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  1. Yay! My order arrived, and I got Ginger Cookie paint, a nice pile of bones (including a flesh golem, which is good, because it will allow me to do a paint redo), and Christmas Mouslings. Even with the customs that I had to pay (grrrr...), it was a great buy. Can't wait for next year.
  2. 2013 Core Set x1 Gnolls & Bugbears x1 Narthrax Dragon x1 Lords of Darkness x1 Unleash the Kraken! x1 Heroes and Villains x1 Gelatinous Cube x1 Greater Demons x1 Water Elementals x1 Hill Giants x1 Demon Lords x1 Blightfang Dragon x1 Master Series Paint Set x1 Figure Case x1 Expansion Set 1 x1 Master Series Paint Set 2 x1 Expansion Set 2 x1 Mashaaf, Great Old One x1 Khanjira, the World Breaker x1 Dragons Don't Share x1 Dark Sword Painting DVD Bundle x1 I had a hard time deciding whether to buy the really big figures, but I regretted not getting them in KS1, so... I averted my eyes to the profoundly expensive shipping costs.
  3. That is so epic it's brought tears to my eyes. You are so so talented.
  4. My first thought, after reading the description, was "Wow, if that thing's resin and weighs 3.5 pounds....and Dragons Don't Share 2 is 4 pounds...JUST HOW MUCH PLASTIC AM I GOING TO BE GETTING?!" Huzzah! --OneBoot :D Interesting. My first thought was "how far would my players run if I plunk HIM on the table..." DM daydreams...
  5. Happy birthday! I hope you get a lot done during your stay-cation
  6. Otherwold minis are now on sale as part of their Golem sale. I decided to buy 20 or so of them, to add to my 20 minis, so that I'll have 20 minis total, finally. I never tried Otherworld minis, since I like Reaper's take on Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Giants, Kobolds, and other critters better. But with Paizo paying $10 towards shipping, and some of the unique minis they have on sale (Centaurs, goblin wolf riders), I decided to give them a try.
  7. She looks amazing! I would put her on a tiled floor or wooden stage - as if she's just finished a show, and is daring the audience not to applaud her. I love the depth of color you've achieved here, and +1000 on the eyes
  8. Buy a cheap sponge, a cheap tupperware dish, and some good water-colour paper, and make yourself a wet palate like so: http://www.comic-tools.com/2009/07/dont-buy-one-of-these-things-i-normally.html It'll make painting less of a pain. Otherwise, start small and grow your paint collection gradually.
  9. I thought I'd post the rats next, but they are complete, and not that interesting (enough examples here, anyway), so I'll post my current minis in work instead: First up, a Pathfinder Goblin which is going to be a PC. That’s why I removed most of the mild-lines (the ones that I could see, at least), and am taking so many pains with him. The PC is a Goblin ranger, and so I’m trying to give him that feel. He's also an underdog, so I'm trying not to go too overboard with the bright colours. I want him to stand out, but not too much. Unlike my plans for other bones, I removed as many of the mould lines that I could see. It's not perfect, but I'm still trying not take months on this. I want him ready for our next session. Lining with Walnut Brown Drybrushing and highlighting metals and base painting the eyes Base colouring the skin (CDA Green Goblin, which is slightly shiny, so it reflects some of the colours next to it in the photos), bow, and all the leathers (various shades of brown): Base colouring the bandages Finishing base colours on everything, plus some initial textures on the bow, and some shading on the leathers and the arrows: That is as far as I have gone so far, and there's a lot of work still left - shadowing, highlighting, fixing the eyes and finishing the base (a woodland/grassland base). He is so tiny that it is a challenge to paint him. Not as bad as the Kobolds, but close.
