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  1. I wish that I could have a workspace like that, Gaarew. :(
  2. They weight less (and I'm ROW), they cost less, they take less time to paint, they are super durable - they are perfect for my gaming needs. I have metal minis, and they do have more detail and definition, but not enough for me to sacrifice everything else to game w them. My metal minis are almost exclusively for display. Everything else on my table is bones.
  3. Wow! I would never have thought of using a mold for this, I would have just tried to freehand it. It will come out much better this way (with the mold). Is there a tutorial anywhere on how to use this instamold material?
  4. This is amazing! I would love to add these to my game, and I hope that you'll get to create your own designs soon. You have such great ideas, and wonderful talent.
  5. It's kind of hard to see the details on these, the photos are so dark.
  6. These are fantastic! Love the OSL on the professor, and the gladiator's shield
  7. Good luck! This will be interesting to watch. *follow* I suggest that you appease his gftlgrstpngt madness before you begin, perhaps by sacrificing a roast chicken sandwich with pickles on the side?
  8. I love the way that you kept part of the translucity and enhanced some of the details on these minis. What a great way to start! Welcome
  9. This. Yes. After seeing ugliest paint Kaladrax I just had to have him, and I was kicking myself for not getting as an add on. So I bought him, at about 4 times the KS price, and I'm not going to talk about the shipping because that will make me and my wallet cry, and it's not a pretty sight. I came to KS2 with a different outlook: do I like the mini? Will I enjoy painting it? Will it push me to find new ways of using it? If so - I got it. If I was in doubt, I got it. And I'm ROW, so again, I don't want to talk about shipping prices. At the end of the day if there's a bigger chance that you will regret not getting these beasties than getting them - buy them.
  10. Thank you Buglips! I finally understand how you are getting such good results from a Testors medium brush. I was using the "wrong" brush moves with it - things that work with softer, smaller brushes, but not with this brush. Will most certainly give this a try.
  11. I'm using an old splayed LTPK1 brush for more gentle/accurate dry brushing and a Testors small pointed brush for rougher work at the moment, although I am still experimenting. I feel that I haven't enough control over the brush with the testors medium (it just goes wherever it wants, regardless of my wishes). I have just bought some filberts to try out (synthetic cheap brushes), and have been given a truly, horribly splayed cheapo brush that I may try out on such projects as Kaladrax's base, where accuracy is not so important (at least not during the first few stages).
  12. November... 1. KS1 Pathfinder goblin as a character for one of my players. As this will be a PC, I'm going to spend more time on him. 2. KS1 Orc Marauder (sword and shield) for one of my players. As this will be a PC, I'm going to spend more time on him. 3. Start base coating Kaladrax (yikes!!!) 4. Generally improve my technique. Learning a LOT from these oh so helpful forums. If time permits, I'll be painting some skeletons, ghosts, mummies, zombies and other baddies for my current game. Has anyone used P3 spray on primer on bones with any success? Wondering whether I can cut some time and costs off base coating Kaladrax. He scares me (as is appropriate).
  13. I love the mottling effect that you've created. I'm treating the bulges on the bow as metal, but they are meant to denote where the bowstring attaches, so you can go wild with it: wrapped cloth or leather, bone, etc.
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