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  1. Back in the day, I bought a lot of old WotC minis off ebay. More recently, I've exclusively got them from either a local game shop run by a buddy of mine (Bones I minis; I missed out on the Kickstarter) or from my own involvement in Bones II. Also a few select from Reaper's online store. I'm an amateur, so I just glue them on the black plastic bases I got from Bones II. Haven't advanced to making them all pretty-like, yet. Oh man...I only recently got into board games and I've been buying them feverishly. Order of the Stick, Classic Dungeon, Firefly, Mice & Mystics (all the expansions), Betrayal at House on the Hill are the main ones I've played lately. I also own, but have not played yet ( ) Arkham Horror (own all the expansions), Mansions of Madness (own the expansion), Elder Sign (own all the expansions), Cosmic Encounter, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, & Shafausa. I own the Kickstarter base game for Golem Arcana, but have never played. To quote The Tick - "it's where I keep my stuff!" Terry Pratchett Discworld. Duh. Otherwise, I enjoyed Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn books as well as Caliban's Hour, but not so much his other books. I don't read a lot of sci-fi, honestly. So...Douglas Adams! Honey ham & turkey with bacon on pumpernickel. Mmmm. Still have to finish Narthrax... After that, who knows. Maybe I'll do Cinder. Sadly, the cons that I have attended are ultra small and the most memorable thing about them was meeting up with some old friends and having a burger. But I suppose I always enjoy seeing the cosplay, even if I have yet to engage in any myself.
  2. Weren't there some zombie mouslings for an artist's convention or something? I can't find them on the store... But some zombie mouslings would be rad anyway! I love all the mouslings, though.
  3. Aloha. Been a long time for me, too. Nothing like starting a new job and celebrating holidays to suck you away from the internet, amiright?
  4. I am pleased that every figure will be an individual sculpt, though. That's definitely worth something that every orc, zombie, etc. will be unique.
  5. TIL Last Knight probably has more on me than the NSA.
  6. Yeah, the head gasket went out on my old car a few years ago...while I was driving home from work. Was definitely brown trousers time when my power steering and brakes stopped working properly while going down a hill in a busy residential neighborhood at about 7:20 am when there were still school buses around. And that's not all! After a very expensive repair job I made it about a day and 4-5 miles when suddenly, at about 8 pm on my way back home from the grocery store, there was a massive electrical surge and the car died in the middle or an intersection. Turns out that the mechanic who replaced the head gasket didn't reconnect my alternator correctly and it ended up coming loose while I was driving. I'm never going back to that mechanic.
  7. Just Bones 2 and Golem Arcana for me. Though, Golem Arcana won't involve painting at least.
  8. My first semester in college out in Colorado, I had to get a parent-plus loan, which meant my mom back in Iowa had to cosign. When she refused to do so for about a month, the school shut off my cafeteria card so I couldn't get in to eat. They, thankfully, didn't also kick me out of the dorm. But with essentially no income I had to do some pretty unsavory things to get food. Eventually, after about another month, mom relented and I got my meal card turned back on and everything worked out, I guess. Also, I would totally eat at Wriggly's. Hell, one of the restaurants out in Colorado was called The Outhouse and people ate there.
  9. FFT was the only reason I bought a Playstation. Monk with "Two Swords" ftw.
  10. I just used Netflix and old DVDs I've had for ages, which I watch on my computer. I haven't turned on my tv once since my ex moved away in September. Don't really see myself using it anytime in the near future so I'm glad I didn't pay for it (was an extra my mom had). Of course, the wii (which I did pay for) is also sitting there collecting dust. Maybe one of these days I'll turn it on an actually play a game. Probably not, though.
  11. I died once. In itself, it wasn't so bad. Everything leading up to it, however, was rather uncomfortable. As for everything after, well, I defer to the wise words of Samuel Clemens: “I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”
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