7. Big picture stuff: as a GM, you want things to be fair, so if a player puts more work into roleplaying but the player makes a bad decision, should that affect his PC? If someone who didn't want to roleplay just walked up and made a check, would they have succeeded? If a different player went through the extra effort of roleplaying and did well instead of poorly, would you have given him a commensurate bonus? In other words, incentives matter. If you want your players to use a technique, whatever that technique is, you should make sure they do materially better when they use that te
  8. You'll hear (and have heard) a lot of specific advice. A lot of that specific advice will be very good... in some situations. My biggest piece of advice is the hardest thing I ever had to learn as a GM: every group is different. Try to figure out what your group enjoys and then make sure you incorporate things that each of your players considers fun. Hopefully there's a lot of overlap across players! Examples: I love open-world stuff. One of my groups I GM for does, too. Another one hates open-world stuff and likes to be on rails. A perfect campaign for one group
  9. Very sorry to hear it. Sending good wishes in your direction, as well as his.
  10. Oof. Reapercon's happening during the first week of university classes... we're not terribly thrilled about that. Means we probably can't make it this year, and we'd need to make a decision on a lot of things (like flights) before we even know what those classes are going to be. Boo! I hope it works out for most people though! I guess when class registration starts happening for fall, we'll look at our schedule and see if classes--and then flights--can be wrangled into shape.
  11. That's terrible. Still thinking of him, and you.
  12. I got my Reaper order, stocking included, over the weekend. There was a selection of mints, 8 or 10 bones miniatures, two paints, and.... an ornament. No coal! My quest continues. The ornament's pretty light, though. You'd need an awfully tiny tree to not be able to support it.
  13. We've lost some bits of the grid on one or two of our 24 tiles or so, but it's mostly from excessive scrubbing, not from the rubbing alcohol... not sure how universal that will be though.
  14. I can't speak for Quartet, but I know Expo changed their formula a few years ago. My old bottle cleaned permanent marker off maps and tiles no problem, but a brand-new bottle didn't touch it at all. Filling my old bottle with rubbing alcohol, it smelled about the same and it worked almost as well as the old formulation. I wouldn't bother buying the newer stuff, though.
  15. I've been ordering Halloween stuff from Reaper for years. Still haven't gotten a rock. Well, a Texas rock, anyway. I'm starting to get desperate. Next year I might grab a piece of gravel outside the Reaper shop and ask the folks at the shop to box it up for me.
  16. We have basically the same issues you've noticed, with the dry erase being a bit tough to get off. I think the quality of the surface is a bit low and it isn't perfectly smooth, leading to sort of a staining effect even though the tiles don't seem to actually be permeable. If I dump enough rubbing alcohol on the tiles I can get the ink off, but my wife's not a huge fan of having to go through that whole "scraping the ink off" thing.
  17. I backed this as a birthday present for my wife. It's been two and a half years, and she still really wants these. She hasn't been thrilled with my Tact-Tiles, although I like them just fine...
  18. I ended up ordering, and should have some info on this year's gift bag soon, but totally blanked on the 12 Days of Reaper event. Alas. I might be able to justify one more order, probably for the winter elf.
  19. You're going to have so much fun! (Seriously, I bet it's way more fun when you're not responsible for it going well for everyone.)
  20. Wow. I also was not thinking Secret Weapon was that big, but this sounds like a good move. Congratulations Bryan! Wishing you (and Secret Weapon) the best! Reaper's gonna have some big shoes to fill.... :)
  21. Happy Thanksgiving! I know it's tough... I hope you can still draw some happiness from him being able to spend time with family and the people and places he loves.
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