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  1. I liked the minis I got in their last Kickstarter, but I'm not sure I have as much need for these, slightly more specialized figures. I'm watching for now...
  2. As of right now, I'm getting two Village sets. I'm going to be trading in one box of villager minis for an extra room, though I'm contemplating if it's more cost effective to keep the villagers, buy 2 extra rooms, and try to flip the villager minis in the after-market to cover the cost instead of a one for one exchange.... I typically do dungeons or buildings, including castles and other environments. I don't have much consistency in where adventures occur - it changes up a fair amount. I like the idea of having both a dungeon and sewer set to do town/city adventures stacked on top
  3. One market stall per backer definitely makes me inclined to get a friend to back for me rather than just doubling my Town backing...
  4. I must have misunderstood a prior poster then. I understood I could trade in a Core set for 2 rooms. I thought someone had indicated I could trade in 2 rooms and get another Core set, and that's the thing I wasn't seeing in the KS. I'm guessing I misunderstood.
  5. I definitely have no idea which rooms to get. I saw someone else indicate you can exchange two rooms for a dungeon or sewer set, but I don't see that on the KS. Not sure if I'd do that or rooms anyway, but still unclear.
  6. Part of me is tempted to get someone else to back from another KS account for me so I can get extras of the "one per backer" bonus minis, but I really don't need two giants or ghost dragons...
  7. See, now that's a good idea... But I don't see how to add an extra village pledge...
  8. I broke down and increased my pledge from Village to Town, and added one each of the stretch goals from one through three... There may be more added. I'm wanting at least one dragon, maybe two that I really like (the Asian style and the Xenodragon), but I'm debating if it's worth it to just go ahead and get five more for only about 40 more Euros... I could probably sell some of them to decrease my overall financial exposure...
  9. Those lava rooms feel like they'd be a good fit for "organic" dungeons I've used in the past (as if the players were inside a creature's organs. The doors were sphincters, the walls were like intestines...). I kind of want to do something like that again, but I don't know if I foresee myself using such a dungeon often enough to actually obtain them permanently...
  10. Oh, cool. I don't remember seeing it. Maybe I missed the second KS? How hard to you think it would be to not use the wings and patch up the mini to hid where they were to connect? I think it's a perfectly nice lung dragon without them...
  11. I don't think that dragon was part of the last KS...
  12. I'm in for the Village pledge at the moment. I have tons of villagers, but I really like the variety, so I'll probably grab them. The town guards, especially there being both male and female figures, are really nice and generic enough to be used consistently. I dig it. Not sure what rooms/sets I'll be getting with it, though. Any recommendations? Oh, and I may add on a Xenodragon. That's just unique enough to potentially be a fun nightmare monster to throw at my players.
  13. What's funny is, I didn't mean to do anything. Just a standard turn of phrase that happens to synch up in a way I didn't even notice until you pointed it out.
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