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  1. In the first KS the undead dragon Kaladrax was supposed to be smaller than Nethermaul (who was supposed to be the biggest dragon in the KS). He was misscaled when they cut the mold and he ended up being significantly larger than intended. That's how a $10 add on dragon in KS ends up retailing for $75.
  2. It sort of depends on what else they have on tap I'd think. Do they have something big in their pocket that no one's seen? I kind of hope they do, but I won't be disappointed if Tianot is the big last day goal either. I'll be buying her I'm sure regardless of where she shows up. If only to have her to drop on the table when I finally run ToD IRL instead of online (I'll be long done with my online campaign when these ship...I hope)
  3. No! They had pizza as planned, though it was delayed by a day. We haven't seen pictures yet, but if you go back a page you can see the invoices. Not sure on status of the afterparty (which may well have been delayed due to weather).
  4. Currently don't have a bits box. I did save the Sprues from Bones II so that I have some paint testers. Depending on what happens though things like extra Sarlaac Dessert beat thingy and the purple tentacles from Ex 2 may end up in a bits box.
  5. Wrapping up Feb, I painted a Bugbear first, it was the figure I was planning on painting first. I've since gone on to paint a hell night, a mummy and a chthon. I've got some Olley orcs and a Cave troll that I bought at retail in progress right now. Haven't decided who's next from the KS though. Probably the Roper. On to March: I have 1 very nice black hat that I wear on special occasions (Recently only our company Xmas parties). I honestly don't know what *kind* of hat it is, it's just nice and fancy, and doesn't look bad with my 1 suit that I dust off for that one fancy party I go to a year.
  6. This was much asked for in the last KS but didn't materialize. My guess is that Reaper thinks they wouldn't sell well enough and that the metal versions are already cheap enough that they can't justify the huge cost of a bones mold.
  7. It's correct, the original KS art had a different number, but 9 was the final official number you should have.
  8. ...yes "statues" that's what they are.... They look awesome! Though it's hard to see with the toothpicks holding my eyelids open.
  9. I was getting ready to run part 2 of the 5e starter and realized that not only do I not have any human minis, there weren't actually any generic guard type human minis in Bones yet. These will be something I'll be buying a number of for generic bandits, town guards, brigands...basic any generic human mook.
  10. Here's a shot of the reverse. I didn't notice any text, but they aren't as polished and the injection points are quite clear on the back: There was some discussion about making them actually two sided in during the KS (either a writeable blank surface or a hex design on the back). And Mike mentioned that the mold really wasn't set up for it. And it's pretty plain to see why.
  11. I'm not strange. Who has two thumbs and is completely normal? *This Guy* Hate to break it to you, but you miscounted, you've got 1.5 thumbs...remember?
  12. Still very much a noob at painting, but I feel like this guy is ready to move off my bench and onto the done shelf. This is my first attempt at any sort of free hand detailing, and I feel like it came out *fairly* well, but not excellent. The suckers could definitely use more depth (they look kinda flat). Definitely need to also work on my photography. No special lighting setup this time (I really wasn't happy with what I tried last time). Planning on grabbing a couple of cheap reflectors from walmart and lighting my spare desk in my office for both painting and shooting minis. So without further Ado, here's the thing that's coming for you in your next dungeon:
  13. Here's a single tile with a couple of CAV on it: And here are 3 gridded tiles with 1 blank and the same 2 CAV. And my messy hand writing.
  14. But I use Firefox!! With auto updates on even. Wait, what do you mean by Firefoxs native reader? I have Adobe Reader 11.0.10 (the latest version). Firefox stopped using Adobe as it's embedded PDF reader a few versions ago (at least it appears to be the case), and like Chrome has a native one now (it might still be acrobat under the hood, but it's not laid out like Acrobat Reader anymore). Anyways, the point is, you may just need to swap browsers and see if that helps (even if FF isn't the answer, Chrome might be, or even IE). (latest versions of IE stopped even *trying* to embed PDFs).
  15. The easiest thing I found for the core set was to arrange everything in their groups and just compare to the KS images (We alternatively had them up on the laptop or my phone depending on which moment we were sorting at. It worked pretty darn well. There aren't *that* many models in the core. We also found going through the second core was much easier than the first. We opened each bag, but didn't dump them out and just filtered through them putting models in groups the second time.
  16. I have super crappy internet at home and have been having trouble both downloading and opening embedded in Chrome. Opening in Firefox's native reader was just fine though. Point being, try a couple of browsers if you're having trouble
  17. My brother hand made us a wooden serving tray for Christmas this past year. It's gorgeous. Also have a few hand carved pieces from my or my parents' international travel that are cool (though not particularly unique).
  18. Over 1000 today? Awesome job Reaper peeps!
  19. We gave up entirely on matched socks for our kids. There is a bin of all their socks. They just pick out two they want to wear on a given day. Sometimes they match usually they don't.
  20. So, I've been thinking about painting some of my CAV in a camouflage pattern. I've got an airbrush (though haven't tried using it yet), and was thinking I'd find a digicamo stencil in about the right pixel range. Then I saw the CAV art work in the book and had a thought. Turns out that someone makes a hex camo stencil set (Anarchy Models, they did a KS a while back and are still around and selling online). However, I wasn't quite sure how big their hexes were and how well they'd translate to CAV's scale (They look a bit too big). Does anyone have experience with these stencils? Else have a good hex camo stencil set they can recommend?
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