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  1. Graeters is in the Cincinnati area, though their ice cream is sold in pints at most Krogers nationally, at least. They're famous for their chocolate "chips" which are enormous, soft, and delicious. They have a black raspberry chip ice cream that's sort of a signature flavor (for good reason).
  2. Ice cream. In particular, Braum's ice cream, but that's not available in my neck of the woods. So, I'll settle for Graeters now...
  3. My wife asked me where we were going to put it. I suggested we just move everything we have into it and live there.
  4. I just realized that the figurehead is photoshopped in there... You can tell from the white aura around it, and how her foot starts to disappear.
  5. Prices are too steep for me, because I'd only be in it for the minis, but they sure are pretty.
  6. I think I want to wait for the clear version, so that the windows will still be translucent when I'm done painting it. I think that'd probably look cooler overall. And, when the pirate queen masthead is in use, the ship shall be known as "the Ruthless."
  7. I have only four toes on my right foot, due to my aforementioned birth defects. [redacted]
  8. I wear my shoes pretty much constantly. This is due to a birth defect that causes one of my legs to be about 3/4" shorter than my other leg, necessitating walking on tiptoes on my right foot if I'm not wearing shoes. Coupled with the overall poor condition my feet have been for the past two - three years due to my generally bad gait and I have pain walking without shoes for much distance, even with a foot brace worn almost all the time. I honestly don't follow the game industry that closely, so I don't know many personalities. I'd say "Wayne Reynolds" but I've technically met him already.
  9. Exactly. Almost every game uses circle or square bases, so making integrated bases ovals seems just a weird decision, overall...
  10. Cello I guess afternoon - evening. I'm usually most awake by that point, and can do things like watch movies with the missus.
  11. Not often, no. I'm bad at dancing. I wish I had that kid's moves. Sleeping in, but mostly because my OT opportunities have gone down and so I can't get to work anymore than normal, which means I have more days I don't have to be up by 6 am. Also, eating lunch with my wife is much more frequent now that we're both largely working from home.
  12. Um, actually, wyverns do have the "Dragon" creature type. Yeah, the price tag. This is something I'd love to get for my Mom as a present, but that is way over budget, sadly.
  13. Momma always says, "happiness is as happiness does."
  14. Reading, Writing, and basic math seems to be the most common and useful things. I do all of them regularly. Simple math is really handy when playing Pathfinder. It's amazing how poorly one of my friends manages to add her dice and bonuses together during a game.
  15. Transporters Hypo-sprays Replicators Hover-boards Mr. Fusion Knight Saber style Hard Suits You foo! Soylent Green is people! PEOPLE!!!!!
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