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  1. I think this was asked previously but I did not see an answer... I know the kickstarter doesn't start until tomorrow but when will the site go live? Will we be able to view it at some point today or will it be hidden behind the veil until the countdown hits zero?
  2. A bones dice tower could be great. One of the biggest complaints I've heard of dice towers is that they are noisy. I think they softer nature of bones would muffle the noise while still being hard enough to get the dice spinning. And a bas-relief tower could look fantastic. Imagine one with just dragon heads adorning the sides. They wouldn't even have to do new sculpts, I'd love to have profile shots of Kaladrax et. al. sitting on the gaming table. I agree! That would be absolutely amazing.
  3. I have an off the wall idea. Reaper obviously doesn't shy away from larger models that require a good bit of bonesium... How awesome would a bonesium dice tower be?! Can you imagine how awesome a dice tower that has figures and designs engraved in each side that we could paint would be?! It would be, what?... four or five engraved pieces plus 3 or 4 baffles inside that we would need to glue together to have a dice tower that would be the envy of all our friends. :P I'm posting this in the Bones II KS!
  4. I hope Reaper throws a hint out soon on when the campaign will start. In June I have Father's Day, my 20th Wedding Anniversary, & 40th Birthday. It would be nice to be able to point at Kickstarter when the wife & kids start prodding me for gift ideas. :P
  5. So... on the "Estimated Delivery" of the Waves... Is this a best case scenario date or a worse case scenario date? :P If everything falls in place perfectly is there a chance of of those dates moving up (INCLUDING ESPECIALLY the early bird group!)? My birthday is in June, just in case your wondering. Just kidding. (not really) Seriously, thanks guys! The minis look great. I obviously can't wait to see them in person. Congrats on another successful KS! I had to buy my Bones I box after the fact but am thankful that I was able to participate in the rodeo this time around.
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