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  1. Whereas, I'm worried that it's too... specific/distinctive to be useful consistently. A more generic lighthouse would be much more useful than a decrepit one such as this. I still think I'll get it, but I'm not sure that it's as useful as it could be. Sort of like how the Stygian Barge is cool, but it isn't nearly as useful as a generic barge would be.
  2. After being a participant in Bones KSs since Bones 2, I have to say, this was incredibly lackluster for me. I never got that excited about it, far too many things in it felt like redundancies of existing offerings, and it felt really mismanaged compared to previous KS. Bones 5 had tons of really exciting "encounter" add-ons with cool bits of terrain and lots of other neat things, and this one just had... nothing that really made me nearly as excited. The fact that they previewed the Stirges before the KS and waited until the last possible moment to put them into a bog-standard encounter feels like such a misstep. They could easily have made the stirges a simple add-on for $5 or $8 and people would've gone nuts for something like that. Instead, you get some goblins and a merrow, without any cool terrain or other things. I'm sure a lot of people really enjoyed this KS, and maybe it's because I'm already a repeat customer, but I spent over $600 on Bones 5, and I don't know that I'll spend a third of that on this one. It brought in only about half of the Bones 5 total during its run, too. I'm not sure what was different, but it felt like a drastically different team running this one. It felt like an entirely new to KS team, honestly. Congratulations to those who worked on this for getting their stuff funded, and maybe Reaper was aiming for a much smaller KS this time around, but it just feels like a massive let down after prior outings.
  3. Wasn't there a Stirge teased at one point? I don't see it anywhere yet...
  4. I'm still just amazed at how little I'm excited about this one. Maybe it's just the sheer volume of minis I've acquired in the past few years, but I just can't seem to get really excited about any of the stuff here. The Green Griffon might have been a sure thing, but I just backed the "sitting folks" KS from another company for all my tavern patron needs a few months back. The fairy one has some nice looking miniatures, and the undead one might be worth backing, but I've got so many undead warriors already. I dunno why, but I just feel so detached from this KS overall. I initially threw in for $200, and I'm not sure if I'll even wind up with that.
  5. They're NOT breaking apart the Core set for the PM? They have in all the others. That sucks. I absolutely don't care about large chunks of this Core, and I've gotten every other Bones Core because it's been more cost efficient to get one than to get piecemeal the parts I wanted.
  6. We've only a week left in the campaign, but we're just over a million. I feel like this campaign just isn't exciting me like prior Bones kickstarters, and everything seems to be moving slower. I may be remembering wrong, but I'm feeling like this is lacking something. Maybe it's just because I have so many miniatures now? I dunno.
  7. I'd mostly want 25mm diameter terrain pieces, but I just can't tell if there's any real variety available.
  8. I can barely fit my painted minis in my display, let alone my unpainted minis.
  9. That'll depend on the dragons. I think I've got most, if not all, of my Chromatic dragons covered already, so I may not really have to buy any more. Unless I decide to replace some older ones, that is.
  10. I mean, it IS one of the best values in the mini industry.
  11. I'm still sitting on almost all of Bones 5, and a fair amount of Bones 4. I'm not sure how excited I actually am about Bones 6 at this point, but we'll see how the reveals pan out. There's good chances I'll back it, though.
  12. Thanks, everyone. Given my almost complete absence from the forums for over a year now, I wouldn't have expected it. I just don't post nearly as often since I started working from home. Especially since I had to take down my photo rig, so I can't post all the minis I've been painting.
  13. I've been using the program that came with the Mars and not been very impressed with my inability to modify. I may have to check out that 3D Builder program. Thanks.
  14. I wish I could print things like this, but I've learned that my Elegoo Mars isn't large enough to handle most building-scale terrain.
  15. Square bases are a bit of a turn off, but it looks nice. Not sure if I'm going to back, though the trees are pretty.
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