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  1. The whole rigmarole of having him tell me "Paint faster! Be sloppier! No, stop cleaning off the brush! That's bad!" while I was trying it out in class was also very helpful.
  2. Hey, where'd the rocket scientists go?!
  3. Our class and work schedules had us leaving Sunday this year, ourselves. Year Two we flew out Monday evening and had time to tour Dallas that day and it was amazingly relaxing, though. If you can ever swing that, it helped me limit my travel stress a lot.
  4. One year you go Thursday to Sunday morning and say, "Man, I missed the Meet'n'Greet! We need to get there earlier next time!" The next year you go Wednesday to Sunday morning and say "Crap, I missed out on the forumite dinner!" Year Three has you staying until Sunday night. You hit the dinner and rush to get your plane and decide, "Eh, screw it, let's just stay until Monday." At some point I think you just move to Dallas.
  5. I'm pretty sure I can convince at least one Reapercon attendee to confirm that I look exactly like my avatar.
  6. It looks like Reaper may have also moved the forum behind Cloudflare... I've been seeing some weirdness with @ (username) references being blocked as a result.
  7. That's sad! If she had done that at the convention she might have gotten FireElemental to come visit. We didn't hit up the HGI this year at all (not even for the fire pit!) so if that's where she was stationed we never had a shot to see her and hang out. :(
  8. Just as I'm talking you into getting these, I do want to sound a note of caution--there are a lot of holes in the cases. They probably won't do a great job at keeping out the dust without liberal applications of tape or something like it.
  9. That's exactly why my wife goes to Reapercon, for the classes and the contest. There's nothing wrong with that! Bet there would be a lot of people who would save you guys seats, though. :)
  10. Extra bonus points if you used oils, and the paint is still wet when the judges are judging the minis?
  11. The cases we got in the swag bag did in fact snap right into the regular cases we got last year. Seemed to work fine! We're now up to a three-by-two block. The biggest downside is that all of this plastic makes them heavy. But... they're also sturdy, so... it seems to work okay for me.
  12. 2 planned, 0 executed. 0.00% completion. I win! Didn't manage this this year, but it should hopefully be in the cards for next year. Hmmm.
  13. Wappel's Reapercon 2015 basing class was pretty beginner-friendly. I would not want to walk into it wearing a shirt I cared about, though!
  14. Nothing for dropping old Grenadier in the melt bin? (Or rescuing it, I suppose.)
  15. Ewww. I'd bonk somebody for that, and not in a good way. Oooh, I would totally take a class focused on water effects! Given the time it takes most of them to set I'm not sure you could do it in one 2-hour slot though. Maybe one session on Thursday morning and a follow-up session on Saturday or Sunday morning?
  16. I know we donated at least one of our pens to the BoGW but we supposedly have a second floating around. Heck if I know where it is, but if you don't get a replacement by tonight feel free to PM me and I'll see what I can do.
  17. I try to take a Wappel class every year, but I've mostly gotten different ones each time. The man's a mad genius. This year I got into Tanks for the Memories and learned a lot, but we'll see how much I can apply to my work. The significant other doesn't want me playing with stuff that's too toxic without proper venting, and the only venting this old house ever does involves funneling cat smells from the basement to the first floor!
  18. Those're some pretty sweet digs. We Fairfield'ed it this year. FireElemental is quite happy with the waffles so the free breakfast works okay for us. (I was disappointed the bacon was replaced with sausage from Friday on, but I'm not a sausage person.)
  19. Oh! I hear "cheap basing for tabletop gaming" I think tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and it sounds like that's not really what you were looking for. Might still be worth chasing Wappel down if you don't get your class; he does some terrain too.
  20. No no--I meant, confused by the merge, sorry! We've had various incarnations of "Who's excited about Reapercon XXXX" for a while and they seemed to stand fine on their own!
  21. I am waiting for a contractor to show up... would much rather be waiting for a food truck. I was confused by that one the merge. :(
  22. I've taken some beginning and some advanced classes and there's How Not to Suck, usually a bunch of stuff on glazing, on blending, on painting specific colors, But one thing I feel like I've never really gotten a ton of instruction on is the basic mechanics--how to hold a brush, how to clean a brush, how to control paint, etc. My avenue for taking art classes got closed down when a new director for the local art museum decided that art classes were a waste of time, and I hadn't gotten to painting yet. (Truth be told, I probably should have taken the drawing course a few more times before looki
  23. That's a good way to do it! A couple years ago we did that, only we visited the botanical gardens. It was really cool and the extra day gave us the chance to do the forum dinner and stuff.
  24. I know I also missed you, Dave--but perhaps next year! Glad to hear you had a good time! A Taco Mistake ribbon seems like a good idea. Or a bad idea. Depending on whether you have earned it or not?
  25. FireElemental made it through the enhanced security without a problem and we got home around 12:30 AM this morning. Or so. Passed out and slept until about noon. All is well here, except for any hope of keeping the dining room organized! I had a blast. Miss you guys too. And those were some mean pinball machines! I'm going to have to spend some time figuring out what their tricks are. Just in time for a completely different amusement to be provided next year, I'm sure! (In other words, I was a fan, I just wasn't very good.)
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