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  1. Did he pledge $100 in the Kickstarter? Or just fill in the calculator? If he pledged $100 in the Kickstarter an email will be sent out to finalise what you want in the pledge calculator (after it goes live). If he just filled in the calculator & didn't pledge in the KS I don't know what happens, but I'm pretty sure you will have to contact reaper directly as it isn't (at this stage) a "real" pledge (ie they haven't taken money from him for it) as the calculator was only intended (since its not finalised) to help determine how much money you need to pledge (in the Kickstarter) and for international backers how much shipping to add. He pledged in the kickstarter. Don't worry. Though I don't know when he get's the email. I need to ask him. He told me that they would send an email on December 26th. With the kickstarter pledge he filled out my address so it would be sent to me. But I need to ask him about if he got that email. If I am wrong and it hasn't been sent out yet, tell me.
  2. Posted in the pledge calculator thread. I had a friend donate 100 dollars for the core set. He told me he used the pledge calculator as well. He then told me they said on December 26th he would get an email. Is there anything he may need to do or pledging 100 dollars automatically gives you the core set once you fill things out with the credit card ording thing. Or do you need to do this and confirm more with the P.C. I trust him, but I am just making sure.
  3. I had a friend donate the 100 dollars for the entire core set. He also used the pledge calculator. Does he need to do anything else. He told me they would send him a email on December 26th. Thanks!
  4. Awesome sauce thanks. I forgot what it was, but I also read this great article a year ago or so on using Finish floor shiner with the end coat to give the model a shine or a well "Finish" That article you linked is great, but it would be a long time before I would even have half of that stuff. I'm sure things will come out fine. Thanks for moving the thread. It got a bit too off topic. Not specfically minuature related. Yet a useful guide orginally for gunpla's/robot models. That first got me into learning about painting techniques. http://otakurevolution.com/content/laymans-gunpla-guide http://otakurevolution.com/content/gunpla-basics-by-gelgoog-guy-and-others I find the Spoon technique for practicing layering helps depending on the miniature. It defiantly would with larger models. Though in the end I feel that both sites can be helpful. I should reread these.
  5. Ehh I'm not picky I just want stuff that is functional and that won't cause me a headache. Thanks for all the information. That's pretty crazy about the paint brushes. Just Wow. The one's I have used are either the old plastic water color brushes. Or horse hair brushes. Is there an article on brushes and thing and the hair they use or material? Thanks for all the info. I will try to get myself some Reaper Paints from the LTP set though. Even if the Mantic is cheaper. I think the LTP sets area better deal.
  6. Awesome to hear that slendertroll! Ok cool, that clears things up; but what does this have to do with brushes? I mean does this apply to all the brushes in the market. Or the "Sable" Brand or composition used in them. Could you please explain that. Thanks for the info about the paint kits and such. I hope they do get around to making bones kits as well one day. I think it's be popular. As for sets of Paint I am looking into this. Sorry If I am mixing two topics. Yet I'd like to find out more about the different paint lines. From what I was told HD is very bright and colorful and that's cool with me. Though after starting with set's 1-5 or so I want to invest in one of these. Or from the other paint line. Not for sure.
  7. From what I have checked out Mantic does. I've only seen a bit I don't know the legality of posting competing companies here. Yet They are far cheaper then Reapers Paints BUT don't have as much variety. They do however make some cool minuatures imho. Honestly though I don't know I just find the Paint Kits to be an affordable option for most people. Also a good starting point in general. Mantic has an official set of clippers and glue too. Though honestly I don't know much about it. I know Reaper has amazing paints though. update You know what I saw that before and COMPLETELY forgot about it, I apologize. Yeah I'd have to ask around about other more trust worthy salers. I'd stick with reaper as I know I am guaranteed a proper item/condition etc.
  8. I haven't heard of that I am not one in the art world. Is there an article on it? I really only have experience with decalling Gundam/Robot models with a paint marker. I wanted to get a set like ones above. Explain further I suppose. Thanks for the info. Do you think the Bones LTP sets are inevitable though. I'm a total noob at this. So I only have a small basis of knowledge on brushes. This line was the one I was also talking about. http://www.miniature-giant.com/learn-to-paint-kits-Reaper-c-857.html This online shop seems to still carry some of them. Vs the green blisters how was the blue box/blister sets?
  9. I would love to see a resurrection of the Learn to paint line, but with the far more affordable "Reaper Bones" An example of one of the Learn to paint Sets! I'd love to start with Bones it's far cheaper then metal mini's. I currently had a friend donate the money for the core set. Yet still moving on. From what I am aware this line is out of print. I feel it needs a revival with the Bones line. The old ones are still a steal with the things they came with. ( 2 minis, 10 PAINTS, 2 brushes, and a guide; Also since these are old the paint might be bad no idea about paint self life.) So I feel it would be a great marketing decision to reboot this line with bones since it would be cheaper to produce by a bit then metal. What are your thoughts? I plan on buying a few of the older sets if I can Also: Mantric gives more mini's but not as many paints and only one brush. "Mantric" a separate miniature model company has some great sets, but sadly they don't come with as much paint or the extra brush. They do give you extra mini's. Though I'm using them as a EXAMPLE of a currently running line of "How to paint" sets. What do you think reaper should do. I like the Classic Boxed HTP sets as well Though those are far more expensive. Thanks Everyone. Let's hope we can find a new way for people to get into this hobby. :)
  10. I'm new here I suppose I'd say that I had encounter mini's at game shops before yet I wasn't aware of the manufacturer this was a few years back. I've recently got a friend to donate for the 100 dollar core set as a gift. So yeah really the first two kickstarters are what really told me about them. Though I never thought about getting any till now due to multiple factors. My main drive though is my love for building or making things. As well as Tabletop gaming.
  11. Do you think kickstarter Dragoth will come with his companion and alternate heads?
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