  10. Thanks for the tips dsmiles and Darkmeer! This was the result of a paint and take - so I was limited to the paints and supplies that they supplied. There was no palate, so there was no way for me to thin the paint. Also apart from the paints that I mentioned, there were no other paints. Anyway, on to the Bones. This is the Flesh Golem. It was the first Bones that I painted (I painted a few metals in the past, but not Bones), so I struggled with the paint consistency and wash behaviour at first. But we learn with progress. I also had very few colours when I started painting him. Skin is Reaper Oiled Leather Lining - Walnut Brown Loincloth - Soft Blue + Walnut Brown - 2:1 ratio. After a Walnut Brown wash + unidentified grey base (leftover from L2PK1) After base is dry brushed with a light grey (I didn't write the exact colours used on this mini or on the rats, mostly because I in a rush), the teeth lined with Walnut Brown, and the eyes painted golden yellow. Loincloth is also highlighted in soft blue (I think). Nails and teeth painted in linen white dirtied with Oiled Leather and Golden Yellow dirtied with Oiled Leather: And he's done: I could spend more time on him, but I was kind of getting tired of him at his point, so I decided to move on. If anyone has any interesting suggestions, I might go back and touch him up a bit (I'm not happy with his loincloth, mostly. The rest will do)
  11. Hail Repearites, Since my Bones I Kickstarter package arrived recently and I started to paint them, I decided that now is a good time to sporadically post my progress here, and maybe receive some valuable input. These are all meant to be tabletop quality (i.e. better quality than WotC's minis - the old batches). I am a newbie painter. I don't have a lot of spare time, so I sneak a few minutes here and there where I can. Any comments or suggestions are welcome. First up is a WIP of a paint and take from a local comic convention. We painted three space marines in 45 minutes, using truly horrendous brushes (think of Buglips brushes post Kaladrax), and Citadel paints (one red for base coating, one brown wash for shadowing everything, one pink dry goo for highlighting, and one grey gravelly paint for the base. I wish that I had taken down their names). This was a lot of fun, and most of all proved to me that I CAN paint minis quick and dirty and yet get a good enough result for tabletop games. The space marines were primed in black when we got them. The first coat was just sloshing red paint over them. The brushes allowed for no subtlety here. Think of painting a Reaper Bones Kobold with a tree trunk and you'll get the idea. Second coat: weird pink highlights. iPhone camera barely shows them, so you'll have to believe me. Third coat: shadow with the black/brown wash/ink - I think it had oil in the name. Final coat: basing the marines with a grey paint that had little bits of gravel on it - and explained why the brushes looked the way they were. After that I did some touch ups, but for some reason I can't find a picture of the results. I'll snap one later and attach it to this post. Next post : Flesh Golem, the oh so famous rats, and an orc and a goblin meet in an adventuring group.
  12. This has happened to me as well with some Reaper paints (even HDs). CDA are better behaved, but are thicker, so you can loose some detail if you aren't careful. When in doubt I use Reaper's Walnut Brown, although I am planning to try out Reaper's Brown Liner.
  13. I made the same mistake when I just started out! In the L2PK the minis are coated with a solid coat of white and it took me some time to figure out that it's not necessary to brush on do much primer. Buglips, won't painting the entire figure with brown liner make it harder to see the details while you paint? I wanted to do the same with a figure, but I was worried that I'd miss the small details that way. Any tips? Great gift idea, BTW.
  14. wow! You got me rethinking my color choices with that metallic C'thulu. It looks much more alien and somehow dangerous that way. It's a great way to set him apart from other critters and denzins.
  15. He looks stunning! I׳d love to have one just like him sitting on my desk. The eyes, the teeth, the wings- you are so talented, and so inspiring. Keep it up!
  16. This is superb! One of the best NMMs that I've seen. Can't wait to see your progress. *follow*
  17. same experience. I was kind of disappointed that none of Reaper's minis were on sale. Then again, I already have 20 minis, I don't need any more
  18. I ordered from Paizo last night - expansions to Small World and a flip map - but the shipping prices for larger items to ROW were... intense. Paizo usually has a Black Friday sale of all their adventure paths in various bundles (that's how I got Kingmaker), which are a pretty good deal, especially for PDFs. Petrov27 - totally stealing the plexiglass idea. Kicking myself for not having thought about that sooner.
  19. He looks great! As if Reynolds's art came to life. I'd also try to make the eye seem less flat, but that's just nitpicking. He'll truly terrorize the table when you send him out to crush your players.
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