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  1. The new close up shots of cerberus in the greek expansion look fantastic. Was a little worried about that one but it looks great.
  2. Fan Favorites is a tough call... definitely some stuff in there that I looks like it could be great but so much is just concept art or WIP its hard to say. Balanced against the fact that it could be 1-2 years after shipping before they would be available separately.... so like potentially 2022-2023...
  3. I’ve said it before I have zero need for any of these dragons... but yeah I’m getting all the dragons. Except maybe the shadow.
  4. My sentiments exactly. I pledged $120 but knew I was never going to get the core set, rather that was my 'kitty' to spend as I saw fit. Was getting concerned that I wouldnt really find enough of interest this time around but that Greek Xpac part 3 moved it into must buy territory. Just waiting for the last dragon or two (and Murkillor dammit!) and i should be good...
  5. 3 days left and we are still missing... 1-2 dragons (better not miss on that beauty ‘red’...) the ship incubi/succubi part 3 of water xpac murkillor in bones black (pleassssee...) I hope it all makes it! (Well actually I only REALLY hope the dragons and murkillor make it )
  6. Still holding out hope that that Murkillor resin model from this last reapercon makes it in to bones black because I really love that model.
  7. i dont need more dragons i dont need more dragons i dont need more dragons these are great looking dragons...
  8. These were two of my faves from Bones 3 but I felt the bones version didn't do the sculpts justice so I picked up the metal versions. Much better. I wish I was more creative with my colors for the dryad but alas color selection is not my forte... always a struggle... Anyways I was pretty happy with how they turned out so thought I'd share with the rest of you wonderful painters... Oh I guess the tree hugger has to be linked ... https://imgur.com/OLgnPOL
  9. Those look great. I had/have zero use for those dinos but man they are such great models i kind of wish I had got at least the TRex....
  10. Name him Gooey Kablooie and then sculpt a little hamster named Huey... (wonder if anyone will know this)
  11. Bones 2 was my first reaper kickstarter. I bought the core set but on fulfillment learned that I really didnt like the detail level and bendiness of the bones material for human or smaller miniatures. Loved the bigger models though. For bones 3 and 4 I skipped the core sets only picking various add-ons (typically spending ~$100 each time). The Bones Black KS will be an interesting announcement for me... I'll definitely be paying attention to the core set again, but ultimately we'll have to wait and see. Some of the bones black models from Bones 4 have still been pretty lackluster in the detail department (velociraptors for example) but certainly the freebies (owlbear, efreet, goblin shaman) seen so far have been pretty good to great... Oh and of my Bones 4 order, Blacksting is definitely my favorite with Nargalauth (sp... the balrog thingey), Mossbeard, and the firegiant hunter being tied for 2nd...
  12. Look! Its a blade! It looks... sharp!
  13. That’s a great model my goodness. The musculature in the legs is fantastic looking... and the overall detail is great
  14. Anyone have experience with mixed use of oils and acrylics on minis? I've got some larger mini's that I would love to do some base coating with oil paints and then come back to do detail work with regular acrylic afterwards. Anyone know if this is OK or if there are any special considerations you have to keep in mind for this? I understand that oil has an extended drying time (several days) which is fine... Does oil need a special primer to stick to mini's or are the regular brands fine? What about vice versa... if I've already got a (dried) acrylic base coat down is it OK to do some oil on top for some nice blend effects?
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