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  1. I would like to see it, but with the bad reviews, I might have to wait for the Video to hit the shelves... Question someone ask me: In Land of the Dead, when we first see Big Daddy he is holding a???
  2. RACH. I have to admit, I do Love Koda Works! My Favorite CAVs are the Dictator and the Vanquisher fom the beginning of playing CAV. I can't wait to get an Emperor!! I like the Scorpion also, but can't see me playing the Adonese. I still am in love with the Mastodon and Rhino! Ritterlich, would be my 2nd choice in factions.
  3. "Realistic CAV" High Speed Internet needed.
  4. Star Trek- "Generations???"
  5. SuMicus

    CAV 2 Beta Demos?

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I can't wait, I can't do anything to speed things up. I will BETA till the Launch.
  6. SuMicus

    CAV 2 Beta Demos?

    Me too, am an "Erion Cronie", but I was on board with the old CAV system. I loved the old system, and I was very leary of the CAV2/ R.A.G.E., but it is making the game sail with Grace. Putting 10+ CAVs on the Battlefield meant over 2 hours of game play. With CAV2, what I seen here seems 2x as Fast... Impressive!! BattleTech (Bad Word, I know...), I didn't pursue that game too hard, but 10 Mechs would have been a good 4-5 Block of gaming. I'm patiencely waiting for CAV2...
  7. SuMicus

    Excess CAV minis

    Any Badgers, Badgers Badgers, Badgers Badgers, Badgers Badgers, Badgers Badgers, Badgers??? Mushroom, mushroom, mushroom... Oops, sorry.. Trade: Tsuiekis for Kharls?? Lances for Despots? Can ya tell what faction I'm starting to collect? What do ya have? List what ya got.
  8. I watch a little bit of, I know it was Prime Time, but they could have shown the dragon preying on sheep, cattle or "Sacrificial Virgin". "OHHHHH, please Dragon of the Northern Mountains leave us alone, here is my offering, my pure snow white daughter." "GULP!!!" Ok, I didn't watch the whole show, my wife had wanted to watch something else.
  9. ROFLOL!!! That should be played in all gaming stores and clubs!!!! Then the next episode, "Cops break in and bust a Pirating Resin Pouring Operation."
  10. Classic Rock here for me please... --------------------------------------------- As long as you found music by NSYNC, instead of other perverse stuff... I won't go into details... --------------------------------------------- From: "Detroit Rock City" "Your belt buckle might say rock... But your breath say Pepperoni Pizza, Baby..."
  11. Section Composition?? How do you config. yours??? What Mission for each Section would determine what??? What do I mean? In your sections do you put... 1 Base of Infantry, 1 Aircraft, 1 Hvy Cav and 1 Light CAV - or - 4 Light CAVs - all staying together to concentrate fire - or - 2 Light CAVs and 2 Hvy CAVs - Lights drawing fire, and the Hvys giving fire support. With CAV2 on the Horizon, I guess things will change to a degree. But I'm sure Nerfing all your Tactics is not gonna happen.
  12. LOL!!! Thanks, I am at work and blew luke-warm coffee through my nasal cavity... ED-209, Dictator-Wanna-Be!!!
  13. SuMicus

    Release Schedule

    I'm not the bestest -est -est at Math... But 0.2/ Month would = 1 Model per 5.0 Months... I hope I am wrong... I really really do... Typo, please let this be a typo....
  14. I want time to move faster!!!!!! New Rules Set to be ready for purchase! New CAVs and other models be available!!! I HATE WAITING!!!!!!!
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