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  1. I wanted to make it as faithful to Tiamat as possible. Changing the horns to match the Tiamat figure from D&D from the Icon series. I tried to upload an image, but I couldn't paste it.
  2. Like many of you I am a Bones III suporter, and I plan to convert Ma'aldrakar the five headed dragon into Tiamat, the Queen of the Chromatic Dragons from D&D. Unfortunatly, I don't have any experience doing a convertion, so I wanted to ask for advice and to know if somobody else plans to do the same with Ma'aldrakar heads. I know there must be more Tiamat fans waiting to see her in full glory. Thanks.
  3. But more important that all we need a huge Sea Serpent. I couldn't find any sea serpent in your catallog and that is something that bones can solve.
  4. 03472: Townsfolk XII Pillory & Kids 02677: Townsfolk IV Bandits 02655: Townsfolk III 02559: Dwarven Brewmeister 03435: Dire Boar 30004: Monique De Noir (28mm scale) 10004: Dragon Bone Catapult 14239: Feral Hunter 14505: Brood of Payanak: Reptus Cavalry 02700: Tox 02953: Cyclops 03096: Barros & Tempest, Paladin on Pegasus 14632: Kargir Tundra Beast Rider 14440: Vicente, Onyx Chevalier Captain 14375: Volendria, Mounted Female Archer 14230: Sir Daman, Crusader Hero 14210: Goblin Beastrider, Reven Capt 14149: Deathrider, Neropolis Adept 03570: Sabertooth Tiger 02082: Kin
  5. New townsfolks. As a DM you need to have some variety of NPC.
  6. It looks amazing, I can't wait to have mine. I will paint it as if were a certain Queen of Chromatic Dragons. And now that I have more experience with big bones, I am going to reinforce it from the moment I put ir together.
  7. My Nathvar has bent a lot, now instead of standing proudly, it hutches like Quasimodo. I am going to try that "hot papaer clip" tip, I hope it works, because I ordered a lot of huge bones from the third Kickstarter.
  8. Demogorgon or a random gargantuan two headed ape with tentacles instead of fingers. An ancient dragon, that looks old an wise (Bahamuth) A Venger look-alike. (The villian from the D&D cartoon) riding a pegasus with dragon wings. A Displacer Beast or an eight legged panther with a pair of tentacles on its back. A Glabrezu or a random bipedal demon with two giant pincers, two small hands, crab armor on its body, wolf head and a pair of horns. A huge Basilisk in walking motion, not just lying on the ground. A mammoth with gigantic tusks. A translucent ocre jelly.
  9. Looks like Ma' al Drakar will be the best bones ever made. The size is impresive, the detail is amaizing and is a [email protected] five headed dragon.
  10. First of all I wanted to thank the wonderful Reaper staff for paying attention to our suggestions. We got a lot of the minis we asked, including the Five Headed Dragon, Sphinx, Manticore, and many more. But there are several more minis we could use like Demogorgon, or a random two headed giant ape with tentacles, a giant legless hydra, a wholy mammoth, and more translucent heroes.
  11. Congratulations, your DDS looks amazing.
  12. I just find out about the Kickstarter from Fracture Dimensions, I got so exited after watching the Great Beast (Demogorgon), that I decided to buy it inmidiatly in ebay. Little did I know that the Kickstarter have went so wrong. Even thou I will still buy the Great Beast as son as someone sells it on ebay. Has anybody recibe his Demogorgon? Is it as beutyful as it looks on the pictures?
  13. First of all I want to thank Reaper for paying attention to our suggestions. I have been one of the many forum members that have ask for a giant five headed dragon. Even thou I have only painted a few of my Bones II minis, you can count with my support for the next Kickstarter. I have a cople of name suggestions for the male dragon you currently call Penelope. How about Chromax, Tiathrox, Thakmat, Kalhisis or Narkhisis. These names sound similar to your other dragons, but still they manage to remaind us of a certain Babylonian goddes we all know and love.
  14. I have been asking for this for soo long. Thank you Reaper, you are the best!
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