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  1. I'd wager it'd be pretty easy, based on my experiences using magnets. The stiffer plastic used for the Mausoleum was really easy to drill through, and some small, neodymium magnets would be pretty inconspicuous, overall.
  2. That movie was just awful. I'm pretty forgiving of movies, but it was not good, and I have little hope for the remainder of the franchise. Nicholas Flammel was absolutely unnecessary fan service, and the plot was garbage. I remember seeing trailers for it when I was in theatres, and really wanted to see it. It was fun to watch, glad it came to Netflix so we could see it.
  3. College. I mean, I graduated, but I sure wouldn't want to go back.
  4. I'm planning on getting the translucent one, but I'll be painting most of it opaque. I just want the windows to remain clear.
  5. The only Pentecost I'm familiar with is Stacker...
  6. I think I'll have to put it on the mantle. Who needs photos of family and my wedding anyway?
  7. Not seeing friends and gaming. Also, just going out to the mall or whatever to just wander/kill time. However, I'm largely a homebody who doesn't do a lot of social activity, so I've been handling it much better than most.
  8. Graeters is in the Cincinnati area, though their ice cream is sold in pints at most Krogers nationally, at least. They're famous for their chocolate "chips" which are enormous, soft, and delicious. They have a black raspberry chip ice cream that's sort of a signature flavor (for good reason).
  9. Ice cream. In particular, Braum's ice cream, but that's not available in my neck of the woods. So, I'll settle for Graeters now...
  10. My wife asked me where we were going to put it. I suggested we just move everything we have into it and live there.
  11. I just realized that the figurehead is photoshopped in there... You can tell from the white aura around it, and how her foot starts to disappear.
  12. Prices are too steep for me, because I'd only be in it for the minis, but they sure are pretty.
  13. I think I want to wait for the clear version, so that the windows will still be translucent when I'm done painting it. I think that'd probably look cooler overall. And, when the pirate queen masthead is in use, the ship shall be known as "the Ruthless."
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